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    Music Videos
  • "Alive" from When The Light Comes
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  • "All Things New" from When The Light Comes
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  • "All Things New (Single Mix)" from All Things New (Single Mix) (Single)
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  • "Every Time I Breathe" from Every Time I Breathe
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  • "Fly" from When The Light Comes
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  • "Heaven Changes Everything" from Heaven Changes Everything (Single)
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  • "I Know" from When The Light Comes
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  • "Jesus I Believe" from Beautiful Offerings Deluxe Edition
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  • "Joy! He Shall Reign" from Joy! He Shall Reign (Single)
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  • "Let It Begin" from Let It Begin (Single)
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  • "My Story" from Beautiful Offerings Deluxe Edition
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  • "Overwhelmed" from Love Come To Life (The Redeemed Edition)
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  • "Pursuit" from When The Light Comes
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  • "Redeemed" from Love Come To Life
    Views 9477 Views | Comments 0 Comments
  • "Redeemed (Live)" from Love Come To Life (The Redeemed Edition)
    Views 1773 Views | Comments 0 Comments
  • "The Lion and the Lamb" from Beautiful Offerings Deluxe Edition
    Views 1625 Views | Comments 0 Comments
  • "The Only Name (Yours Will Be)" from Love Come To Life
    Views 1706 Views | Comments 0 Comments
  • "This Is What We Live For" from When The Light Comes
    Views 571 Views | Comments 0 Comments
  • "Turn On The Light" from When The Light Comes
    Views 585 Views | Comments 0 Comments
  • "What I've Got" from When The Light Comes
    Views 316 Views | Comments 0 Comments
  • "What Life Would Be Like" from What Life Would Be Like
    Views 2860 Views | Comments 0 Comments

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    (Monday, February 24, 2014)
    25 Entertainment Announces Second Annual K-Love Christmas Tour
    (Thursday, September 26, 2013)
    Big Daddy Weave
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    Truly compelling music makes the personal universal. Few artists have done that more consistently or more movingly than Big Daddy Weave. Through more than a decade of hits like "In Christ,” “Audience of One,” "You're Worthy Of My Praise," “Every Time I Breathe,” What Life Would Be Like,” and “You Found Me,” they have shared the journey in a way that has won the ongoing respect of fans, press and industry alike. Their musical journey began with a Dove Awards nomination as New Artist of the Year in 2002 and includes a 2010 Dove Award for the album Christ Has Come. They have been honored at ASCAP's Christian Music Awards, were chosen for the WOW Hits compilations in five of the last six years and are one of the 10 most played artists at Christian radio over the past decade.
    Most recently, they hit the top of the Christian AC chart - the fourth time they've done so - with "Love Come To Life," a song about the desire to have the love that Christ put in our hearts be more than words that we say, but a love that comes to life in actions. A song filled with passion and intimacy, and with the musical hooks and majestic sound that have marked so much of their work, it is the perfect introduction to Love Come To Life, their first studio album in more than three years.
    Love Come To Life demonstrates once again the passion and energy that have made Big Daddy Weave one of Christian music's most compelling acts for nearly a dozen years. True to form, the project teems with real life and emotion, from longing and struggle to breakthrough and gratitude, with front man Mike Weaver's forthright songwriting and intimate and unmistakable vocals backed by powerful arrangements and stellar musicianship. It derives its power from the fact that life and music intertwine so fully.
    "We've faced a lot of personal challenges and adversity during the past couple of years," says Mike, "Coming to the other side of that leaves us with fresh things to share, and in a place where we can share even more deeply than ever before." Those challenges, from the fatigue faced at times by musicians who spend much of their time on the road, to a devastating fire that swept through guitarist/producer Jeremy Redmon's house and studio, and health issues faced by some band members, produced a record that reflects two sides of the Christian life.
    "You've got the ones I term the belly-achers," says Mike with a laugh. "Those are the hurting songs, which are way outnumbered by what came after that, the songs that say, 'We can't wait to worship God because we see even in tragedy, God, You are triumphant.'"
    The bridge between the two was a spiritual breakthrough Mike felt about a year into the process of writing for the project.
    "I was really at a low point," he says, "struggling with my imperfections. I was in my garage; my man cave where I work out. I felt like God said to my spirit, 'Why don't you let me tell you what I think about you and what I like about you?' He started with, 'I love your heart for people,' and went from there. I was like a broken heap on the floor of my garage. The things he was talking about are not future tense things like a lot of people, the I think 'If I could get to this point and look like this and achieve that I would be all right.' He has this 'I love who you are right now' mentality. 'I accept you right now. You need to accept you right now.' At that point, I couldn't write from that hurting place anymore. I thought, 'I've got to worship now.'"
    The result is that songs like the title track and "Save My Life," a song Mike describes as "gut-level honesty," give way to others like "Magnificent God," whose spirit of worship is set amid a sound both intimate and majestic; "Jesus Move," a passionate call for Jesus' power to flow into believers written with Phil Wickham; "Different Light," a rocker that celebrates the way faith rewrites even the most troubled past; and "If You Died Tonight," a tenderly insistent request to a friend to consider ultimate truths.
    "This is a record that's a lot more transparent," says drummer Jeff Jones. "It's one that all of us are super excited about. We can give it to people and say, 'This is what God has been doing in our lives."
    In fact, the band's own breakthrough, born of a renewed emphasis on personal ministry at their concerts, is part in the record's feel.
    "God has a plan with all of this stuff," says Jeremy, "and maybe it took that extra time and our journey as a band to really bring these songs to life. There have been big changes over the last couple of tours as we've allowed more time for ministry. It's been a season of growth and change for all of us, and the fact that Mike was able to write with worship leaders like Phil, Carl Cartee and Paul Baloche really helped bring all of that into focus for the record."
    As always, Jeremy's production is key in bringing the songs to life.
    "We approached each song with a question," he says. "'Where can we take this that will make this sonically a new experience, something we haven't done before.' And I hope the way we did that will open up new ears to our music.”
    That meeting of life and music has been part and parcel of Big Daddy Weave's appeal since their days. Formed at the University of Mobile, the quintet - Mike, his brother Jay, who plays bass, Jeremy, Jeff, and keyboardist/saxophonist Joe Shirk - released an independent album in 2001 and then landed a deal with Fervent Records, their label home ever since. "One and Only," the title track from their first Fervent album, debuted in SoundScan's Christian Top 5 and remained in the Top 20 for six weeks. "In Christ" peaked at #2, stayed for 24 weeks on R&R's AC chart, earned a spot on the Dove Hits album, and became one of ASCAP's most-performed songs of 2002 - a milestone also achieved by "Audience of One" in 2003. Then, Hurricane Ivan in 2004 damaged several band members' Florida homes and led to Mike's relocation to Nashville. The fact that the move led to Mike's marriage to a Fervent staffer still leaves him shaking his head.
    "Even in the bad times, he's working it out," he says with a laugh.
    The band has always kept a busy touring schedule and in fact often recorded parts of their early albums in hotel rooms, "literally using the turned-up mattress and box springs as sound baffles to record vocals," Mike says. The fact that those records touched lives and earned chart success is evident in their recent hits package, The Ultimate Collection.
    "That was some closure in a way," says Mike. "We are thankful for those years, but in as much as we're seeing the things God has done, we are very full of vision for the future and in so many ways it just feels brand new to us right now."
    Which is something reflected as the band hits the road with songs from Love Come To Life.
    "We can go forward united as a band," says Jay. "We had been struggling to find balance as family men, touring musicians, and people following the Lord. But the Lord has given us healing and blessed us with being able to find the balance in him. It's been amazing to see God do that in us."
    "We are excited about the album," adds Joe, "and I think fans are going to love it. It's an opportunity to point to something way bigger than the band, to the body of believers working together, bringing glory to the Lord. I tell pastors that Big Daddy Weave is the best church I've ever been a part of. When they raise their eyebrows, I say, 'Yeah, I spend more time in fellowship with these guys than any church members spend together. This is the church of the 45-foot bus going down whatever road it is today. It's the fellowship of my Christian brothers."
    "This is as much a real family as anything else," says Mike. "The work that God has done in our band makes it all new again because of our sense of purpose, not just to make music but to be used of God. And that's the bottom line--what God wants us to do with this."
    Big Daddy Weave is: 
    Mike - Songwriter/Lead Vocals/Guitar 
    Jeff - Drums 
    Jay - Bass/Vocals 
    Joe - Saxophone/Keyboards 
    Jeremy - Guitars/Vocals

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    T-bzy (32)
    Great! | Posted November 03, 2009
    I like yall's songs a lot, they're good.

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    sharklet (159)
    :) | Posted November 02, 2009
    Great new Christmas music!!

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    patpc36 (36)
    Cool Band | Posted August 04, 2009
    Big Daddy Weave is a cool band that produces good quality music. They have some very catchy lyrics that grow on you very quickly. I would compare them to Dave Matthews and that is a good thing. They are very proud to sing about their faith. They have an album coming out later this year with a tour to follow.

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