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  • "Believe" from The Good News
    Views 736 Views | Comments 0 Comments
  • "Can't Hold Me Down" from The Good News
    Views 1798 Views | Comments 0 Comments
  • "Good Intentions" from Grace That Changes Everything EP
    Views 122 Views | Comments 0 Comments
  • "Goodness of God" from Grace That Changes Everything EP
    Views 177 Views | Comments 0 Comments
  • "Grace That Changes Everything" from Grace That Changes Everything EP
    Views 208 Views | Comments 0 Comments
  • "Joy of Christmas" from Joy of Christmas EP
    Views 383 Views | Comments 0 Comments
  • "New Man" from All Things New
    Views 3703 Views | Comments 0 Comments
  • "Not By Might" from Grace That Changes Everything EP
    Views 140 Views | Comments 0 Comments
  • "Sound of Freedom" from Grace That Changes Everything EP
    Views 179 Views | Comments 0 Comments
  • "Washed Over Me" from All Things New
    Views 1283 Views | Comments 0 Comments
  • "Washed Over Me" from Attic Sessions EP
    Views 3965 Views | Comments 0 Comments
  • "Why Can't it be Christmastime All Year" from All Things New: Christmas Edition
    Views 502 Views | Comments 0 Comments

    Latest News
    All Things New Releases Powerful Video Coinciding with New Single
    (Friday, June 21, 2019)
    BEC Recordings' All Things New Premieres Music Video For New Single "Believe"
    (Tuesday, April 19, 2016)
    Artists Revel In Nashville Snow Day
    (Friday, January 22, 2016)
    SHINEBRIGHT Drops Surprise Acoustic Christmas Single For Fans
    (Wednesday, December 23, 2015)
    Francesca Battistelli Expecting Third Child
    (Friday, August 14, 2015)
    Kari Jobe To Release New Album
    (Wednesday, July 29, 2015)
    Jason Crabb's Hometown Names Road After Him
    (Tuesday, July 21, 2015)
    BEC Recordings Announces New EP From SHINEBRIGHT
    (Thursday, July 16, 2015)
    Finding Favour Included In Apple's A-List Playlist
    (Friday, July 03, 2015)
    All Things New Gears Up For Fall Release
    (Wednesday, June 24, 2015)
    Compassion Presents The "Hands Of God" Tour, Featuring Francesca Battistelli And Sanctus Real
    (Friday, January 31, 2014)
    All Things New
    Views 8380 Views | Comments 29 Comments [edit]
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    A band of fresh-faced 21-year-olds may not be the average person’s most obvious source for life wisdom and spiritual depth, but the risk is worth the reward—at least with All Things New, the surprisingly insightful act just inked to BEC Recordings.

    On the surface, singer Garrett Hornbuckle, drummer Luke Wycuff, bassist Joshua Schou, and guitarist Jeff Stein are young, easygoing, and stylish: two guys met playing junior high baseball together and music runs in several of their families. But dig a little deeper and you’ll find godly men who know too much too soon about broken homes, broken faith, and broken hearts.

    Although the members of this worshipful, contemporary, and often folksy Florida quartet could talk about their childhood like it was yesterday—because it practically was—the songs they write and sing on their self-titled debut album already contain the clarity of a hard-won life lesson: things break apart in this world, but God restores them.

    “I feel like these are songs that people need right now. They carry the message of redemption and freedom in Christ who came and died for us while we were still sinners,” says Garrett. “All Things New is just so eager to share that hope.”

    Jeff named the group with 2 Corinthians 5:17 in mind (Therefore if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come) once the lineup was solid. The origins of All Things New date back to the guys’ mid-teen years as a six-piece outfit born from other Fellowship of Christian Athletes worship bands. Besides covering Hillsong and Chris Tomlin numbers, they started writing original music together in a way that fed Garrett’s childhood dream. 

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    New Man | Posted April 20, 2013
    Their song New Man is a great song and everyone should take a moment to listen to it

    Comments(0)  |  Add Comment

    Gail23 (11)
    Great songs | Posted April 19, 2013
    continue to serve God.

    Comments(0)  |  Add Comment

    Beanie17 (202)
    Great | Posted April 13, 2013
    I saw them with the Newsboys and I meet the band. They were really good and really nice. They signed our poster!

    Comments(0)  |  Add Comment

    ZxRed (13)
    Great music! | Posted April 13, 2013
    Keep up the good work!

    Comments(0)  |  Add Comment

    japhet07 (26)
    Blessed voice | Posted April 12, 2013
    Great music.

    Comments(0)  |  Add Comment

    mrsnadaraj (121)
    Nice | Posted April 12, 2013
    Your songs are wonderful

    Comments(0)  |  Add Comment
    <3 | Posted April 11, 2013
    I've fallen in love with your new song "New Man". Great job, All Things New!

    Comments(0)  |  Add Comment

    tura8010 (195)
    Great team | Posted April 11, 2013
    A wonderful team with amazingly talented musicians. All the very best.

    Comments(0)  |  Add Comment
    Nice | Posted April 08, 2013
    Good job

    Comments(0)  |  Add Comment

    supersam (23)
    We'll see how this goes... | Posted April 06, 2013
    Everything about this band seems to scream "new", from the band name, to the band's first single, to the fact that the band has just started to make a name for themselves. Now, the question becomes, what new things are they bringing to the table? That's the determining factor of whether they will last as band. Can't say much about them from just hearing one song, but I'm hoping the "new" kids on the block will breathe new life into a genre that seems to primarily be filled with repetition and monotony.

    Comments(0)  |  Add Comment
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