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    A plant without sunshine describes Cortney Joi without music. With every note she sings, it brings life to the very heart of each song. After years of helping others with their ministries singing background, God has given her the green light to move to the front. Blooming with the love of music, she is anchored by roots of endless melodies. The smooth soft tone of singer-songwriter Cortney Joi is sure to captivate your ear.


    If there is anything that Cortney Joi won't do, it would be to compromise with the gift that God has given her. Although having many opportunities to compromise, she remains steadfast in giving back to God all that He has given her, her song!! Because the enemy couldn't keep her quiet, he would try to take her out.


    In May 2007 Cortney nearly lost her life in a car accident, when she was hit by a drunk driver at 100 mph. She is a walking miracle. Where she should have brain damage, she doesn't. When she should be paralyzed, she isn't. Although she has scars on her face and body, they stand as a constant reminder of God's grace and goodness. She knows and testifies that HE is the one that kept her through it all!


    To have all of that in one package, but no where to share the gift or a place to receive it, the Lord led her to Pavilion Towers in 2008. Her life would change forever. This time she was able to sit and get fed the Word of God and receive for herself. During the 3 years of growing and building relationships with the Pastors and members of Pavilion Towers, a great bond was formed that can never be broken. In 2009 she married the love of her life, Renard Wilson by her Pastors and friends, Jerel and Rebekah Bland.


    Pavilion Towers, a metro-Detroit area church, Pastored by Jerel and Rebekah Bland was planted September 30, 2007. While working at another church that made Jerel a life changing offer (that was presumably the answer to all their prayers) they heard the call to start a church.


    With the kind of music that Jerel had been known for doing, many people assumed that they would start another Hip-Hop church. As time went on they would later discover that that couldn't be further from the truth.


    After a sermon series by Pastor Jerel based on “Crisis”, the songs from the same heart began to come forth. Digging deep to express what was on the inside of him, Jerel begin to ask his producer friends for music. The sound was different, but right. The writer was in place. The music was in place. All that was needed was the voice. With instruction from the Lord, Jerel and Cortney began to seek His face and asked for a fresh sound from heaven. With God being true to His word, He released melodies on top of melodies to the songs. During the time of recording, Cortney Joi was nearing the end of her pregnancy. Not only had the Lord birthed new songs in her, He was also shaping and forming the being of her son Athens. Like a trooper, he stayed in place until everything was finished. Only after then, would he make his debut.


    Doubling as an artist and worship pastor, Cortney Joi is currently working on the tour for the Pavilion Towers Worship debut album titled "Crisis Worship”.


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    ! | Posted November 11, 2011

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    yankee1 (27)
    ight | Posted November 11, 2011

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    Awesome | Posted November 10, 2011
    Great Album keep up the good work

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    wonderful | Posted November 10, 2011
    great album

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    Wow | Posted November 07, 2011
    The sound of your music is certainly used to praise God with all your hearts.

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    . | Posted November 07, 2011
    cool sound

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    :) | Posted November 05, 2011
    i love yewh!

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    :) | Posted November 05, 2011

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    very good | Posted November 04, 2011
    inspirational with meaningful lyrics are sure to be key to making this album as good as it is

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    ! | Posted November 02, 2011
    Awesome singer!

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