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    PureNRG (pronounced "Pure Energy") was a Christian pop group from Nashville, Tennessee. They were signed to Fervent Records in late 2006. They released six albums: their self-titled debut (May 2007), Here We Go Again (April 2008), A PureNRG Christmas (September 2008), ReNRGized, a remix album (December 2008), The Real Thing (July 2009), and Graduation: The Best Of PureNRG (July 2010).

    The group had three members: Caroline Williams, Laura Carolyne Myers, and Jordan Yates. Their road manager was Brandon Hargest, formerly of the teen pop group Jump5. Caroline and Laura (who goes by Carolyne) met when they were three and attended the same dance class. Jordan became a friend later through him being in their older siblings' dance classes. The group was formed after they went to auditions being held by their management company. After winning, they signed with Fervent Records and started writing songs. They were featured opening acts on the Winter Jam 2008 and 2009 tours and with Jump5 for Jump5's farewell tour in which they performed songs from their first album.

    Their self-titled debut album spawned 3 singles: "360", "What If", and "Footloose". "Footloose" received heavy radio play on Radio Disney and other Pop format radio stations. In 2008, they released their second album, Here We Go Again, which featured covers of songs like "Call On Jesus" by Nicole C. Mullen and "More" by Matthew West.

    In 2009, their last studio album, The Real Thing, was released. The band decided to disband sometime in late 2010. They went on a farewell tour in the fall of 2010. All of the members said they were very sad to be disbanding, but they felt that God was calling them out. Caroline Williams went on to join iShine.

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    Samson986 (28)
    . | Posted June 09, 2009
    awesome group!!!!

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    LampaFan (16)
    pureNRG is Sweet | Posted June 09, 2009
    pureNRG is sweet! I've been a fan of theirs since 2007 and I can't get enough of 'em!

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    Rockers | Posted June 06, 2009

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    Love EM! | Posted June 05, 2009
    I love these guys! I've heard them several times on Radio stations! They amaze me with so much talent!!! Keep on going PureNRG!!!

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    LauraCC (64)
    Positive Influence | Posted June 05, 2009
    Keep on going, kids! You're a bright light shining in a world that tries to drag children down into the muck! Stay strong.

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    Winter Jam | Posted June 04, 2009
    Just wanted to let you guys know I saw yall in Fayetteville, NC on the '08 and '09 Winter Jam tours. Yall did a good job.

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    akgal (6)
    AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Posted June 03, 2009
    I have been a pureNRG fan from the begining. Even before their first CD. I'm almost 21 years old, but I love pureNRGS muusic. I don't care what others say, pureNRG is one of the best christian groups out there. Their lyrics are upbeat and wholesome. As Caroline Williams pints out. PureNRG's music is fun and has an encouraging message to it. If you were a fan of Jump5 you'll cure love pureNRG. Look for their new album "The Real Thing" coming out this July!!

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    Not as bad as I thought... | Posted June 02, 2009
    Wow, when I first saw a CD of these guys at the christian book store a year or so ago, I instantly walked away never to look back...I figured they would be like one of those really lame kids groups or disney groups like the Jonas brothers or Miley Cyrus. Every time I see one of these groups, I just think that they couldn't have written the songs that they sing, and they are just being highly funded to sing the songs and don't actually play any instruments or write their own songs...which is probably true about this group as well, but their songs are at least catchy..can't say I would buy one of their CD's though.

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