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    Hollis Creek Revival is an American rock band from Alabama, formed in 2014.  The band consists of Brandon Kelley (lead vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano, harmonica, 6 string banjo), Clint Singleton (bass guitar, drums, electric guitar, acoustic guitar), and Jacob Patillo (electric guitar, acoustic guitar, banjo, mandolin). The band was assembled in November of 2014 by multi-instrumentalists Brandon Kelley and Brad Jerkins (Brad still plays most live shows and in the studio with the band), soon joining with Clint Singleton and Jacob Patillo to round out the foursome.  The band name originates from front man Brandon Kelley's grandfather, Hollis Kelley.  "I wanted to honor my grandfather when starting this project. In a way it was about recognizing my heritage and the legacy of my grandfather and my father," Brandon explains.  

    The guys met through a mutual friend in 2006 at a church in Dothan, Alabama. They formed a friendship almost instantly. Shortly thereafter Brandon approached the guys to go on tour with him to support his solo album. Through rehearsals and touring the group solidified their chemistry and performance. "When we playedshows it was all about the audience, connecting with them and being a part of something that is bigger than all of us," Clint remembers.  

    Jacob added, "The thing is with music you get to tell an ever changing story. We get to tell a different storyevery night on the road and share that with the people around us. That is what I love."  
    When it was time for Brandon to form this band he knew exactly who he wanted to join him.  Brandon described it best by saying, "These guys are family, and I couldn't imagine taking this journey with anyone else." Hollis Creek Revival began working on their debut album, In The River, in February of 2015. They wanted to do something a little different with this record, a throw back of sorts to the vinyl days. "We really wanted to try something new with this record. We wanted to have a distinct A-side and B-side on the album." Brandon states. What they did was take the A-side and give the recording more of a modern feel and sound. With the B-side they went more with a vintage, retro sound. "On the B-side we recorded through seventies pre-amps and mics to give it an honest sound. Our thinking was, if we want it to sound like it was recorded in the seventies we might as well record it on what they would have used back then," Brad explains. "At one point Brandon used a green bullet from the 1940's to record his vocal on the song "Violin."  

    Working with producer Jason Hoard (Third Day, Casting Crowns, Natalie Grant) the band was able to create the record that they were trying to capture. "Jason did a great job of getting us the sounds we wanted.  We had an idea of what we were looking for and he got it.  We had an immediate connection personally and I think that comes through on the record. Jason is an amazing talent and he really brought the songs to life."

    You can see from front to back the range of songs can felt and heard. The tune "Believe" takes you through all of the creations seen in life that make you feel at home on earth.  You have a catchy folk rock song with "Right On Time." As you work your way to the B-side you have songs like "I Love You" and "Weightless Yesterday" that paint a picture of an intimate conversation. The record finishes with the hymn "What A Day That Will Be." Brandon tells us why this song had to go on the album, "This was my grandfathers and is my fathers favorite hymn. It takes me back to a place where I'm sitting in a country church in south Alabama. You had a freedom to sing and feel a connection with God." The culmination of a vision through musical and lyrical integrity brings you a collection of songs that not only will have you be singing them all day, but will inspire you on your walk with God. 

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