An Interview With P. Lo Jetson
The Christian rap recording artist talks about his passion for music and the messages behind it.

AN NRT EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW, An Interview With P. Lo Jetson
Posted: April 19, 2019 | By: KevinMcNeese_NRT
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P. Lo Jetson is a believer, husband to his wife, Joyce, and a father of two young girls, Kaitlyn and Riley. But, P. Lo is also a Christian rap recording artist. The Mississippi native creates art through music, so that people experience the love and freedom found in Jesus.

He says, "The heart of my artistry is for people to experience God in a raw and authentic way. Through music, God allows me to bridge a generational gap: connecting both the young and old together as one for a greater purpose. This divine connection makes up the community I call the 'Sprockets.' The Sprockets are a group of people who have come to an awareness that we are in the world, but not of the world. So in everything we do, from the art we create to the lives we live equally rises above it all–just as The Jetsons did."
What are some of your favorite artists and music that you listen to and why?

I've been around music my entire life. My mom tells me she used to put headphones at her belly before I was born, so that I could feel the music in the womb. I believe her too, because all my life I have had such a deep passion for music. My all-time favorite artist is Lauryn Hill. I actually fell in love with music listening to her. I love how she is not ashamed to openly sing about her faith. I also admire how she includes it in her music. That still inspires me today when I'm creating art. Some of my other favorite artists are Mali Music and Chance. Two of my favorite worship leaders are KJ Scriven and Steffany Gretzinger. They are amazing. I'm a worshipper at heart, so those two really usher me into the presence of God, during my private time with Him.

The cover art for your new single, "My Life Is In Your Hands" is pretty graphic. What are you wanting to convey with the art?

Yes. I'm really excited about this new single, "My Life Is In Your Hands." The cover was designed by Jared Dunn of Dunn Deal Designs. I wanted the cover art to reflect the song title in every way. One of the moments in scripture where we see this image carried out is when Jesus reaches down to pull Peter up from sinking in Matthew 14. But if we are honest, we have also seen this image carried out in our own lives. I know in my personal life, Jesus has reached way down to pull me up to safety several times. Within the cover art and long before the record is heard, I wanted viewers to know that no matter where they find themselves, that their lives are safe in the hands of God.

Tell us about the new song and your collaborator, Ed Williams.

Sure. Just a note that we released the record just in time for Resurrection Sunday. And it couldn't be a better moment in time to have a record releasing like this one. "My Life Is In Your Hands" combines Christian music with catchy rhythmic rap and contemporary pop for a sound people will surely fall in love with. It features Christian singer/songwriter, vocalist Ed Williams. What's not to love about Ed Williams. He brings such a refreshing sound to Christian music that people all around the world will enjoy. It's really been incredible to see him step into his own within the genre of Christian music. And I'm sure he'll be on NRT's radar in no time.

Why Christian music? What pulls you to this genre?

Why not Christian music? I honestly love the genre. Within the genre, I am able to be a light to people experiencing moments of darkness. It is through Christian music that I can point people to the two things I mentioned earlier: the love and freedom found in God. I think the need for authentic Christian leaders pulls me to this genre. There are thousands of artists in the world. What sets me apart is who sets me apart. I am apart of a chosen generation: a royal priesthood.

In scripture, we even see that the harvest is plentiful. There are so many people all around the world who need to know God. There are people who have never heard of Jesus. There is great need throughout the world. The Kingdom of God needs laborers who are willing to stand up and point people in the way they should go. Through music and the life I live outside of music, I plan to do just that and push the genre of Christian music forward, and the message of Jesus to the ends of the Earth.

What are you working on right now? What's next?

We have some great content coming soon. First, the new single "My Life Is In Your Hands" featuring Ed Williams. And, if you haven't heard already, we released two singles this year already. The first single was "Fight," featuring Phil J, which released back in January of this year. The second single was "82-0" which released February during All-Star Weekend of this year. We actually just finished filming a music video in March for a single I have releasing this summer that I'm really excited about sharing it with the world. I also have a project releasing soon around the release of the video and we are currently working on my debut EP projected for this year as well. So we have tons coming your way in 2019. This is a big year for the Sprockets.

How can we be praying for you?

This has to be my absolute favorite question asked. Thank you for this. Please pray for my overall health (mental, emotional, and physical). And that I'm able to run the race the Lord has placed before me. I am passionate about the ministry and the things of God. I want to see a move of God on the Earth, but specifically in my generation. God is doing something special in the hearts and minds of this generation. Pray for my marriage and that my wife and I honor the covenant we've made before God.

It's important to me that before I do P. Lo Jetson well out before the world, that I do husband and dad well at home, because my family is my very first ministry. Speaking of being a dad, please pray that I'm the dad my daughters need me to be. And that I am a reflection of their Heavenly Father. Pray that I build God-ordained relationships with the people that matter most in my life. Finally, pray that I steward the things God has given me well. Thank you NRT for the opportunity and continue the great work.

Kevin McNeese started NRT in 2002 and has worked in the industry since 1999 in one form or another. He has been a fan of Christian music since 1991.

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