#701 - "Walk On Waves" by Austin & Lindsey Adamec
During a stormy time in their lives, this couple received a powerful word of encouragement, and they pass it along in this song.

Posted: March 08, 2016 | By: KevinDavis_NRT
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The past few years in Christian music has seen the emergence of husband and wife duos like Love & the Outcome, and male and female duo worship leaders like All Sons & Daughters make their mark. In that same vein, singer-songwriter and worship leader Austin Adamec and his wife and former 1 Girl Nation member Lindsey Adamec have come together to record a self-titled EP, available on March 25, 2016. I had the chance to speak with Austin and Lindsey about "Walk on Waves."
Please tell me the personal story behind this song.

This song came from a really trying time in our marriage. We were traveling different places and different directions as recording artists and we barely got to see each other. We were newlyweds and having financial stress, and it was a really tough time. This song was birthed out of desperation and a desperate cry for re-birth and hope--for God to have His hand on our lives in a mighty way and to heal our situation, which seemed lost.
Austin: Our marriage testimony is that we both were singing at a "See You at the Pole" rally when we were younger. My band was playing there, and my manager introduced me to Lindsey and she joined us on stage and we started singing and worshipping the Lord together. We would both join each other at conferences where we would sing as solo artists, and that's how we developed a friendship. We didn't even date for the first few years. 

We had always been worshipping together, and then after we started dating when we got pulled into different directions and the lies of the enemy had us wondering if our relationship would work out. We knew God had called us to do something different and step out into the unknown. We were desperate to call out to God and ask Him to remind us of His promises and step out in faith with Him.
Which Bible verses connect to the message of the song?

Matthew 14:29-31 (NKJV): "So He said, 'Come.' And when Peter had come down out of the boat, he walked on the water to go to Jesus. But when he saw that the wind was boisterous, he was afraid; and beginning to sink he cried out, saying, 'Lord, save me!' And immediately Jesus stretched out His hand and caught him, and said to him, 'O you of little faith, why did you doubt?'" 
Psalm 55:22 (NIV): "Cast your cares on the Lord and He will sustain you; He will never let the righteous be shaken."
What is the takeaway message?

We wanted Jesus to tell us what to do, and He brought me to that familiar passage in Matthew 14 about Peter walking on water. I read it with an expectancy of what God was going to show me through it. I noticed so many things in that passage I didn't notice before. Jesus doesn't come walking out on the water until the fourth watch, which is between 3 a.m. and 6 a.m. It is pitch black, the storm is going crazy, and the disciples think He is a ghost at first. Jesus tells them it is Him. Peter represents humanity and the people who have stepped out in faith, and Peter asks Jesus to tell him to walk on water. Jesus says, "Come." 

I felt like that was our first prophecy in our lives when we started dating was to follow into the unknown. Peter walks on waves, as he is focusing on the Words of Jesus, living in faith and living on the promise and he is actually walking on water. When Peter perceived the wind and the waves, the outside circumstances, and for Lindsey and me, that was the struggle of not seeing each other, and you see how marriages fail. Peter trusted Jesus, as if unto death, and cried out "Lord, save me!" Jesus pulled him up, and the wind and the waves didn't stop until they were back in the boat. The whole time they were walking, they were over the wind, and over the waves and circumstances and trials. Peter was holding Jesus' hand the whole time.
Lindsey: For us, that's our prayer for this song. We want people to know that no matter their circumstances or waves in their lives, Jesus hasn't called us to sink, but to walk hand in hand with Him above those circumstances or waves. I love this quote I've heard: "The will of God won't take you where the grace of God won't protect you." It really spoke to me, because in that time of our lives, I knew God had called me to deeper waters, and told me to not be afraid, trust where He will lead, and walk on waves with Him. 

During that time we were apart we had hope that God would provide a way for us to do ministry together. This song was the first song I was part of with Austin, before we started recording songs together. I had been through a trying two years, and these songs got me back to why I started singing, which was to be in the presence of God. I felt this anointing in the room, knowing we were meant to be singing to God together.
Austin: We're expectant to see God move in different ways. Having gone through the recording process with our previous projects, something feels really special about this song and this album. We didn't write these songs for other people necessarily, but first to be melodies in our own hearts. We needed these truths to cast out our anxieties and fears. I have struggled with anxiety attacks. I was in the emergency room recently. My brain never shuts down. We try different things to deal with that, but we need to focus on God's promises for us.
Sometimes all that I can see
Is the storm raging around my soul
That's when I hear You telling me
To leave my fear behind and just let go
Surrender all my life to Your control
You call me to deeper waters
You say don't be afraid
To trust where You will lead
And walk on waves with You
And though I hear the thunder
You say just have faith
To reach out and take Your hand
And walk on waves with You
Surrounded by a sea of doubt
Honestly my heart is terrified
But I know You'll never let me down
Jesus, You are always by my side
With the promise
You are always
With me in this life
With the promise
You will always
See me to the other side

Are we spending too much time thinking about our circumstances and what we can do to improve them, or are we connecting with God's heart for us? He tells us, "do not worry about tomorrow. Let tomorrow worry about itself. Living faithfully is a large enough task for today" (Matt. 6:34, The Voice). I've read that God tells us 365 times in His Word "do not fear" or "do not worry," enough for a daily reminder to not spend time caught up in ourselves, but allowing ourselves to be satisfied with a fresh filling of God and His Holy Spirit. Then enemy uses fear, anxiety and worry to prevent us from sharing our faith, from stepping out in faith, from fixing our eyes on Jesus and from the greater things that God has in store for us as His followers.
Corrie Ten Boom said, "When we are powerless to do anything, it is a great joy that we can come and step inside the ability of Jesus." This song has really been resonating with me as I realize that Jesus commands us to trust God completely no matter our circumstances or personal distractions or concerns. The song includes some great challenges: "You call me to deeper waters, You say don't be afraid, To trust where You will lead, And walk on waves with You."
We can't know everything and we are not in control, but trusting God gives us assurance that we don't have to be afraid. God will be there to pick us up when we fall. The challenge for me when I listen to this song is pick an area of my life that I've been trying to control and instead step out and put all of my hope and trust in God. We can all call out to God and know that "You will always see me to the other side." Amen to that!


NRT Lead Contributor Kevin Davis is a longtime fan of Christian music, an avid music collector and credits the message of Christian music for leading him to Christ. He lives in Pennsylvania with his wife and three daughters.

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