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#492 - "King of My Heart" by Love & the Outcome
Chris and Jodi talk about what it truly looks like to make God King of your heart, no matter the circumstances.

Posted: February 04, 2014 | By: KevinDavis_NRT
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Husband and Wife duo, Jodi King and Chris Rademaker, make up the band Love & the Outcome. The debut self-titled album reflects their journey of having departed their homeland of Canada and risking it all to pursue their musical dreams. Many of the songs reflect the need to rely completely on God's sovereignty to guide their "outcome."

Jodi and Chris are living out that reliance on God as reflected in the words of their hit song "He is With Us" out on the road on the nation's largest Christian music tour, Winter Jam. I had the great opportunity to interview the couple in-person before their stop in Reading, Pennsylvania and then worshipped with them as they performed a trio of songs including "When We Love," "He is With Us" and their single, "King of My Heart." I spoke with them about the meaning of the song.

Please tell me the personal story behind writing this song.
Jodi: For me, being a woman in this industry makes it really easy to get caught up in the external. I can see how little girls might think that's why we become performers, and that's not ever been why I've pursued a career in music. It's not to be famous or to wear cool clothes. My goal is to glorify God with what He's made me to do. Every night when I sing and put my arms in the air, I'm praying and singing these words back to Him.

This song reminds my own heart not to get distracted by everything around us. Living free means that as long as God is at the center of my life, I'm free to be myself. This song is largely about that. We've lived on the edge with Christ at the centermost of our married life. We're used to feeling the tension and the struggle of chasing our dream.

The dream has changed a bit. It started off about making music and traveling, and now it is about helping people get in touch with the King of our hearts. Now we want to help people learn how to daily worship Him.

Which Bible verses connect to the message of the song?
Psalm 45:1 (NKJV): "My heart is overflowing with a good theme; I recite my composition concerning the King; My tongue is the pen of a ready writer."

Psalm 45:17 (NKJV): "I will make Your name to be remembered in all generations; Therefore the people shall praise You forever and ever."

John 20:29 (The Voice): "Jesus: Thomas, you have faith because you have seen Me. Blessed are all those who never see Me and yet they still believe."

2 Corinthians 5:7 (NKJV): "For we walk by faith, not by sight."

What is the takeaway message?
Chris: I love this song, and the way we are performing it on Winter Jam is sort of rock and roll, and that's me. We wanted something to get the crowd on their feet and involved.

The first line of the song is, "I'm in a war." We are in a daily battle for our attention. There are so many things competing for our thoughts. In marriage and on the road, there are so many details to take care of every day. It's the battle between the flesh and the spirit, but we acknowledge in the chorus that Jesus controls our hearts. It's a theme that's found throughout the record.

No person is our enemy. It's more of a spiritual struggle. When the prophets talk about going into battle, it's against spiritual forces. The chorus of this song is a strong statement that there is no doubt that Jesus is the King of our hearts. Embracing what God does for you is the best thing you can do for Him. Everything starts with God's plan and His heart for you. It's really about aligning your will with His will and surrendering yourself to that. Nothing scares God.

Jodi: The best way we can go into battle and the best preparation you can have is to align yourself with Christ daily. Chris and I slowly surrendered our lives to the God's calling into music. First I quit my job. Then, Chris wanted to be my guitar player and quit his job. Then we needed to sell everything we had in order to live on the road and to make an album. Piece by piece, we had to submit to God's will and spend time soaking in His Word and His Presence.

That way when we get our 10 minutes on stage at Winter Jam, we're not unsure of what we are doing or not ready. We ask the Lord to guide us and make us ready to go with Him wherever He wants to take us. People can think it is about these big, giant steps, but it is really about a daily walk with God. If people could see the 10-hour movie of our lives before "He is With Us," they would understand that it is through our failing and our falling that we've understood our calling.

I'm in a war every minute
I know for sure I'll never win it
I am David up against Goliath
And it's a fight for my attention
I'm being pulled every direction
This world tells me trust what I can see
Lord, won't You help me believe what I believe

You are bigger than any battle I'm facing
You are better than anything I've been chasing
Savior and royalty, the only hope in me
Jesus, You are, You are
The King of my heart, heart
The King of my heart, heart

All by myself I fall to pieces
But You are strong when I am weakest
I feel Your kingdom come alive in me
My feet are bruised but they'll follow where You lead

You are bigger than any battle I'm facing
You are better than anything I've been chasing
Savior and royalty, the only hope in me
Jesus, You are, You are
The King of my heart, heart
The King of my heart, heart

Your love is deeper than the ocean
You wash away my brokenness
Your arms are always open
Come and rule in me
Come and be my king

You are bigger than any battle I'm facing
You are better than anything I've been chasing
Savior and royalty, the only hope in me
Jesus, You are, You are
The King of my heart, heart
The King of my heart, heart
You're the King of my heart, heart
The King of my heart, heart
You're the King of my heart, heart

Hebrews 11:1 (NLT) says "Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see." We all walk by faith every day. As a follower of Jesus, the key is to walk by faith and to be guided in your daily walk by prayer and God's infallible Word, the Bible.

In essence, we each need to personally submit to Jesus as the "King of our hearts." A big part of the story of Love & the Outcome is how they've had to step out in faith and not by sight into God's plan for them, both as a married couple and as a band. I love how Jodi shared about having Jesus at the center of their marriage. That's the key to any healthy relationship, and to finding true joy in Christ, which is what He desires for each of us as a fruit of His Holy Spirit.

This song encourages us to dream big and to not let distractions or lack of faith get in the way of God's plans or purposes for our lives. Circumstances shouldn't be the definition of happiness. Joy in Christ can transcend our daily struggles. Making Jesus the Lord of your life will help you with any battle you're facing, anything you've been chasing, and knowing Jesus personally is the source of true hope in life. The lyrics "come and rule in me, come and be my King" are a daily prayer worth repeating and singing as a sweet offering to our Savior.

(Watch the music video here.)

NRT Lead Contributor Kevin Davis is a longtime fan of Christian music, an avid music collector and credits the message of Christian music for leading him to Christ. He lives in Pennsylvania with his wife and three daughters.

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