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The Flame In All Of Us [edit]
by Thousand Foot Krutch | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: September 18, 2007

Thousand Foot Krutch returns with their most prolific and inspiring release to date, The Flame In All Of Us. This record is a perfect blend of the bands patented rock sounds, coupled with beautiful ballads that explore what truly burns inside of us. Coming off of the heels of two incredibly solid records, The Flame In All Of Us is a huge step forward and will definitely grab the ears of current fans and pull in new ones along the way.

Track Listing
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01. The Flame In All Of Us
02. Falls Apart
03. New Drug
04. What Do We Know?
05. Favorite Disease
06. My Home
07. My Own Enemy
08. Learn To Breathe
09. Inhuman
10. Broken Wing
11. The Safest Place
12. Wish You Well
13. The Last Song (Hidden Track)

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growing pains | Posted February 01, 2008
I LOVE this CD! When I first bought it, I was like, 'this is a good cd' but I didn't necessarily LOVE all the songs (although I did fall in love instantly with "the flame in all of us" "falls apart" and "broken wing") but as I listened to it more and more, the songs just grew on me, and now I like the entire CD! I have to admit I don't think they can really top "Faith, Love and Happiness" or "When In Doubt" or the other song that I love that I can't remember the name of, but some of the songs on this CD come awfully close! :D

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username2 (378)

TFK Returns | Posted January 26, 2008
The 3rd album from Thousand Foot Krutch is amazing. Through 12 tracks (plus a hidden track) Thousand Foot Krutch revamped their sound so it sounds more Alternative and the guitars are more metalcore than The Art Of Breaking. From the great Title track to the last song of the album (a really good acoustic track) Thousand Foot Krutch proves that with this album, they will stand the test of time.

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The flame in all of us!! | Posted December 20, 2007
Well, this is definately a good c.d. It is my favorite out of all of them, however, I've only heard two of them. But anyway, the best song on this c.d., in my opinion, would have to be "Learn to Breathe" "Falls Apart," and "The flame in all of us." This is definately a good c.d. to but for all of you TFK fans. I know I really enjoy it.

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Another one of TFK albums.... | Posted December 20, 2007
Okokokokok, so tfk finished another good album. see how i stress on good. it wasnt great but not bad. Songs' melody is nice, but sometimes Trevor Mcnevan pushes his voice too much. Gets annoying sometimes. Good songs are : 'Wish You Well', 'What Do We Know',
Notice they are all slow songs. Maybe its just me but i liked the slow songs. A bit different I guess.

Reason why its only 'good' cuz i've heard this stuff before. If you never heard of TFK than its pretty good album. But its nothing new. Nothing original from TFK. But still worthy enough to be in yur collection. Not a classic but hey, TFk is pretty good band.

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Josiah (47)

amazing | Posted November 08, 2007
i love, finally got a copy today and i'm in love, it's soooo good, like, it's amzing, it's their best since phenomenon, which isn't sayin tht much guess, lol, but it's awesome, i love it, lyrics are great, music is great, it's a great cd

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Worth every cent | Posted October 17, 2007
TFK has always had amazing energy on stage and a loyal following of fans. Such fun and energetic songs, with a few ballads thrown in. The cd Phenomenon has been on my 'top 5' cd list since it first came out. SO I was skeptical when the newest project came out. How could they ever compare to that amazing prior project? 'The art of breaking' project was good, but just didn't hit the spot with me.

From the moment I put in 'The Flame in all of us' I was blown away. I can not get enough. Aaaaah I've been waiting for a cd to do this to me since Skillet's Comatose! The greatest thing about this new cd is that aside from the energy that IS TFK, the lyrics have amazing depth. Trevor and the band have grown incredible in this. You can tell that they must have undergone some serious life challenges this year, and it reflected in the songs. They put together a great mix of hard rocking/moshing songs, along with some beautiful ballads and heart-touching songs.
Hard to pick favorites, as the whole CD is amazing, but the emotional softie in me adores the songs 'Wish you well', 'My home' and 'Broken Wing'.
TFK continues to ROCK THE PARTAY!
Go get the CD today.

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Awesome! | Posted October 04, 2007
The CD is the best! My favorite yet of thousand foot krutch. My favorites songs are falls apart, new drug, and favorite disease.

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It sounds awesome! | Posted October 02, 2007
from what i've heard so far (which is only a couple of songs) i think 'the flame in all of us' is absolutely amazingly awesome!

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The Flame | Posted October 01, 2007
The Flame in All Of Us... couldn't say it better myself. God is an all consuming fire and this album is enfused with the Spirit of God!! Awesome album! I really enjoyed TFK's newest release. I recommend that you check it out too.

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Good | Posted September 27, 2007
I haven't heard much of their old stuff but if you like hard rock this a definite buy

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