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Cities [edit]
by Anberlin | Genre: Hard Rock/Metal | Release Date: February 20, 2007

Anberlin's story began a decade ago in Winter Haven, Florida, when Stephen, Deon and Joey formed an early incarnation of the band out of sheer boredom. 'Polk County is easily the redneck capital of Florida,' Stephen explains. "There's literally nothing to do. And being so young, we couldn't just drive to Orlando or Tampa to hang out. So we started forming a band. And up to that point there was no other scene in Central Florida. There were no other bands that we know of. So we had to teach ourselves everything.' 'So we forged ahead on our own,' the singer continues. Influenced by everyone from Depeche Mode to The Smiths to the Ramones to Metallica, Anberlin as we know it created its own club scene along with hometown friends, Copeland and Underoath, but really gelled with the addition of Young, a prot'g' drummer and John Bonham devotee. The gents assumed their moniker and got serious. 'One day we decided this is what we want to do with our lives,' Christian says succinctly. Cities is the next evolutionary step proving yet again that Anberlin are more committed to their original goals now more than ever.

Cities Special Edition includes a bonus DVD containing footage of the making of the record, behind the scenes footage, additional unreleased tracks and special artwork.

Track Listing
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01. (Debut)
02. Godspeed
03. Adelaide
04. A Whisper And A Clamor
05. The Unwinding Cable Car
06. There Is No Mathematics Yo Love and Loss
07. Hello Alone
08. Alexithymia
09. Reclusion
10. Inevitable
11. Dismantle. Repair.
12. (*Fin)

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jruss (2)

Best CD | Posted January 21, 2008
They are a high quality band and this is some high quality work. I think that this is their best CD to date... amazing drum fills and groves on top of amazing guitar riffs have made them what they are and this only backs that up. Every song worth listening to... good stuff

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mayhem (31)

Surprised | Posted January 14, 2008
Prior to listening to Cities, I didn't care much for the lead's vocals. In fact, at times, I thought them to be a bit annoying.

Overall, this album is really pretty good. My favorite three tracks are Cable Car, Mathematics, and Dismantle.

Definitely worth the time to listen to.

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Cities - Anberlins Shouting Loud | Posted January 14, 2008
This album was very easy for me to like, it had a few really good mosh songs such as godspeed, and it had slow songs such as inevitable, it could let me listen to it no matter what mood i was in. They had a few tehno openings and riffs in their songs which worked really well with the feel of the song, i took very easily to There is no Mathematics to Love and loss. Anberlin aren't a widely known band but this album would definately attract many music lovers alike. 4 1/2 Stars

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jwangy (31)

Great, but sloppy | Posted October 09, 2007
its a great album but starts to loose its touch close to the end. if you like heavy rock, but also soft, mellow music this is the album for you.

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There's a clamor in your whispering!! | Posted October 04, 2007
Cities by Anberlin is one of THE BEST albums of 2007! From the pulsating guitar riffs of GODSPEED to the raw truth and sensitivity of DISMANTLE. REPAIR., I was completely captivated. Their lyrics are intense, with an engaging maturity that beckons listeners to delve deeper and read between the lines... but not so ambiguous as to lose impact and meaning. In addition to the previously mentioned tracks, highlights include: THE UNWINDING CABLE CAR, ALEXITHYMIA, and A WHISPER AND A CLAMOR.

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Cities, a highlight in Anberlin's career... | Posted October 02, 2007
Cities is a great, mature rock album which obviously shows the growth in Anberlin's music career. If you are a fan of previous Anberlin albums you will really enjoy their latest cd "Cities" It has everything from great guitar solos to quiet acoustic songs. Every sonh has its own flare to it and always leaves you replaying each song over and over again. Although this album is great it has its quirks. Occasionally, some songs seem to repeat eachother and sound similar to eachother especially noticed in the chorus's. Also, some songs on the album seem to be indepth and the lyrics speak of hopelessness with no mention of hope and leave some people wondering who are seeking hope. Other than that I love this CD.It's a great add to your CD collection! You won't regret it!

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cmt06g (26)

Amazing! | Posted September 16, 2007
Cities is a great album for Anberlin, they definitly changed their style a little bit but still keep it awesome!

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Growth | Posted September 08, 2007
Anberlin has hit a new level with their new album Cities, everything about it is far more mature than in the past albums. Unfortunately Christians voice isn't constant enough to give a solid concert, their concerts are still a great time of worshiping God, They are not afraid to show that they are not perfect. Godspeed, Alexithymia, and Dismantle.Repair, are my three favorite tracks. Dismantle.Repair is a song filled with truth about God and how His truth cuts through our Self and then He rebuilds and repairs us into a better disciple.

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Anberlin- Cities | Posted September 04, 2007
Quite a different from their last albums, with a more emo, intense feel, and less of the catchiness from their old albums. But I still really liked it, with the songs with strings in them, which makes teh songs really intense. Plus, Stephen Christian's voice is so distince and unique, it really helps the band stand out.

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Favourite of the year | Posted September 02, 2007
Anberlin has really impressed me with this album. I think it is the best one they have ever made. Though a few of the old songs are good, this WHOLE cd is amazing. The Unwinding Cable Car is my new favourite song. The cd is a good mix of mellow and hardness. I absolutely love it and recommend it to everyone in the world. Even if you don't like Stephen Christian's voice, listen to the words. I love his voice because it's like none other, which happens to match their style of music. Coincidence? I think not. They have amazing talent and know how to make a forever good cd.

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