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Five Score And Seven Years Ago [edit]
by Relient K | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: March 06, 2007

Five Score And Seven Years Ago is the fifth full-length album by the Christian rock band Relient K. It was released on March 6, 2007, and is the first full-length album by the band to feature bassist John Warne and guitarist Jon Schneck. It is also the first Relient K album released without longtime bassist Brian Pittman. Pittman did leave the band before the release of the album Mmhmm, but recorded most of tracks with the band.

According to lead singer, Matt Thiessen, the album was created with a "Five" theme, as it is their fifth album, and for the first time Relient K has five members on an album. The "Seven Years Ago" links with the fact that their first album was created seven years prior to the release of this album, making for five albums in seven years. It also ties in with the famous line, "Four score and seven years ago", delivered by Abraham Lincoln in the Gettysburg Address. Lincoln is addressed in the first track, "Plead The Fifth". A poster advertising a concert for the band around the album's release depicted a cartoon Abraham Lincoln on it as well.

The cover of the album depicts the five band members staring up in the sky from a sidewalk, and they are all wearing parkas. Jon Schneck stands behind Matt Thiessen, so there are four shadows crossing the shadow of the curb, creating five in tally marks. Capitol Records released a promotional image about a month before the album's release, and the band's manager announced that it was not the album cover. The official cover was confirmed on the Gotee Records website. The promo image showed five sticks made into tally marks, with seven leaves either on the sticks, or falling off of them. This image was on the back of the promo insert that advertised the new Relient K fan club that came with the CD.

A special edition of Five Score And Seven Years Ago was also released, including a bonus DVD with roughly thirty minutes of acoustic performances shot in the Capitol A Studios and including track-to-track interviews with the band. Also included is a making-of feature on the "Must Have Done Something Right" music video as well as the video itself, which was directed by Marc Webb (who produced videos for My Chemical Romance and The All-American Rejects). The album's cover also came with a special slip-cover that outlined the band members in orange drawings.

Five Score And Seven Years Ago debuted at number six on the U.S. Billboard 200, selling about 64,000 copies in its first week.

Track Listing
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0. Up and Up (Acoustic Version) (Walmart exclusive bonus)
01. Plead The Fifth
02. Come Right Out And Say It
03. I Need You
04. The Best Thing
05. Forgiven
06. Must Have Done Something Right
07. Give Until There's Nothing Left
08. Devastation And Reform
09. I'm Taking You With Me
10. Faking My Own Suicide
11. Crayons Can Melt On Us For All I Care
12. Bite My Tongue
13. Up And Up
14. Deathbed (feat. Jon Foreman of Switchfoot)
28. Sloop John B (iTunes exclusive bonus)
29. Fallen Man (Acoustic Version) (Best Buy exclusive bonus)
30. Devastation and Reform (Video)(Walmart exclusive bonus)
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good good | Posted April 27, 2008
This was a really good cd from Matt and the gang. I really liked Devastation and Reform and I'm Taking You With Me. The only thing i didnt like was in faking my own suicide when they tried to be country, but i will forgive you matt as long as you NEVER go down that path again. Good cd you should buy it.

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Awesome | Posted April 16, 2008
This CD is awesome. All the songs are great. I love the randomness and variety of it. The best songs in my opinion are The Best Thing, I Need You, and I'm Taking You With Me.

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only one of the best :O | Posted April 04, 2008
WOW..... Matt and the gang has really out done themselves here. not only did this cd rock, BUT i fell in love with deathbed the 11 minute song that rhyms and is catchy the instrument parts and gets stronger ever second i listen to it. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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irocketh (90)

Best relintness | Posted March 24, 2008
From the strange opening track to the last note of Deathbed this record is sure to entertain.

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Forgivin | Posted March 01, 2008
"Forgivin" is a very good song.

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All Grown Up | Posted February 24, 2008
Relient K has always had a great sound. This album is the Relient K we have been waiting for. The harmonies, creativity, and originality this band is known for has been woven together to create the best sound this band has made yet.

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timeless classic!! | Posted February 03, 2008
I love this new CD cuz they keep coming up with funny new songs that are upbeat and original. ("bite my tongue" and "crayons can melt on us for all I care" are some of the funniest in my opinion.) I have heard people saying (not on here) that Relient K has been around forever and they are getting old and stuff. Well I have news for them! Relient K is a classic band that will NEVER EVER get old because they are timeless! I mean, who cares how long they've been around. I mean, some stuff just gets better as it gets older! I mean, unlike bands that only have 1 or 2 CDs out, these guys have had time to perfect their style, and they know what their fans like. If you think they are getting old, I can't force you to like their CD or buy it, but obviously SOME people out there still like them! And I hope that they keep the awesome CDs coming!

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superant (20)

THE BEST!!! | Posted January 17, 2008
This is got to be one of the greatest albumns ever.

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Reliant K | Posted January 15, 2008
Hey I love this group and i love how they do all there songs, even the slow ones, I don't really like slow songs all that much but I will listen to them sometimes. But I love all the songs on this cd and most of them I can sing and I love and I think they should continue there journy of the music rode and they could change the world someday. I love them. Bye.

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mayhem (31)

Grew on me | Posted January 14, 2008
At first, I didn't like this album at all. It's hard to top Mmhmm, so it really disappointed me. Many months later, after deciding to relisten to it, I found that it wasn't as bad as I originally thought it was. I wouldn't say it is the best CD in the world, but I can now say it isn't the worst.

My least favorite song on there (excluding the crayon song...) would be Faking My Own Suicide. It was a cute thought, but if you really think about it, that song is really messed up.

My favorite track would hands down be Deathbed. Nice and unusual time signature changes...interesting set of lyrics.

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