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No More Hell To Pay [edit]
by Stryper | Genre: Hard Rock/Metal | Release Date: November 05, 2013

Produced by frontman/guitarist Michael Sweet, No More Hell To Pay features some of Stryper'’s strongest and heaviest material ever and marks the band's 11th studio release on their 30th anniversary.

Track Listing
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01. Revelation
02. No More Hell To Pay
03. Saved By Love
04. Jesus Is Alright
05. The One
06. Legacy
07. Marching Into Battle
08. Te Amo
09. Sticks & Stones
10. Water Into Wine
11. Sympathy
12. Renewed
13. First Love (Orchestral Version)[Japanese Edition Bonus]
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Just As Rockin' for the One as ever. | Posted October 30, 2013
This album is just as good as anything, if not better than anything, they have recorded to date.  Has that classic 80's feel yet still modern and relevant songs to today.  Michael's vocals is still just as perfect as it was 30 years ago.  Put this together with a new Bloodgood album coming out soon, and Christian Metal's 1-2 punch KO's sin and satan.  Definitely a must have for anyone who has ever liked their music or the 80's style of "hair metal" for lack of a better term to use.  Pick up a copy, you won't be disappointed.

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First Impressions from a novice | Posted October 30, 2013
I will be honest and say that this was the first time I've ever heard of this band or listened to their music.

With that being said, I did enjoy the album. The album seemed to flow from track to track and the transition between tracks were barely noticeable while I was focusing on my tasks at hand. The sound of Stryper is not a typical genre I listen to, however, they would satisfy a musical craving of their genre if I ever had one.

Overall, a decent album & I'm glad I was able to listen to their album on!


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Stryper still ROCKS! | Posted October 30, 2013
 I've been a life long Stryper fan and own every one of there albums. I was so excited to see that had a ALL NEW RELEASE album coming out. I got mine on order and was glad to get a listen to all the tracks before the street date.

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Blown Away! | Posted October 30, 2013
I have been a Stryper fan since day one.......back when I was a mere 10 years old. I have loved this band as long as I can remember. I have just finished listening to something my mouth can not put words to. My ears have gone to rock-n-roll heaven and my mind is blown! No More Hell To Pay is raw, intense, polished, and precise. Stryper is back! The production is crazy good, the drums are robust and in your face, you can feel the bass in your chest, the guitars are brutally accurate, and Michael's vocals are relentless and at the top of his range. The harmonies and layers of vocals are just candy, sweet, sugary, frosting on the cake. No More Hell To Pay will pull you in and keep you in awe until the final chords and scream; only to leave you wanting more. So hit repeat and listen at full volume! 

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Stryper Hits a Homerun in Boston! | Posted October 30, 2013
I preordered this a month ago and have been playing he title track to satisfy my anticipation for the new release. I was nervous to play this as I have huge expectations from the build up and suspense. I am so glad I listened even if I only got to for today. I started listening in '84 as a young teen just getting into music and they have always remained my favorite because they have earned it. Not only does this album hold up to "To Hell With The Devil", there are many parts where it exceeds it. I cannot thank the guys in the band enough for delivering great music I enjoy hearing, but giving me the content I look for to earn listening to it over and over and even share with my kids.

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Awesome! | Posted October 30, 2013
Being a long time fan from the very start, this album is certianly one of the best, if not THE BEST album from these fine folks - it simply rocks and has a extremely postive message too. 

There is not one filler or weak track on this record. No other words but Awesome and Powerful - Good job Gents!

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Best Ever | Posted October 30, 2013
Has to be the best LP ever for this vetern of Christian Metal. Hey when you have the boys of secular metal like Ian Scott from Anthrax praising you, you have to be doing something right! With every record this band gets better and better with every chord and every note. I just don't know how you will improve on another LP. Can't wait to see what is in store for ys on all the tour!

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WOW!! | Posted October 30, 2013

This is an EXCELLENT CD! Great job guys...definitely back to the Soldiers/THWTD days! The gloss of IN GOD WE TRUST is long gone. Its gritty, loud and heavy with TONS of harmonies! Cant wait to get this on Tuesday..and see these songs live!


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Rock your socks off.... praise the Lord..! | Posted October 30, 2013
A short and simple review.... the boys still got it! Michael's voice is as ever. Guitars ripping, drums pounding the rock..! Apparently GOD is still using these guys to reach the culture for Jesus, for those of us who like rock, not that rap crap-ola stuff. Thanks NRT for the preview. Ordering on Amazon tonight! They have a Deluxe Cd/DVD version available.

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Stryper- No More Hell To Pay | Posted October 30, 2013
 Just got done streaming the new album from Stryper No More Hell To Pay .This have to be the best work from Stryper since the 80's.Michael Sweet voice sound awesome.Everyone should go and buy this.

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