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The Flame In All Of Us [edit]
by Thousand Foot Krutch | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: September 18, 2007

Thousand Foot Krutch returns with their most prolific and inspiring release to date, The Flame In All Of Us. This record is a perfect blend of the bands patented rock sounds, coupled with beautiful ballads that explore what truly burns inside of us. Coming off of the heels of two incredibly solid records, The Flame In All Of Us is a huge step forward and will definitely grab the ears of current fans and pull in new ones along the way.

Track Listing
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01. The Flame In All Of Us
02. Falls Apart
03. New Drug
04. What Do We Know?
05. Favorite Disease
06. My Home
07. My Own Enemy
08. Learn To Breathe
09. Inhuman
10. Broken Wing
11. The Safest Place
12. Wish You Well
13. The Last Song (Hidden Track)

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Elsask (1)

Super Great | Posted December 18, 2008
It is their best album so far!! It has a lot of depth in it and has meaning. Many of their songs are catchy too! It makes me want to listen to them all the time. I highly reccommend it.

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bull42 (50)

This Flame Is Hot | Posted October 15, 2008
Canada's finest Christian rock band,Thousand Foot Krutch,has released its best album to date.
The Cd starts off with the title song,"The Flame In All Of Us".This is a great song with an uptempo beat.It has a great message for today's times. This Cd does not have any bad songs on it. I enjoy listening to "Falls Apart","Favorite Disease","My Own Enemy" and "Broken Wing". My favorite song on the Cd is "New Drug". The song states that"I want it, I need it,I believe it, You are the new drug". IMO,the best "drug" to be hooked on is to be hooked on Jesus. This song should relate to the younger crowd.
"Wish You Well" is a slower song that speaks about helping someone you love and support them in what they do for the Lord.
The hidden song,"The Last Song" is a catchy tune. It is a great way to close out this CD.
If you enjoy listening to Decyfer Down,Disciple,
and Kutless you will love this CD.I have a hard time getting it out of my CD player in my truck.
It is definitely on my top 10 CD's list of all time !!

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TFK Stepping it up! | Posted June 09, 2008
Thousand Foot Krutch is an awesome and very talented Rock band! They rock in concert and really grab your attention while performing where at the same time are redirecting that attention up to our heavenly father.
In the newest release from TFK, "The Flame In All Of Us", they bring it on strong! They have some great songs that really make you want to just move your head back and forth!!! Some of my favorites are New Drug, Inhuman, and Broken Wing. Thanks TFK for giving us some great new music to chew on!

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Awesome album. | Posted April 29, 2008
TFK really did a good job with this album bringing some of their best rock. The album is over all very well balanced and it rocks pretty hard as well. The lyrics have good meanings and the music is really good.

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sweetness abounding | Posted April 07, 2008
ah, the bass lines. even if you don't play bass, you are highly appreciative, they are just so full of life and funk (almost). the rock sound has increased to present probably the best balance of rock and hip-hop i have heard of late -- yes, TFK is here and they are really to make your eardrums do cartwheels!

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RossMan (134)

wow | Posted March 19, 2008
amazing new album these guys just keep it comin and are getting better and better i love falls apart, new drug, what do we know, and the flam in all of us

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A Whole New Sound | Posted February 29, 2008
Thousand Foot Krutch has progressed with each album and I think that makes this one my favorite... This has some of their hardest sounds in singles like "Falls Apart" and also has slow ballads like "Wish You Well". Hidden track "The Last Song" is a nice little feel good jam that puts you in the place of the band and gives the album a great send off... Great CD

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My Home | Posted February 28, 2008
This cd is a great cd. My favorite song from this cd is "My Home" because it talks about how Christ is our home and he is everything. It explains how if we feel alone, God is always there.

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The Flame In All of Us | Posted February 21, 2008
Great album with great music and strong lyrics on songs such as My Home, What Do We Know, and others. This is a mark in their progression as they go for a more raw sounding album because of their desire to be a bit more real with their music. They did a great job and can't wait to see what they come out with in the future!

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growing pains | Posted February 01, 2008
I LOVE this CD! When I first bought it, I was like, 'this is a good cd' but I didn't necessarily LOVE all the songs (although I did fall in love instantly with "the flame in all of us" "falls apart" and "broken wing") but as I listened to it more and more, the songs just grew on me, and now I like the entire CD! I have to admit I don't think they can really top "Faith, Love and Happiness" or "When In Doubt" or the other song that I love that I can't remember the name of, but some of the songs on this CD come awfully close! :D

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