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Awake [edit]
by Skillet | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: August 25, 2009

One of Christian music’s top-selling rock bands, GRAMMY®-nominated Skillet returns with its latest recording capturing the raw energy and multi-textured sonic landscape for which they have become known. A mixture of dissonant chords, anthemic builds and memorable vocal interpretation combine to form a progressive, yet classic rock-influenced sound that’s all their own. Skillet’s straightforward message and innovative sound has garnered the band seven #1 songs and an avid fan base.

Experience pounding, classically influenced rock with a progressive edge, colored by dissonant chords, and gutsy vocals on the latest release from Skillet, best known for hits including “Savior.” Relevant, innovative and unforgettable, Skillet continues its tradition of a straightforward, in-your-face gospel message of hope.

Track Listing
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01. Hero
02. Monster
03. Don't Wake Me
04. Awake and Alive
05. One Day Too Late
06. It's Not Me It's You
07. Should've When You Could've
08. Believe
09. Forgiven
10. Sometimes
11. Never Surrender
12. Lucy

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Skillet Returns Wide AWAKE! | Posted August 17, 2009
I was introduced to Skillet by a friend in 2006 right after the release of their album "Comatose." Instantly fell in love with "Rebirthing" with the synthesized string progressions. I later bought the CD and said after listening that "Comatose" was a CD chock full of smash hits which proved to be true: 5 #1 singles off of 1 album! That's gotta be a record right!? But without further ado, I gotta say, Skillet has done it again. More synthesized string progressions that I fell in love with the first time, electric guitars that just seem to burst out of the speakers. My favorites are the singles "Hero," "Monster," and the title track "Awake and Alive" as well as "Lucy" which spoke to me because of the recent loss of my mother. I like all of the other ballads as well with the acoustic guitar being utilized during the verses. Most artists fail trying to outdo the previous album that did as good as "Comatose" but Skillet just keeps on trucking with a newer and fresher sound and building upon what they've already accomplished. All I've gotta say is keep 'em coming!

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Awake | Posted February 07, 2011
I LOVED this album!!!! It has too be one of their best if not thier best! Great songs with great beats, and great lyrics always gonna get a good rating from me!

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gizmodad (75)

Skillet "Awake" Album Review | Posted September 21, 2010

The first song on Awake is a song called “Hero” which was also the first single. This is a really good song, but the real highlight is the backing vocals of the new 20 year old drummer, Jen Ledger. The combination of the rougher voice of the lead singer John Cooper and the voice Jen Ledger, makes this song sound amazing. This song talks about mankind’s need for a hero, in this case that hero being Jesus Christ. The song was written in the midst of all the evil and tragedies that happen in the world today and highlights the fact that Jesus is the one who fights all this evil for us. Hero gets the album off to a hard edgy beginning.

Following Hero is a song called “Monster”. I know it sounds like a weird name for a Christian song, but the meaning behind it is pretty interesting. The “monster” referred to in the song represents the different and sinful beast inside of us. It talks about how we as humans do everything possible to keep others from seeing the beast from within and how sin is something that we can’t control. The main melody is very catchy. My only criticism of it is that after a while, it got a little repetitive. Other than that it’s an awesome song.

These two songs are great, but the real standout on this album is the title track “Awake and Alive”. I just love everything about this song. It opens up with the trademark of all Skillet songs, the violin. The violins then continue throughout the whole song, creating a great rock atmosphere. It’s also got an amazing guitar solo and it’s a fantastic hard rock tune. This is one of my favourite songs on the album. I just love the triumphant anthem “I’m awake, I’m alive”. This song was an instant hit for me as soon as I heard it. Check it out, “Awake and Alive”.

On a whole, Skillet’s Awake is a fantastic rock album. The album covers a lot of topics in today’s world such as sin, faith and even love. This album is great with the introduction of Jen Ledger and her great voice. She is probably the best female vocalist the band’s ever had.
For a huge fan of Skillet, this probably wasn’t your favourite album because it didn’t offer much new sound. For long fans of Skillet you’d probably think that this album wasn’t as good as Comatose.

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Skillet Scores! | Posted August 08, 2010
Skillet's most recent album, Awake, is the best! On past albums, there has not been a female voice, which is present on most of the songs on Awake. I think this is definitely a plus-it adds a new edge to Skillet's music. I honestly can say that there are no cons at all on this album. One track in particular, Lucy, is a tearjerker. It is a nostalgic song, and it is one of my personal favorites. Some of my other favorites are Hero, and Awake and Alive. As I love this album, I think that others who are die hard Skillet fans like me will also enjoy this too, and that the songs will be stuck in their heads. :)

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Different | Posted August 06, 2010
I must admit that it's WAY different for Skillet but it is also a good change for skillet too. Monster is a song that my little siblings enjoy and even my parents enjoy it. So its the type of rock that anyone can like

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username2 (376)

4/5 | Posted May 24, 2010
3 years after the best album of their careers, Skillet returns with the "sequel" entitled Awake. Why do I call it a sequel? Because both albums have the same sound to them. The messages from both albums are opposites of each other. Comatose was about how we appear to be sleeping when the world needs help. Awake tells the opposite, we need to wake up and take charge of what we need to do to help the world. Awake is basically Comatose part 2 in every way shape and form.

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bigmac (16)

Amazing! | Posted May 12, 2010
This was the first Skillet I've ever bought, and it was totally worth the money! This cd has some great songs that I just can't stop listening to. If you love rock, you will love this cd!

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GuiRi (34)

Too Slow | Posted May 03, 2010
Skillet is undoubtly a great band.
But Awake has too much ballads: Don't Wake Me, One Day Too Late,Should've when you could've and Lucy. And there are songs without the rock-edge: Believe, Forgiven and Never Surrender.
So it could be a rocker album as Collide or Comatose.
But what's most exciting about the album are the new vocals from Jen Ledger! Her voice is very beautiful and this girl has big skills.

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Love it! | Posted April 18, 2010
I was so looking forward for Skillet to put out another album. They did not disappoint me at all. This album is amazing! I love the fact that Jen gets to sing in "Awake and Alive" and "Hero". She has an amazing voice!

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Waking Up to a New Sound :D | Posted April 02, 2010
Skillet's lastest CD "Awake" is an amazing CD. With catchy track such as "Monster," the CD instantly causes a love for it. They keep their rock tone clear with catchy and effective lyrics like always. Skillet continues to amaze and astound through this new CD.

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