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The Long Fall Back To Earth [edit]
by Jars Of Clay | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: April 21, 2009

Acclaimed rock band Jars of Clay, known for its ground-breaking, intelligent music and humanitarian work worldwide, artfully explores matters of relationship and community through the songs on its tenth studio album The Long Fall Back To Earth. The highly anticipated 14-track project releases April 21 on Gray Matters/Essential Records.

From the bandís earliest days to the present, innovation has marked each step of Jars of Clayís musical journey with The Long Fall Back To Earth serving as no exception. Itís a big, lush, confident, gutsy sound that dominates the new tracks, leaving the listener with a different thought for each new story told, each new emotion conveyed.

As with all previous Jars of Clay projects, itís the lyrical content that draws listeners into a fuller appreciation of the songs. Lead vocalist/lyricist Dan Haseltine delves into the bare bones reality of the beauty and tension of relationships, and what makes them worth fighting for, a common thread that has tied everyone exposed to Jars of Clayís music together for more than a decade.

Track Listing
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01. The Long Fall
02. Weapons
03. Two Hands
04. Heaven
05. Closer
06. Safe to Land
07. Headphones
08. Don't Stop
09. Boys (Lesson One)
10. Hero
11. Scenic Route
12. There Might Be a Light
13. Forgive Me
14. Heart

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ichiben (193)

Great | Posted June 16, 2009
Jars of Clay is that band that I've always heard about but never really checked out. After hearing some of their old songs that I really liked and hearing rave reviews about this new album, I decided to give it a try. It's much softer than my typical musical taste (which does range all throughout the rock spectrum), but their sound and lyrics have really impressed me. Songs like Weapons, Two Hands, Closer, and others are quite enjoyable. This is a solid album from top to bottom.

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Jars of Clay - The Long Fall | Posted April 29, 2009
Jars of Clay has amazed me with their music before but this time I think they've brought to me a new level of amazment. This album is definitely an outstanding album. Ever since I got it i havent stop listening to it. I'm seriously addicted to each song! All the songs on this album are worth listening to. Each are very catchy and awesome in their own way. The song that really has me addicted right now is "Headphones". I don't know there's just something about that song that has me replaying it over and over. Although I have been replaying the whole album. This album has a great flow and tone of music that just captures you from the beginning and carries you all the way through to the end. This is definitely one album I highly recommend for any Christian music fan.

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Another GEM from Jars of Clay | Posted April 21, 2009
I knew the cd was coming out soon but was surprised to find it at WalMart on "release day" and just had to pick it up. I've been drawn to the band from the beginning - I remember seeing them sing "Flood" on the Today show way way back in the day. I saw them last fall as part of the "Music Builds Tour" with Third Day and Switchfoot and thoroughly enjoyed their all to brief set.
This is excellent pop-rock music and I can imagine some of these songs crossing over from the Christian music world into the wider market. Would that be a bad thing??? I surely don't think so. They guys sing about love and relationships and the struggle to live genuine lives that matter and make a difference in the real world. Christian artists don't have to talk about God or about Jesus explicitly in every song they write and sing. Even without it, there is an unmistakable foundation to their writing and we know that these are people committed and centered in the right place. An impressive piece of work. Listen closely. Enjoy.

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Awesome New Album | Posted April 13, 2009
Once again amazing,Every song speaks to you and the music itself is an inspiration,This Album is another great one from a spectacular group who just when you thought were done,prove you wrong with something even more inspiring than the others and a couple of oldies make it awesome.This is why I love listening to them they have a sound all their own and could never be duplicated,"impressive" as always.This could take the lead as one of my favorites from them.

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ruthw7 (55)

Jars of Clay The Long Fall Back to Earth | Posted April 10, 2009
I am sure the members of this group were sincere when they made this album, but it is definately not one of my favorite albums. I have no desire to listen to the album again. The songs and sound seemed to improve as you got deeper into the album.

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Wow! Really? Really. | Posted April 09, 2009
I must first say I've been a Jars fan since the beginning. And the first two albums amazed me, enraptured me in beautiful sounds and lyric.
As they grew and progressed, I've continued to listen and appreciate their many dimensions as artists.
The Long Fall Back to Earth is truly the first time in a decade I've been truly moved by the entire album and had a child-like anticipation of it's release!
Without getting into all the musician geek-speak, I will simply say, this new record by Jars, simply makes me feel...happy! :)

Thank you guys!!

Jerry Fee
*Please check out my new full-length album, Still Alive, and review on NRT

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Definitely worth buying! | Posted April 08, 2009
The Long Fall Back To Earth is the absolute greatest album I have ever heard... PERIOD!
They sound different on every one of their albums, but they always seem to blow me away. This album is their greatest musically. It is worth the wait.
It is worth listening over and over again.

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Jars of Clay Rocks - 2 Hands Up! | Posted April 13, 2009
2 Hands definitely is the best song I have heard in a long time. It is up their with Flood. Jars of Clay is very talented and I love their style and how they change up their backgrounds. They have come a long way. They have a rock fusion about themselves that makes them creative and their vision is based on God's purpose driven life, amen!

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