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Rush Of Fools [edit]
by Rush Of Fools | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: May 08, 2007

Track Listing
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01. Undo
02. We All
03. When Our Hearts Sing
04. Your Love
05. Fame
06. Peace Be Still
07. All We Ever Needed
08. Can't Get Away
09. For Those
10. Jesus Hurry
11. Already

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bull42 (50)

Don't Be Fooled | Posted April 03, 2008
I am not bragging when I say that I consider myself a good judge of music. The new CD by Rush of Fools (here after to be ROF),is one of the best praise and worship CD's I have heard. It is very hard for me to remove this CD from my CD player in my truck. I love it !!! Every song is excellent !!The CD begins with "Undo" which was the #1 CCM song in the country for 2007. The lyrics are powerful and the vocals by lead singer Wes Willis are great. "We All","When Our Heatrs Sing",and "Can't Get Away" are all currently getting plenty of airplay on CCM radio. These songs speak to my spirit with great words of strength and encouragement.My favorite song on the CD is "Jesus Hurry". As the song says hurry Jesus come back.We can't wait for youy to come back. I for one echo these words.
I saw ROF live with the Newsboys recently. Iwas pleasently surprised how good they were. The sky is the limit for this group.Don't be a fool- go out and purchase this CD ASAP. You won't regret it.

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Pretty Good for the First Time | Posted March 25, 2008
Rush of Fools makes a great first impression! This is a great "feel-good" cd after a long day!

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RossMan (134)

freshman album | Posted March 16, 2008
these guys have some great potential i love this album and i cant wait to see what else they got comin next

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impressive debut! | Posted February 07, 2008
My friend gave me this Album because she had bought it but found it to be way too faith centered for her taste and I'll admit I liked it alright, gave it a listen, and then well kinda forgot about it for awhile and then I kept hearing their music on K-love and really loving it but then I found I could not find my CD! Luckily after searching for a month I found it and thats when I fell in love with it like I am now. I like that its not all bells and whistles its simply good quality heartfelt worship music. I like to listen to it when I want to just mellow out and feel the spirit. All the songs are so full of faith and just so uplifting!

My Favorite song on the album with the exception of the successful radio singles undo and when our are hearts sing is definately be still. What a powerful song that puts it so simply with the scriptural inspired phrase "Be Still and know that I am god" That is so comforting and they sing it so reverently which I appreciate very much. The reverence of the entire album is what draws me to it the most because although rock music especially Christian rock music is great sometimes I just want it to be reverent but still very enjoyable and this album is definitely that for me.

I'm eager to hear what their next album will sound like and I hope they stay true to their worship roots because its what makes me love their music.

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Worship | Posted February 01, 2008
I fell in love with this CD. my sister had been wanting to buy the cd, and she got it as a gift (I had gotten it for her too, but she got the other one before I could give her mine) and I was with her when she listened to it for the first time. The first song on the cd was "Undo", and I'd heard the song on PulseFM and liked it. then I listened to the rest of the CD, and the lyrics just...idk...I guess you could say they 'swept me away' I love the lyrics in this cd. they are so...deep, I guess. I mean, this is definitely a worship cd. and I like the accompaniment, too. (whatever u call it. The music playing in the background! :D) but I would have to say out of the entire CD, I like number...4? 5? somewhere in there. "Fame". the lyrics are awesome, and the guitar music is great, too. that song is way up there on my list of favorite worship songs. (oh, by the way. I ended up keeping the CD I was going to giver to my sister! :D)

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GuiRi (34)

I Like a Lot ! | Posted January 30, 2008
This debut album is one of my fav of 2007!!
ROF sounds great !
I loved the album !

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Awesome!! | Posted January 18, 2008
This has alot of really good songs, starting at the first track, "Undo." "We All," the second track has a nice beat and great words. In fact, the whole album has great words. "Peace Be Still" has very powerful words and really makes you think. It is a truly great album!

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=) | Posted December 31, 2007
i love the song cant get away by this group its realyl good.

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1grlbnd (48)

Great New Band | Posted December 03, 2007
I got to see these guys in concert at school and decided to buy their CD. I'm glad I did! It's CD and a great and these God truly have a heart for God and it shows in their music.

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kl1995 (52)

ROF | Posted November 02, 2007
ROF's first album is one of my favorites. The songs are well written and the songs really say something. ROF has a great purpose and it connects to the bands name 'Rush of Fools'

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