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Innocence & Instinct [edit]
by RED | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: February 10, 2009

GRAMMY-nominated rock band RED’s second album, Innocence & Instinct, is a primal and provocative look into the dark and sometimes seemingly hopeless “fight inside” each one of us, told through the powerful sphere of the band’s hard-hitting, intense music. “Innocence” is where we all begin. “Instinct” can quickly take over. A lifetime is spent in this internal tug-of-war between who we really are and who we hope to be. Produced by the award-winning Rob Graves, mixed by Ben Grosse (Sevendust, Disturbed, Depeche Mode) and including a song co-written by Benjamin Burnley of Breaking Benjamin, Innocence & Instinct is thoughtful and powerful rock music, with a challenging look at the personal struggle inside each of us.

Track Listing
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01. Fight Inside
02. Death Of Me
03. Mystery Of You
04. Start Again
05. Never Be The Same
06. Confession (What's Inside My Head)
07. Shadows
08. Ordinary World
09. Out From Under
10. Take It All Away
11. NRT Video Podcast (Not On Album)
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Better than most Sophomore albums | Posted February 01, 2011
Usually a band will follow up their first album with a very mediocre at best album but not RED. Although they did take the usually step back like most bands, they still put out a quality record. Their best song off of this album, by far, and their second best song they've recorded (just behind "Breathe into Me") is "Never Gonna Be the Same." There isn't a Christian who used to reject the faith, like myself, that didn't go through the change the band sings of. It is very powerful!

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Oh, yeah | Posted November 14, 2009
As a fan of a couple of songs by Red, I expected to find a couple of good songs that I would like. Instead I found an entire album that I liked. The songs in this album have the perfect angry but content thing going on. "Death of Me" was the song that I was going around and singing for quite some time. And "Shadows". And "Fight Inside". And "Never Be the Same. And "Confession". Okay, well pretty much all of them. This album was awesome and the video to Death of Me was pretty great too.

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veritas (15)

Enemy, familiar friend... | Posted August 24, 2009 beginning and my end

There is something lacking here that I just cannot put my finger on. The initial draw for me to Red was their versatility on End of Silence. They had exemplary rock hits in songs like Breathe Into Me, yet also produced excellent slower songs in the vein of Already Over, Pt. 2. Innocence & Instinct feels like a regression on both fronts and does not appeal to me in either regard. The harder portions of songs often seem passionless or whiny, much as the screams on Fight Inside of "It's nothing / It's everything" seem redundant and pointless. For the most part, the slower songs just don't seem to carry any weight. The only two tracks that improve on the previous album are Death of Me and Take It All Away. Death of Me is solid throughout, while Take It All Away offers the touch that is missing from the other softer songs on this record.

I will say that, while obviously nothing groundbreaking, I really do like the concept for this album and I consider the lyrics stronger here than on their last album. I just think the music behind the message feels emotionless and stale on this go around. Even at a recent concert I saw, older songs like Lost and Gave It All Away outshone the newer hits. Almost everywhere, I have read of the numerous improvements that were made by the band since the previous record, but I just do not hear it myself. To me, Innocence & Instinct is an average run-of-the-mill album with a few standout tracks. While the album is certainly worth a few listens, I cannot heartily recommend it as a whole.

My Highlights: Death of Me, Take It All Away, Confession (What's Inside My Head)

You've stripped me down, the layers fall like rain
It's over now, just innocence & instinct remain
You watched me while I slowly disappeared
I reached for you to save me, you were frozen in fear

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better than the first | Posted August 13, 2009
I loved this cd, it was kind of like their first cd, but better! Death of me is an amazing song with great lyrics, same with never be the same. Fight inside was kind of a let down, but it was ok.
The rest of the cd fit in perfectly. I would definitely recommend this cd.

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Not The Same Stuff! | Posted June 18, 2009
In Red's newest CD, "Innocence & Instinct", the style of music is very different than of their first CD, "End Of Silence" It seems like this CD was less-than-best in my opinion, not as interesting as their first one, but it was good!

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Innocence & Instinct | Posted March 23, 2009
I absolutely love Red...They are quickly becoming one of my all time favorite bands...When i first heard of them, I had only heard "Breath Into Me",but i quickly learned how great they truly are...After I listened to some more of the songs off of "End Of Silence", i was instantly wrapped up it their music...When i first heard about the new album, i wasnt sure when i would be able to get my hands on it, but last week, i found out that it only costs 9 bucks, so i got it...needless to say, "Innocence & Instinct" is a truly great album...maybe not an album completely devoted to praising God, but at times you can see Red's love for and dependance on of my favorite songs is "Shadows", not only do i like to rokk out with to it, but i love how the band shows their dependance on Christ, "I'm holding onto you, I'll never let go I need you with me as I enter the shadows"...maybe that just stuck out to me, but its great...I completely and utterly recommend buying this album... its insanely AWESOME!!! Peace, Love, and Jesus Christ.

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Jcorkum (17)

A Very, Very, Very Good Album... | Posted March 07, 2009
I'll start off mentioning that if you didn't pick up the deluxe your missing out on a couple high quality songs.

I will say that this album gets a perfect rating from me, I just love the mixture and how they have perfected the style.

The arrangement and the music are impeccable almost untouchable by most bands, the production values are just amazing, even live they are nearly flawless.

Great CD get it!!

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username2 (378)

An Interesting Look At the Struggle Between Good and Evil. | Posted February 21, 2009
Red is one of those bands that have come up with a fresh way to make string orchestra's cool by blending with with hard hitting guitars, loud drums, and a guy screaming lyrics into your ears. 3 years ago Red came out with End of Silence which is probably one of the most epic albums I have ever heard. Now in 2009, Red has given us the sequel. It's not as epic as End of Silence was but it was still good to listen too. They have turned the guitars louder, (cranked it up to 11. Hey, I couldn't resist.) have made sure that the string orchestra comes in at the right moment, and have crafted an album that talks about the struggle within our souls between good and evil. It's interesting that on the 10 tracks some of them are talking about how evil is good while on other tracks they talk about how good is... good. I really liked their cover of the Duran Duran song Ordinary World. All in all, it's a very well crafted album and I recommend it to anyone who is a fan of this band or a heavy rocker fan.

On a side note, inside the lyrics book there is a website composed of numbers. It's the first of many websites that Red created as part of an ARG that is marketing this album. They have taken most of the elements from the poem The Devine Comedy where Dante tours Hell, Purgatory, and Heaven, and have created a similar journey that ends with some special goodies. It's something worth checking out.

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innocence and instinct | Posted August 23, 2009
this is generally a good album. I think that the band sinks in their message deep. The message is inner conflict and they do a great job. This album is a big step from their previous album, end of silence, using powerful lyrics, tearing riffs, and screaming vocals, no pun intended. It would have been better if there were more songs.

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