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Today Is The Day [edit]
by Lincoln Brewster | Genre: Praise & Worship | Release Date: September 23, 2008

Lincoln Brewster is known as a gifted worship leader and songwriter who has used his voice and incredible guitar playing to create unforgettable worship songs.

Following up on his successful release Let The Praises Ring that included two top 5 AC radio singles, Lincoln is back with a new project of amazing worship songs that his loyal fans will love and new fans will be excited to discover.

Track Listing
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01. Today Is The Day
02. Everywhere I Go
03. Give Him Praise
04. God You Reign
05. The Arms Of My Savior
06. This Love
07. The Power Of Your Name
08. The Love Of God
09. Salvation Is Here
10. Let You Glory Shine
11. Recording Power Of Your Name (Bonus Video)
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Today IS the day! | Posted September 23, 2008
Well Lincoln does it again, with another electrifying and inspirational album "Today is the Day" His passion for his ministry come through loud and clear as he sings the praises of our God and King, while reminding us all that we are just human beings constantly in need of our Saviour. Some of my favorite tracks on this album (which I proudly downloaded on itunes this morning) are "Today is the day", "God You Reign". "This Love", "The Power of you name" and "Salvation is here". This album will have you praise dancing in your living room, so go get it know and dance in your PJ's for Jesus!

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Today is the Day by Lincoln Brewster | Posted September 22, 2008
Plenty of rock, plenty of soul, plenty of classic Lincoln licks, and plenty of catchy hooks that praise Jesus. This did not disappoint! I can't wait to go buy this disc tomorrow! What an inspiration!

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This is indeed the Day | Posted September 21, 2008
I first heard of Lincoln Brewster at NWLC 2008 in Austin, Texas and this is now going to be my second album. What a refreshing new way to hear someone worship - pouring out his heart in his instrument and the songs a pretty catchy too and varied in their styles. The title song has been a such a bless since the first day I heard it at the Conference. I'm sure it will become one of those anthems for ages to come like its counterpart - This is the day that the Lord has made. May you be blessed to - buy it!!!

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Today is the Day | Posted September 21, 2008
I pre-ordered this before hearing it because I have never heard a Lincoln Brewster song I didn't like! Again, Lincoln rocks the praise world with his new songs. He also slows it down and lets me meditate on the message of Jesus. I love how he has included the voices of his family in his music. I've met him personally and got to spend enough time with him to know that he is for real. I am grateful to Lincoln for sharing his God-given talent to lead all of us in worship! This has been a long awaited release for me and it is worth the wait! God is good!

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Today is the Day! | Posted September 20, 2008
Lincoln Brewster is a master of worship arts! You can't help but praise the Lord with him as he celebrates God's love. I have seen him in person because he is our worship leader at Bayside Church in Granite Bay, CA and I always leave church feeling closer to God when he is there. This album is my favorite though.

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YOU HAVE TO BUY THIS CD | Posted September 20, 2008
Lincoln Brewster has outdone himself on his newest cd "Today is the Day". He clearly shows he has devoted his talents and skills to God. The single "Today is the Day" is filled with roaring guitars, big drums, and thumping bass. The rest of the cd is filled with influence of blues, soul, 80's hair metal, modern rock, and contemporary christian music. He did his own amazing version of Hillsong United's "Salvation is Here". The cd ends on "Let Your Glory Shine". He waited to give us his best last. "Let Your Glory Shine" is filled with some of Lincon Brewster's best and fastest guitar playing yet. "Today is the Day" is Brewster's best lyrics and guitar playing to date. God has truly blessed him and Brewster is giving it ALL straight back to God. "To see the world be changed, by the POWER OF YOUR NAME".

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Today is the day to buy this album | Posted September 18, 2008
Man I don't even own this album yet but I'm listening to is on the streaming freebee on here. I have been for about five songs and I love every single one. It's like Lincoln has just exploded with greatness with this album. His guitar skills are just blowing my mind! I love his voice and the lyrics as well. If your a Christian who likes music you need to get this album now!! I know that next Tuesday I will get it and listen to it for probably four days straight.

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Serious Musicality | Posted September 18, 2008
So often I've heard Christian music criticized for mediocrity. Sadly, that accusation is often true. This album is a clear exception...comparable to the work of secular artists like John Mayer. It has great lyrics, hooks, exceptional guitar, bass, keyboard, and drum work. I don't understand some of the other reviews of this CD that are critical. We all have musical preferences but this album has exceptional content and serious musicality.

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coredog (62)

A bit disappointed | Posted September 17, 2008 before others shoot me, let me say that I love Lincoln Brewster, and I cannot count how many of his songs I lead in church. Unfortunately, this album was not what I was expecting or hoping for. The other reviewers were right: great musicianship, fantastic writing, definately original, etc. For me, though, when I look forward to his albums as a source of new worship songs, this album was not like previous ones. Definately a blues rock feel, but not geared toward worship like previous albums. Again, there is nothing wrong with that, but when I was looking forward to this album for a while, it was a bit disappointing.

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Let me just say... | Posted September 16, 2008
This will sound unlike any Christian project you may have ever heard.

There were times as I listened, that I had to remind myself this was actually a Christian project, because of the incredible musicianship, production and lyrical content.

If you loved Stevie Ray Vaughan back in the day, then your going to love the guitar virtuosity on this by Lincoln. I got lost in track 3 'Give Him Praise'.

Enjoy it, and listen to our chat together coming up on the 23rd with Lincoln in our New Release Tuesday podcast!

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