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Hello Love [edit]
by Chris Tomlin | Genre: AC/Inspo | Release Date: September 02, 2008

We need to introduce ourselves to love again.

With each new record, I continue to strive to create songs that will help people voice their worship to God. I hold this as a great responsibility when I begin to think about what the overall recording will look like. Worship is a massive word with a very broad scope, but in the end, it is very simple. It is love! It's our response in love to our great God who loved us first. As well, it's our love for others.

Hopefully these songs will renew in some way or stir up again your love for God and His people.

It's pretty exciting these days to see the Church awaken to the portion of it's calling where it serves the "least of these," where we carry those less fortunate than ourselves not just in a special place in our hearts, but in our finances, our energy, our life. And the motive and heart behind all of it is love. That's it. More simply put, worship is "love with legs." It's on the move! It's not just words and melody.

Paul says so well in 1 Cor. 13:13

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. Butthe greatest of these is love.

-Chris Tomlin

Track Listing
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01. Sing, Sing, Sing
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02. Jesus Messiah
03. You Lifted Me Out
04. God Of This City
05. I Will Rise
06. Love (with Watoto Children’s Choir)
07. Praise The Father, Praise The Son
08. My Deliverer
09. With Me
10. Exalted
11. God Almighty
12. All The Way My Savior Leads Me

Entry last edited by Angel on 02.17.09

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Great | Posted December 08, 2010
I love the Album. I own one now and one of my favorite of his songs' were on it called "I Will Rise" I love hearing Chris and his band. I hope they keep making music far into the future I will always love his music and I always have.

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gizmodad (75)

Chris Tomlin "Hello Love" Review | Posted November 24, 2010
He's released millions of albums, won so many awards that the list is too long to name and you would've no doubt sung his songs passionately in church each Sunday. In 2008, contemporary/worship icon Chris Tomlin released his fifth studio album titled Hello Love, much to the delight of worship and Tomlin fans all around the world.

Hello Love never strays far from the typical Chris Tomlin worship sound. It opens up with the worshipful and upbeat track "Sing, Sing, Sing" that will delight long time fans. This song is highly appropriate for performance in a church service.

"Jesus Messiah" immediately slows the fast paced agenda down a little bit and reminds us of the strong and unconditional love that Jesus has for us, enough to die on the cross to save us from "He became sin, Who knew no sin, So that we might become his Righteousness, He humbled himself and carried the cross."

The high-energy continues with the driving and joyful rocker, "You Lifted Me Out", that talks about how Jesus' love has set us free. It is an upbeat and joyful song, with an infectious chorus as it describes how Jesus has set us dancing now that we have been set free. "You lifted me out, Lifted me out, And set me dancing.........Free now I am free, Your love has rescued me......"

The saviour for this album is the slower and piano driven ballad "I Will Rise" that slowly builds up into Chris being backed up by a choir. The lyrics and message are great as it states that all is well now that Jesus has overcome the cross. "I will rise when he calls my name, No more sorrow, No more pain, I will rise on eagle's wings, Before my God fall on my knees, and rise..." The passionate vocal performance from Chris also makes this song a standout.

"Love" is a song with an African beat that includes an African children's choir and states that wherever you go there will be love and that love is something you can never go without. "There is love, there is forgiveness, there is love in times of need."

"Praise The Father, Praise The Son" is my personal favourite off the album. It's a beautiful worship track that slowly builds up into a spine-tingling chorus full of passionate vocals from Chris and a duet with a female vocalist as they both chant "Praise the Father, Praise the Son!" This song is very gentle with some great piano parts in it.

I was kind of hoping to find something a little bit more creative from Chris Tomlin on this album, but he didn't oblige. If you only judge music on the sound, then you won't enjoy this album as much. However, if you're a worship and Chris Tomlin fan, this album is tip-top. Lyrically, Hello Love has what you expect from a Chris Tomlin album. Each song is a beautiful reflection of the greatness and might of our holy God. All the songs are great worship tunes that are sure to be sung in churches in America and all over the world.

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tura8010 (28)

Good one | Posted October 16, 2010
I had the chance to hear this album. The songs sound good with the wonderful voice of Chris Tomlin. The songs are simple and reaches well. Every album Chris tries to do better and has proved it in this album. Worth listening.

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bigmac (16)

Chris Tomlin says Hello to Love | Posted October 04, 2010
Chris Tomlin has already established himself as one of the top worship artists Christian music has ever had. He does a great job with this latest album Hello Love. This song is packed with many worship songs you will hear churches everywhere!
The song starts off with the catchy, upbeat song Sing Sing Sing which has been sung in many churches all around. Then, he moves on to Jesus Messiah which is another great song. You Lifted Me Out is also upbeat and keeps the excitement going! God of this City is a great song by Tomlin. I first heard it at my church, and then by Bluetree. I did not care much for it. But after listening to Chris Tomlin sing, I love it now! He does a great job singing it. No one can beat it! The fifth song is I Will Rise, which I'm sure everyone knows. This is a slow, beautiful song with such meaning to it. The song Love features with Watoto Children's Choir which adds a great touch to it. Praise the Father, Praise the Song comes after Love and is slower but still very good. The rest of the album goes on a slower tone with My Deliver, With Me, Exalted, God Almighty, and All the Way My Saviour Leads Me. I really like Exalted, especially when Chris repeatedly sings "Yahweh, holy is Your name" at the end.

The Good: Just about all the songs on this cd can be put in The Good section. All these songs have the potential to be sung in churches all around. My favorites, though, would be Sing Sing Sing, Jesus Messiah, God of this City, I Will Rise, and Exalted.

The Bad: The only bad thing I can say about this cd is that Chris Tomlin continues to bring the exact same styles and similar tunes as before. Now, to some people, this can be a bad thing. However, to other people, this is what we want! We don't want Chris's music to change!

Conclusion: Chris scores again with this cd. I'm sure that he'll get large sales with it. I definitely recommend this album to all my friends, family, and fellow NRT members!

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LizzyB (1)

Excellent and worthwhile... | Posted November 10, 2009
Although this is not one of my favorite Chris Tomlin CD's, I do have to say this one is excellent still the same. My favorite songs would have to be Love and I Will Rise. I love the song "Love" because it of the wonderful lyrics the African Kids Choir is just beautiful with it!! The song "I Will Rise" is amazing, touching and makes you cry. Does it not? Soo beautiful!!

Anyway, if you haven't gotten this CD of his go out and get it NOW :)

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Songs of Modern Worship | Posted June 10, 2009

Chris Tomlin continues to be a voice for this generation and continues to write very moving and powerful worship songs. This continues in the line of his previous albums though maybe not up there with those but still 5 stars. I really like the songs "Praise the Father, Praise the Son" and "Jesus Messiah." A great new collection of songs for Worship services.

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Great CD! | Posted March 13, 2009
Chris Tomlin always puts out great CDs. This CD, Hello Love, is another great worship CD. "God of this City" is an awesome song that explains that great things can still happen and God isn't done working wonders. "Jesus Messiah" is another great song. All of them are such good worship songs for some praise and worship to our great Heavenly Father. I love Chris Tomlin.

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Best work yet | Posted December 16, 2008
hello love seems to be less popular than christ tomlin's other work and it is not as catchy. but after a few listens you will see how good this really is. Also worship leaders, check out the worship leader addition.

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What next | Posted October 08, 2008
All the Tomlin cds are excellent and you can not fault anything. Arriving is still my favourite, but this one is also among my favourite Gospel cds.

I had a preview on some of the song before release at the Passions Conference in Cape Town, South Africa and could not wait for the new release.

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A few Good tracks | Posted October 07, 2008
Chris Tomlin one of the first artists that i quickly became a big fan of has had so many great albums. and I love the style he put into each song, but his new album, Hello love, doesnt live up to his past albums, and there were only 2 songs that really caught my attention,

You lifted me out
Gof of this city

God of this city is ok, and was also written by another group, but he delivers the song with that extra passion as he always does. You lifted me out is a nice song which lives up to some of the previous albums and has a nice ring to it.

Chris Tomlin has had alot of good jam packed tracks on his past albums such as 'See the morning' and in contrast to those past albums this one cannot compare but because of the general great music that is expressed in this album it still is a great collection of one of the finest modern christian artists today.

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