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To Know That You're Alive [edit]
by Kutless | Genre: Hard Rock/Metal | Release Date: June 24, 2008

Track Listing
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01. The Feeling
02. Sleeping City
03. To Know That You're Alive
04. The Disease And The Cure
05. Complete
06. The Rescue
07. Promise You
08. Guiding Me Home
09. Overcoming You
10. I Do Not Belong
11. Loud
12. Dying To Become
13. You
14. NRT Exclusive Video Interview
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you! | Posted November 07, 2008
I think Kutless did an excelant job creating thier
song you.
DON`T deny what you see of God,because you might
learn something from it <><

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kutless | Posted October 28, 2008
Dude,this cd freakin ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To Know That You're Alive is definitely the best record Kutless has ever put out. I can listen to it over and over and NEVER get tired of it. Their lyrics and their music are incredible! 5 stars!!!!!!!!!!!

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Tanel (9)

Pretty good! | Posted August 30, 2008
The album was surprisingly way better than the last one, but lacked the freshness of the first 2 albums. Their self titled debut still remains their best effort to date, but the new album will surely please every fan. As I have seen it pleasing me :D

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amzing meanings | Posted August 29, 2008
I bought this cd like a week ago.its amazing.when i first heard the diseas and the cure i loved it.the beat was rockish and the lyrics had a good meaning.guiding me home is also a good one i love every song in here and every meaning too.

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Hey- Hey--Hey Hey | Posted August 12, 2008
The little Hey-Hey i have as my title to this review comes from the first song of this album titled "To Know That You're Alive" and the song is titled "The Feeling" which by the way is great way to open a great album. This album is my first from Kutless. I've always liked their radio singles which is how i got to know a bit of their style and music but this is the first time i decided to buy an album from them and this album is great! You have a nice mix of rock songs and ballads. Every song on this album is great in its own way. Although i'm not sure they should've added the musical number in this album. Thats #2 titled "Sleeping City", but the rest of the album is great. My very favorite songs on this album are "Complete", "The Feeling", and "I Do Not Belong" which has great lyrics and awesome music. I really enjoyed this album and am glad that I bought it and look forward to purchasing more music from Kutless. This is one you should have in you're music library especially rock music fans!

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great album | Posted August 10, 2008
This Cd was great. I heard of it on the iTunes Store. Then, i picked it up at kingdom bound. I love every track. My favorites would be "The Feeling" and "To Know That You're Alive." Can't wait to see Kutless at Creation Festival!!!!!

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Arryc (7)

Still Alive, But Not Quite Livin' | Posted July 02, 2008
Kutless's latest release has a decent sound, accompanied by good lyrics. There's no doubt about it: they rock. I'd recommend this album for newer Kutless fans. If you enjoyed Hearts of the Innocent, then you'll love this.
Many of us older fans, however, will be disappointed. The album lacks the creativity of the first two albums. Kutless had an inventive sound, but it has now blended with the stereotypical Rock. Why would I want to hear a sound that a thousand other bands have? It's a good sound, it's just not special.
So what are you looking for? If you want a band that rocks hard in worshiping God, then buy the CD. If you want a unique sound with raw talent, check out Sea of Faces or their self-entitles debut instead.

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amazing cd | Posted June 29, 2008
All i have to say is "WOW" this cd is awesome. I think its the best one ever... If u like rock, get ur butt off the couch and go the store and support ur kutless, cause its a amazing cd...

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Kutless | Posted June 24, 2008
I love the mix of worship and rock with every Kutless album and they have lived up to their name with this new release! It is also a plus to know and hear the Biblical references in the lyrics instead of hiding it deep within songs, which some bands try to do.

Cannot wait to see them at the next concert in my area to hear these songs live...

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username2 (378)

i don't see why Jesus Freak Hideout hates this band. | Posted June 24, 2008
As a Kutless fan I really enjoyed this album. It is much heavier than Hearts of the Innocent. Even some of the ballads on this album have a heavier feel to them. Another great album from, in my opinion, a great band.

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