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Expect The Impossible [edit]
by Stellar Kart | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: February 26, 2008

Award-winning youth group rock band Stellar Kart inspires listeners to strive for greatness, taking comfort in God's enduring faithfulness, on its third studio album, 2008's Expect The Impossible.

Produced by Ian Eskelin (Krystal Meyers, All Star United), who additionally co-wrote alongside lead singer Adam Agee on eight of the album's 11 tracks, Expect The Impossible is more sonically diverse than the band's previous projects, intended to connect with a wider audience.

"Sonically, we wanted to shoot for a broader sound," says Eskelin. "Stellar Kart has never been afraid to challenge the current trend, so we decided to incorporate some new elements. This album will please the band's die-hard punk fans while offering something to straight-up pop and rock lovers as well. The goal is to meet listeners where they are, driving an emotional connection to the music."

Among the project's recurring themes is that of striving to achieve one's best self in Christ. For instance, "Shine Like The Stars" calls believers to emanate God's light in all circumstances, while "I Give Up" reflects the need for complete submission to Him. Also prevalent is the message of God's faithfulness to those who love Him. "Sunshine" likens God to sunshine on a rainy day, and "Pray" urges listeners to "hold on to the promise that help is on the way."

"We talk with kids after concerts and are always hearing from youth leaders about the issues facing teens today," says frontman Agee. "We wanted to write songs that would address such topics and encourage kids to expect God to work in their daily lives."

Track Listing
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01. Innocent
02. Automatic
03. Jesus Loves You
04. The Right One
05. Sunshine
06. Pray
07. Shine Like The Stars
08. Eyes
09. I Give Up
10. Letters

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username2 (378)

This Album Will Make You Feel Good Inside | Posted June 17, 2009
Stellar Kart hits another one out of the park with their 3rd album. Their signature sound is still present but they experiment well with other sounds on this album as well. From very simple pop-punk to Van Halen like synths, this album will leave you feeling great inside.

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pretty good | Posted December 30, 2008
this cd is great.... there were some songs that i didn't like, but otherwise it was good.. keep up the good work!

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romans_8 (73)

great cd | Posted October 07, 2008
I love the energy this cd has. It feels just like you are at their concert. My favorite songs are Innocent and Shine Like The Stars. Buy this cd! It`s so fun!

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Twitch (7)

Wow | Posted September 30, 2008
This was my favorite album of thiers.
It was so awesome listening to them.
my favorite song is Jesus loves you, Sunshine, and shine like the stars.
I would most definatly recomend this album to anyone.

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Definitely Not Impossible... | Posted September 05, 2008
This CD is just ok for me. Some of the songs are catchy like "Innocent," "Eyes," & "Automatic," and those are the best ones. The lyrics are cliched and are just annoying to listen to, especially "Pray," "Shine," and "Sunshine." In other words, the middle is where the album falls flat.

Highlights: Innocent, Automatic, Eyes, Letters

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Stellar Kart Is All Sunshine | Posted August 01, 2008
The Debut album from Stellar Kart was an instant hit for me as the catchy riffs and simple lyrics hooked me. The second album didn't hook me in the same way as I felt like I was listening to the same old SK tracks I had fallen in love with before. I wanted something new.
Their latest album, Expect The Impossible, recaptured that same experience though, with a new infusion of synth sounds reminiscent of Elevntyseven's debut album "...and the land of fake believe." The ability of Stellar Kart to not only reinvent their music but also bring simple, catchy music with simple yet meaningful lyrics is their strongest point and a one they should be proud of.
However, on a different note, the music may be catchy but is repetitive. SK often uses the same chords and even the same melodies throughout different songs. Another point is that as I graduate from Highschool, I hoped SK would develop their sound in the same way that Relient K did and mature in their lyrics and music. Stellar Kart's music is simple and meaningful but sometimes too simple. I just hope Stellar Kart pursues even more meaningful and powerful lyrics that leave you thinking instead of clapping.
Overall though, a very good album, but one I hope is a step towards a new direction for the band or I may find myself clapping incessantly to "Sunshine" on repeat.

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username2 (378)

Really Good | Posted July 02, 2008
This album is a fun filled set with some good songs and some... different songs that sound good. Most of the album sounds like classic Stellar Kart until a song called Eyes. It's kind of a mix of Stellar Kart rock and Van Halen's Jump. All in all: It's a great album that I find enjoyable.

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Impressive. | Posted June 17, 2008
I love it...for me its equally as good as We Can't Stand Sitting down...Jesus Loves You made me cry...I mean who dosn't have that one friend that you are struggling to wittness to? I pray for those friends in my life every time i hear this song, and it reminds me that there is always hope for them...Innocent is a really fun song...good message too...Pray helps me a lot....Shine Like The Stars is cool, i like the techno-ness..lol...and Letters brings me to tears...you know an album is good if it makes me cry...lol...eye heart Stellar Kart!

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better then the rest | Posted June 08, 2008
this album is the best cd they have put out yet. the sound is incredible and the lyrics are AH-MAZING. can't wait to see what they come out with next!!

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Eh....I'll take some All Gas. No Brake. | Posted June 08, 2008
I really can't say this was a great album. For christian music and radio hits some of the songs are good, but the band didn't do anything to make their music better or change it up. Solid good music, but this just left me wanting the first album.

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