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Addison Road [edit]
by Addison Road | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: March 18, 2008

This energetic, female-fronted pop rock band that hails from Texas is poised to break on the scene with their unique brand of high power musical production and poignant, provocative lyrics. Addison Road has spent the last 5 years opening for numerous nationally recognized acts and most prominently as the featured band for Planet Wisdom youth conference. While affording them the opportunity to be in front of hundreds of thousands of youth, these conferences have helped to hone their stagecraft and songwriting focus to laser-like point that dissects and addresses the issues of the contemporary youth culture. Produced by award-winning producer Chris Stevens (TobyMac, Sanctus Real, Mandisa), this self-titled debut sonically represents current cutting-edge pop rock music. Equally at home on the Rock, Top 40 formats and able to execute skillful ballads, Addison Road will be the group to watch for 2008.

For Fans Of: Switchfoot, TobyMac, The Fray, Snow Patrol

Track Listing
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01. This Could Be Our Day
02. All That Matters
03. Sticking With You
04. Hope Now
05. Start Over Again
06. It Just Takes One
07. Always Love
08. Casualties
09. Run
10. What Do I Know Of Holy

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Jackie (39)

Songs | Posted July 20, 2009
I really like their songs. They have really good voices and they sound great together. I'm really glad I heard of them. Their songs are really well made and they are good Christian singers. I am so glad there are good Christian singers out here today!!!

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eah92 (48)

Wonderful | Posted June 12, 2009
I came across this group one time while searching for christian artists. I listened, and I liked every song. Each song has its own story to tell. They are really catchy. I find myself singing these songs all day long.

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Addison Road in Africa | Posted May 28, 2009
So many bands have a ‘how we got together’ story and I think Addison Road’s story is one of the better ones!

It’s not just their ‘story’ that puts a smile on your face; their debut, self-titled album has put a smile on my face that seems to have taken root. They are not just another pop/rock band; I think as things currently stand, they are the pop/rock band.

‘Sticking with you’ was the first track I had heard. I liked it immediately. I still do. It’s the kind of song that makes you look up from your work, or slow the car down as you lean over to turn up the volume. People within ear shot ask who you’re listening to and you’ll probably hit ‘previous’ on your cd player to hear it over again. And there are still 9 other tracks not yet heard!

What’s the key to rise up above all that is out there. I think Addison Road have the recipe. Take a beautiful voice (wow, Jenny Simmons, wow!) add tight, competent musicians, mix with that great production, 10 superbly crafted songs and add 5 parts heart and you’ve got yourself a gem of an album.

I must confess that I have spoken more highly of the 4th track, “Hope Now” than of any other thing for the past 3 weeks. How can a solitary song speak into the heart of 1 man with such impact and leave such an impression? I’ve actually just reached over to play the song again.

C,mon Brad, there’s got to be something you didn’t like. Well…There are only 10 tracks which will leave you wondering why it’s suddenly all over; but I’d rather have just 10 great tracks and NOT have to wade through some fillers. That’s just me.

It’s one of the must have album of the year. Of that there is no doubt. You won’t be disappointed and it won’t make its way to the deserted end of your playlist, I’ll bet my copy of the Cd on that. On second thoughts; get your own!

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Rockin' Debut | Posted April 29, 2009
On Addison Road's first national release for INO Records, these Texans bring a peppy mixture of pop and rock to the table. Female fronted and slightly quirky in nature, their self-titled debut is a good time until the final note.

The first track, "This Could Be Our Day," is an uplifting tune, with an anthemic feel almost like something you might hear from Leeland. The lead single, "All That Matters," follows a similar path, although the track is likely to draw strong comparisons to the vocal and music stylings of Maroon5. "Sticking With You" provides a synth-rock dance-a-long, and "Hope Now" brings back memories of a Passion conference. Later down the line, "It Just Takes One" opens with a Family-Force-Five-meets-Michael-Jackson guitar romp, and "Always Love" seems to be Addison Road's happy place, mixing acoustic guitar with a slight indie rock twist. The disc ends with the ballad "What Do I Know of Holy," bringing out a deeper side of the band that was previously unheard earlier on the debut.

Addison Road's best quality is its youth group powerpop style, Although there are times where the disc breaks the mold, the band stayed in a formulaic radio-rock sensibility that just tends to feel like a mainstream copycat more than their own identity, That Is The Only Complaint. However, Addison Road has produced a excellent debut, and we'll be sure to hear more of them in the future. That Is The Only Complaint

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Good songs, with a message | Posted March 03, 2009
I already love this band but, this cd is really good!

It has a lot of fun songs one the album, but it also has a good message too. What do i know of holy has some very powerful lyrics if you stop and listen. It's also co-written by one of my favorite artists, Alli Rogers

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Didn't know... | Posted December 24, 2008
Let's put this first. I'm a ROCK guy. I like my music loud and raucous. I want my ears to bleed when I'm at a concert. From the first chord of "This Could Be Our Day" to the final haunting sounds of "What do I Know Of Holy?" I am dumbstruck. This album speaks to me and moves me from beginning to end. The slower songs like "Hope Now" speak to the heart and the syncopation in "Start Over Again" hits strains of the Beatles!! Great Album. Great Band. Great Heart. Do yourself a favor and pick this one up.

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Aah!! | Posted November 10, 2008
I just love this CD. They are a great band and this CD proves it. Just listen to it. You'll love every song. My favorite song is 'Sticking With You.' It's a great song and it is just ssooo catchy.

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GREAT ALBUM! | Posted October 24, 2008
Heard one song of theres and I knew that they ROCKED!

MY fav. is "Sticking With You " from there new album.


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aylaeh (203)

like what i've heard | Posted September 21, 2008
i really like the songs that i have heard from this group. they have a sound that i'm not sure that i can describe. it's vibrant, energy filled and it uplifts me.

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Beautiful | Posted July 20, 2008
Addison Roads songs are simply amazing. The lyrics, have so much meaning. "All The Matters" reminds me that all that matters is God, and God's love for me.
"What Do I Know of Holy" is by far my favorite of their songs. It reminds me that I can never fully understand God or his Holiness.
They have a unique style that I love. And I love how they use they're talent for God, and how they're songs reflect they're beliefs.

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