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Southern Weather [edit]
by The Almost | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: April 03, 2007

Aaron Gillespie is a man obsessed. Whether he's out in front of The Almost, his new, eagerly-anticipated rock-based project, or behind the drum kit for the world famous post-hardcore outfit Underoath"who debuted at #2 on the Billboard Album Survey with June 2006's Define The Great Line"the Clearwater, Florida-bred songwriter/musician can't help but throw himself into everything he does. With Southern Weather, The Almost gives Gillespie the opportunity to put a different musical side of himself on display. Performing nearly every instrument on the disc, Gillespie worked with acclaimed, Seattle-based producer Aaron Sprinkle (Emery, Anberlin) on Southern Weather. On the title song, Gillespie incorporates pieces of his youth. "I grew up in the Deep South in a Christian home," he says of the declarative album opener. "I am very much informed by Southern values. Like anyone, I've had struggles along the way. But I'm committed to my faith in Christ. I've had such a strong calling and I think the song speaks to that.

Track Listing
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01. Say This Sooner
02. Drive There Now
03. Dirty and Left Out
04. I Mostly Copy Other People
05. Southern Weather
06. Stop It
07. Amazing Because It Is
08. Everyone Here Smells Like A Rat
09. Never Say I Told You So
10. Call Back When I'm Honest
11. Everything That Makes Me Sick
12. Hold On (Bonus Track)

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Good | Posted October 01, 2009
It was a good debut, but not my favorite. My favorite songs were stop it, say this sooner, and southern weather. ill' admit Aaron Gillespie is a very talented man, don't get me wrong. He's an amazing musician.

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cgiguana (15)

Man on Fire | Posted April 16, 2009
What could be better than a new Underoath CD? A new The Almost CD. How anyone can not find something to love on this album is beyond me. Aaron explores different styles on nearly every track. Aaron Sprinkle has become the best producer of all time in Tooth and Nail and this is no exception to his list of accomplishments.

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I love this album | Posted November 19, 2008
I love every song on this album... It is just a good album to listen to no matter kind of mood I am in. My Fiance' turned me on to them and I can't get enough of their sound. If I ever have the chance to see them in concert, I am jumping on it!!! I recommend this album to everyone!

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The Almost | Posted October 23, 2008
How can one dude have SOOOOOOOOOOOO much talent? Aaron Gillespie is an amazing drummer and now everyone knows that he is awesome at everything else! :-) This cd is REALLY good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My favorite songs Stop It,Drive There Now, and I Mostly Copy Other People.

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aylaeh (203)

i really like it | Posted October 13, 2008
i recently got this album from wow. what a great album! as it was playing i wondered why i had not bought this album before. i will most def. be on the look out for their other albums.

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Great Debut From The Almost | Posted September 22, 2008
This is by far one of my favorite albums from a new band. Don't be thrown by their lack of a large set, however. Aaron Gillespie, most famous for his work as the drummer/melodic vocalist for Underoath, is the keystone of this band. The band is, in fact, a side project formed by Gillespie, who recorded almost every instrument on this album. The album begins with "Say This Sooner", the bands #1 single thus far. The acoustic guitar plays an important part in this song, used as a power chord to fill in. Gillespie's vocals are stellar in the song. "Dirty and Left Out" is a song proclaiming how broken we are in the eyes of Jesus, and it screams out praise for our Savior. It's a song that stirs up all kinds of emotions, as does "Amazing Because It Is". "Amazing Because It Is" is an Amazing Grace themed song with just erupts with the passion of Gillespie as he exclaims just how amazing our Lord is. It is also my favorite song on the album. "Southern Weather", the title track, really does bring out the southern style rock that this band is famous for. It's a very good song. The band has an EP coming out late this year, and I for one will be anxiously awaiting its arrival.

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The Almost | Posted June 16, 2008
Southern Weather is a very good album with very different styles throughout the whole cd, my personal favorate "Amazing because it is" is truly powerful and awesome at the same time

altogether this is an amazing cd and recommend it to anyone who likes rock and heavyer stuff

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djgreen (15)

Impressive | Posted June 10, 2008
I didn't really like this album much at first, but after listening to it more and really getting to know the music better, I have found that it's actually really good. I overall really liked this album, and it's a great cd to add to any Christian rock fan's collection. My favorite songs are "Never Say "I Told You So"", "Drive There Now", and "Say This Sooner".

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:] | Posted May 09, 2008
the almost is really good!!
when i heard that aaron was doing a side project i was like OMG I HAVE TO LISTEN TO THEM!
because underoath is one of the best bands ever!
and this is another.

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irocketh (88)

A- | Posted March 24, 2008
Ahh, the side project! Done (overdone?) by bands like Relient K and Showbread but how does this differ from the masses? This is a lot more radio friendly than anything UO has done. I would recommend it for anybody that likes Aaron's voice or thought UO was too heavy.

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