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Comatose [edit]
by Skillet | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: October 03, 2006

Massive rock riffs, swirling drums, monstrous hooks and undeniably catchy choruses. Hints of progressive rock mixed in with modern alternative flourishes and touches of classical influence as swelling strings intersect with sonic adrenaline rushes. It's indeed a fusion unlike any other, marking the latest chapter in the continuous evolution of Skillet, whose moniker couldn't be more fitting come its explosive release Comatose.

Coupled with 200 dates a year on the road, this foursome is one of the hardest working, heaviest rocking, boldly witnessing and most broadly appealing acts of its generation. Comatose has several examples of Skillet flexing its experimental muscles while keeping true to their original calling. The first single "Rebirthing" is a complex but accessible amalgamation of piercing strings, jarring guitars, humongous power chords and neck snapping reactions calling all to come alive in Christ. In sharp contrast, but equally compelling are enormous anthems like "The Last Night," "Say Goodbye" and "Yours to Hold," all oozing with ethereal orchestration and insanely infectious sing-a-long potential.

"The funny thing about Jesus is that He wasn't just all talk, but as much or more about relationships and communicating to people in a relatable way, as He was solely preaching to them. I'm very passionate about evangelism, but love begets evangelism and we want people to know we care about their needs in a practical way." - John Cooper, Lead Vocalist - SKILLET

Naming the record Comatose further cements those expressions, hoping to rev up listeners to break beyond the mundane, get on track with their relationships (here on earth and with the Creator), and charge forward with hope.

John L. Cooper – vocals, bass guitar
Korey Cooper – keyboard, guitar, vocals
Lori Peters - drums
Ben Kasica - guitar

Track Listing
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01. Rebirthing
02. The Last Night
03. Yours To Hold
04. Better Than Drugs
05. Comatose
06. The Older I Get
07. Those Nights
08. Falling Inside The Black
09. Say Goodbye
10. Whispers In The Dark
11. Looking For Angels

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Awesome | Posted February 22, 2010
The album is awesome. The lyrics of their songs touch a person's heart and soul. The CD deals with mnany situations that people deal with everyday. This a a great CD and I really recommend it.

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Skillet Is Awake | Posted February 05, 2010
"Comatose" Skillet's breakthrough album delivers strong music and lyrics from "Rebirthing" to "Looking for Angels". Beginning to end.

"Rebirthing", is a strong Rock song with passionate vocals, the transition between the guy and girl vocals give the song some extra flare. "The Last Night" is a song that could be someone laying there on their pillow at night and having a discussion with God, 'My life sucks and I don't want to do this anymore'... the other thing about The Last Night is it could be a friend, going to a friend that is saying, 'No matter what happens I will always be there for you.'... says John Copper of Skillet.

Other Highlights include "Better Than Drugs" a fist-pounding song with a great message, "Comatose" strong lyrics with a great Rock sound, "Whispers in The Dark" awesome solo, awesome lyrics, and a passionate voice all, Another song that got me into the album was "Looking for Angels" this song really talks about what people in other countries go through with poverty, having no clean water, no food, or going through a earthquake, hurricane etc... this album a must for any Hard Rock/Skillet fan.

Skillet delivers there best album to date with "Comatose" with just the right mixture of Heaviness and ballads. Skillet is Awake, no more Comatose.

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they rock | Posted January 27, 2010
I really enjoyed this album. It is one of their best. The have really upgraded the lyrics and the music. It is an amazing album. All of my friends and family love it. When we have any type of karaoke night or anything at church, we always listen to Skillet.

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Comatose | Posted January 06, 2010
WOW! this is one of the greatest christian rock cds out there if you ask me. My favorite songs are rebirthing, comatose, and those nights. Although every song is really good those are my favorites. This is better than the old stuff.

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Song by song review by JD92 | Posted December 03, 2009
Comatose is one of the best albums put out by Skillet. With every album they put out they just keep getting better and better. With plenty of have tones a few power ballads, this is an album that’ll rock your face off. Skillet does such an awesome job putting songs together.

1. Rebirthing is one of the songs with the most raw power in it. The first thing I think when hearing this song is Ted Dekker’s Circle Series how the main characters had to like, let themselves drown in the lake to be reborn. That was them rebirthing and starting again purified.

2. The Last Night can be really personal to some people. It is a song about a girl wanting to commit suicide. It tells you that God is watching you and doesn't want you to be alone and hurting. He is ready and waiting for you to be with Him. Even if noone else understand your pain God is there for you. The strings and the keys in this song are spectacular.

3. When you are hurt, or angered, then you want nothing more then to be alone. Sometimes you think the best way to keep from being hurt or angered is to just shut everything out and hide yourself from the world. Yours to Hold addresses this problem by presenting the reality that God is always there and waiting to hold you up when you are feeling down and that you don't need to be alone.

4. The song Better Than Drugs presents the way God can affect you. God's love can get you on a high so spectacular that it puts drug highs to shame and it has no negative side affects. Drugs give you a temporary high but leaves you broken inside and messed up. God's love is opposite, you go through a temporary hard time before being rewarded immensly.

5. The strings on this song are amazing. Comatose helps you realize that it is far too hard to live without God. Life is hopeless and helless without Him. You fall into a feeling of complaceny and nothing can sate your need for Him.

6. This song, the Older I Get is a song of regret. It stresses not to waste your life waiting for someone else to fix mistakes that were made. So many good memories could have been made while waiting for each other to make the first move towards apology.

7. If you've ever felt like the only good times in your life were the times spent with your best friend then you can relate to this song. Sometimes the only thing that can blot out the pain of life is having a close friend to keep you going. Memories of these times with your friend are priceless in times of darkness and help you realize that things can get better no matter how dark life gets.

8. Falling Inside The Black is a rather dark song. It blatantly puts out your need for God. Without God you feel like you can't crawl out of despair. It's just a downward spiral without Him. This song will bring tears to your eyes if you can relate to it.

9. Say Goodbye sounds like a relationship broken. But I think it is left open enough that it can be taken as any kind of loss. I love the keys in this song.

10.With amazing guitars and catchy choruses, Whispers in the Dark has to be one of the greatest songs on this album. This song reminds people that no matter how dark life gets Gjod is always around, so you'll never be alone.

11. Looking For Angels is different then all the other songs. It seems like Skillet always has one song that is just "different from the rest". They approach this song in a kind of a speech/song kind of thing. It basically says that people are always looking for relief in this life, through drugs, suicide, etc. Looking for a reason to live, looking for hope.

12. Live Free or Let Me Die is a song with a raw kind of power to it. It bluntly puts people as failures without God. It reminds that God is the one holding us up and giving us strength.

These are just my views of these songs. Everyone takes songs differently. But I think that this album is great for anybody.

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Comatose is a fantastic album with a great mix of songs. Christian rock fans shouldn't be without it. | Posted November 07, 2009
What do you get when you mix fantastic lyrics, a great hard rock tune, and some variety. Why, it's Comatose by Skillet!

If you listen to Christian rock radio, there's a good chance you've heard some of the singles from this such as “Rebirthing” and “The Last Night”. Well, guess what? Those aren't the only awesome songs on the album. In fact, I'd go as far as to say that Comatose doesn't have a single weak song.

One of he other great things about this CD is the variety of the songs on it, in both tune and variety. It gets you hyped with the strong worship song “Rebirthing”, then a few songs later pulls you into the strong yet sweet love song “Yours to Hold”, and soon you get the thoughtful song “The Older I Get”. Eventually you're at the strait forward and powerful album closer “Looking For Angels”, and at no point have you felt board or wanted to skip a song.

Yes, I know this is a lame and kinda bias sounding review. It's just hard to give a more even one when Comatose is just such a fantastic album all around.

Of course, there are some things that will keep some people from liking it as much as I do. In general, the CD is not for the light praise and worship fan in either it's tune or it's lyrics. The songs are strait forward and blunt about some hard issues. Personally, these are some things I like about the CD, but I understand some people might not be into that. This is indeed a PG-13 CD, but in a good way in my opinion. Not in the cussing and sexual references way. It's just really honest about the world. There is talk of suicide, drug problems (another note is some may find the song “Better Than Drugs” offensive), family issues, cutting, etc. If there was ever a band to disprove the whole “Christians pretend the world is perfect and ignore the real issues” theory, Skillet is it. This especially goes for “Looking For Angels”, which is probably the most powerful song on the album.

The first band that comes to mind when I try and think of fans who'll probably like this is Superchick, since it shares the hard rock and strait forward attitude. Then comes Pillar. You may also like this is you're into Thousand Foot Krutch, Red, Relient K, and possibly KJ-52.

So, Comatose is an awesome CD. Skillet continues to get even better and better at their craft. You'll find yourself listening over and over again.

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Comatose Album Review | Posted October 01, 2009
This is a awesome album from Skillet. It mixes from rockin songs to nice songs all in one album. My most favorite songs would be Rebirthing, Whispers In The Dark, and Looking For Angels. This album is a must buy for fans of Skillet. Check it out as soon as you can and I hope you like this album as much as I do.

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Best CD I've ever purchased! | Posted August 18, 2009
Okay, so first of Skillet is my favorite band ever! I think this is their best work ever cause it has sort of a mix of their hard rock stuff and some of their softer songs.

Here are my ratings song by song,

Rebirthing- 4/5, great way to open up an album... it has a strong chorus with duet vocals with Korey

The Last Night- 3/5, I love the song but the piano riff kind of gets old... But i love the chorus and again duet vocals with Korey!

Yours To Hold- 4/5, it's a great song, and it has some great acoustic guitar!

Better Then Drugs- 4.5/5, Love the song but i like the live version better

Comatose- 5/5, GREAT, the strings are beastly, vocals are strong, and the message is great!

Older I Get- 4/5, I love the intro riff and the song too!

Those Nights- 5/5, A great song looking back at the basic teenagers life staying up and just talking with friends

Falling In the Black- 3.5/5, probably my least favorite on the album, but i still love it!

Say Goodbye- 4/5, A great slow song with great piano

Whispers In the Dark- 10000/5, By far the best on the record, Ben's guitar is just great, Koreys intro piano is great also!

My overall rating of the album is 5/5, dont even question buying it just do it!

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Comatose | Posted July 22, 2009
Skillet's latest album "Comatose" is definitely worth every penny when you listen to it. Every song is catchy and is exciting to listen to. "Rebirthing", "Falling Inside the Black"," are the hardest rock songs sung with much emotion while still retaining its power.
"The Last Night", "Yours to Hold", and "The Older I Get" are on the other side of the spectrum being soft rocks songs that have powerful emotion and lyrics. This album is done so well that every song in this album could be a radio single.

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Pretty cool | Posted June 27, 2009
It is a pretty good album with lots of rock and my favorite songs are Rebrithing, Comatose, Better than Drugs, Whispers in the Dark, and Falling in the Black. And they are an AWESOME BAND

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