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MMHMM [edit]
by Relient K | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: November 02, 2004

Track Listing
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02. The One I'm Waiting For
03. Be My Escape
04. High Of 75
05. I So Hate Consequences
06. The Only Thing Worse Than Beating a Dead Horse is Betting on One
07. My Girl's Ex-boyfriend
08. More Than Useless
09. Which To Bury, Us Or The Hatchet
10. Let It All Out
11. Who I Am Hates Who I've Been
12. Maintain Consciousness
13. This Week The Trend
14. Life After Death And Taxes (Failure II)
15. When I Go Down

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wow..... | Posted September 12, 2008
thats the only word i have for this album. i love Relient K and this album put them as my second favorite band! this is a great album for any lisener, because no matter who you are there is a song you just fall in love with on this album! i fell in love with the song Be My Escape and i started listening to the other songs on the album and i freaked out it was so good!!! another song i like on this album is Who i am Hates Who i've Been. its the song that i listen to more than any other because it's really relates too me. I personally advise anyone who is thinking about getting this album to buy it ASAP!!!!

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"Is This Album Good?" Mmhmm! | Posted September 10, 2008
Relient K has been on a tear, impacting the Christian music world and music in general with their rocking music and hard-hitting lyrics. Mmhmm is an album that is pure Relient K: a full CD of songs you've come to expect from these guys.

Mhmmm starts off with one of the biggest RK hits ever: "Be My Escape". If you've ever heard of the song, you know how good it is. It really gets the album and its message kicked off with a bang.

A surprising song is the one that follows, "High of 75". It opens with an amazing and really quick acoustic guitar intro, then into a full blown assault of Relient K sound. The lyrics are about your life and attitude's up and downs, unpredictable just like the weather. The battle over "The Sun" and "The Clouds" for the weather in your life is some of the best symbolism I've ever heard in a song before. But, hey, this is Relient K. Their career has thrived off of word play.

"I So Hate Consequences" talks about running away in a sort of a getaway car from life and its mistakes. It's a conversation between this guy and God, where he finally tells God that "he just wants all of this to end". Very real, very good.

If you've ever had a Relient K album before, you know that the band would release a song that is:
2)Paired with a title usually longer than the entire song.
Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the crazy 73 second ride called "The Only Thing Worse than Beating a Dead Horse is Betting On One". Find it, and listen to it. Right now.

OK, you're back. Good song, huh?

"My Girl's Ex-Boyfriend" is the next song, and it is classic RK. The song reveals the story of a scorned guy, who happens to be the ex of lead singer Matthew Theissen's girlfriend. It's kind of a "Ha, ha. I've got the girl, and you're going to be stuck with someone less than her."

If you've ever had a period of time when you think that you're just a mess-up, listen to "More Than Useless". The sound is some of the best on the album, with mixes of piano and rhythm guitar "solos". Just remember, you are not useless. God is looking down and he sees you as his prize creation.

There are more good songs on Mmmhm, but "Who I Am Hates Who I've Been" is hit number two on this album. Just like the title states, this song talks about putting away your life before Christ and embracing the new. The throbbing intro with the best guitar part I've ever heard of should tell you this is a great song.

Mmhmm is a great album. Relient K has seemed to have grown up a bit, and that's fine by me. Some of their older albums have great songs, but Mmhmm won me over as a Relient K fan. And I have a feeling that even though this is the best RK album, the band hasn't finished putting out other great buys.

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cgiguana (15)

Same old new style | Posted August 16, 2008
They seem to lose some of the more fun songs in this album but keep all of the fun and talent behind the rest. It would be impossible to pick a best song from this album. Relint K just did it so well.

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pretty Good | Posted August 05, 2008
relient k was one of my first favorite bands,and the Mmhmm albulm by them was the first i ever had listen of them, ialthough i did hear alot about htem and i relly did like them, i remember writing relient k over all my things because i was so inlove with them!! and now i look back and theing how halarious that was!
i really like this albulm because most of the songs like (which to bury us or the hatchet? more than useless, and taxi) i really enjoyed!
i will always remeber like relient-k because it was my first of many!

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:] | Posted June 25, 2008
i love this cd.
to me its there best.
all of the songs on here are good.
most are upbeat and fun.
and that kindof how i like my music.
its awesome!

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:] | Posted May 09, 2008
this is one of there best albums to me.
thier other stuff is good but this one is my favorite.
i love them.
there songs are kindof different from everybody elses.

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Good Album | Posted May 08, 2008
There Best album by far. Its not an hit, have to listen to it a few times and it grows on you. Bite my tongue great song. Deathbed very powerful if you listen to the whole song. Overall great album.

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I love it too much!! | Posted February 07, 2008
This is one of my all time favorite albums ever! Relient K really did an amazing job with this album and I'm still as in love with it now as I was the day I bought it! In fact I lost it for a few years and then I found it again and I still can't stop listening to it because it is just so great!!
The album as a whole is stupendous but here are my favorites that I still love singing along to at the top of my lungs!

Be My escape-This is a great song and not olny is it good quality music wise it has a really great message too about letting the lord in without fear. I love how it slows down in the middle and Matt shows off his very impressive vocals.

Sunny with a high of 75-I really get into this song and It cracks me up when they talk about the weather making them bipolar! It actually true too which is the funny part to me! good song!

I so hate consequences-Another great great relient k song! I love how its start out really up beat and just keeps on being amazing!! The great thing about this song is its really great musically and then when you pay attention the the lyrics you realize just how great its message is and how much you can relate to it too.

My girls ex-boyfriend-This is a really sweet song and I love when he says "If it wasn't for him I wouldn't know my Best friend" AWE yes and of course musically its great too!

Who to bury us or the hatchet-One of my favorite songs of all time! I love everything about it! I love its message and more then anything I love how absolutely rockin it is!! I love how matt rocks out the chorus with his vocals and then I love how it mellows out. WOW one of the best punk rock songs ever!!!

All around this album is just plain out great and I do not think I could ever get sick of it no matter what age I am!

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username2 (378)

Relient K's Breakthrough album. | Posted January 24, 2008
2004's Mmhmm is Relient K's best album. The songs on this album, aside from being put together really well, were above and beyond my expectations. This is the album I always listen to and it never gets old.

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Mmmhmm | Posted December 05, 2007
A solid Relient K CD. I really enjoy it. It's more melodic, and less punk. The lyrics improved a lot from the last CD. I like that Matt stepped aside and let a few other guys do some singing in a few songs. Be My Escape and I So Hate Consequences are beautiful and shows their faith a little more, which is always good. So overall a prety great CD.

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