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Rise [edit]
by Skillet | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: June 25, 2013

Rise is a gripping coming-of-age narrative that stands as Skillet's first concept album. The album tells the story of a typical American teen coming into adulthood and trying to figure out who he is in a world riddled with problems both within and outside his control.

The result is a wildly ambitious work as heady as it is visceral. Sonically, Rise sees Skillet expanding their musical palette, integrating natural, acoustic instruments like accordion, mandolin, dulcimer, harp, tympani and bells to their trademark slashing electric guitars, strings, churning synths and pummeling drums.

Track Listing
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01. Rise
02. Sick of It
03. Good to Be Alive
04. Not Gonna Die
05. Circus for a Psycho
06. American Noise
07. Madness in Me
08. Salvation
09. Fire and Fury
10. My Religion
11. Hard to Find
12. What I Believe
13. Battle Cry (Bonus Track)
14. Everything Goes Black (Bonus Track)
15. Freakshow (Bonus Track)

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Best Yet! | Posted July 31, 2013

This album does not disappoint! I think it is their best album yet and love the new guitar sound. The concept and themes in the album are bold and challenging I particularly love the deluxe tracks. Should be a candidate for Rock Album of the Year! 

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Skillet Has Out-Done Themselves. | Posted July 01, 2013
 I love every song. This is just the best album I have ever heard. Every song deserves 6 stars out of 5 stars. These songs are just amazing. Skillet has outdone themselves this time! The concept album was a genius idea and a great story to tell through music. Best album I have ever heard so far!

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Great Album | Posted July 01, 2013
 This album is wonderful and has a great sound. I could probably listen to it for a really long time before I get bored of it and move on to another. My top two songs from the album would most likely be Good to be Alive and Circus for a Psyco, but I really enjoy the whole thing. I would reccomend this album to everyone

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Awesome as Usual | Posted June 29, 2013
From opening chord to the end of the last tune, exactly what I was expecting!  When I heard that the CD was a concept album I was a little worried, but once I heard it, all my worries were gone.  I love the CD and I am so very happy I got it as a birthday present.  I saw a clip of their live show at Creation, and they are still at the top of there game.  It will probably take more than a few listenings to get the entire meaning of what it says but the music is definitely SKILLET!

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Rising Above the Rest | Posted June 25, 2013
 It takes mostly their entire catalog and mashes into one stellar of an album. The concept is beyond needed in these times, and Skillet delivers with power. It really doesn't start to get good until Good to be Alive because the first two sound more like Awake and Alive tracks. Overall, this is the rock album of the year. I know it's early to say that, but it's hard to believe anything can top this in terms of concept, structure, layers, package, and delivery.

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username2 (378)

Pleasing Fans Old and New | Posted June 24, 2013
 Skillet's previous album, Awake was a bit disappointing in that the band didn't break out and try out something new and stuck to the mainstream hard rock that made Comatose a breakout hit.  With the aptly named Rise, the band decided to spice up their sound a bit and also added a story that is told throughout the running length.  The story is about a teen who tries to find ways of dealing with all of the problems that are happening in the world as well as his own personal problems.  It's a good story to tell and feels relevant with what's going on in the world today.  The lyrics do a good job in informing us on what's going through the teen's mind as he's dealing with these problems.

Skillet's trademark hard rock sound is still here along with the other unique aspects they are known for like the orchestral strings and drummer Jen Ledger's voice.  Those aspects are the forefront of some tracks while Skillet's old in-your-face Collide-era rock sounds dominate other ones.  Although there are a few tracks that reminded me of Awake and why I didn't like that particular album.  

In the end, the pros outweigh the cons and Rise ends up being a better album than Awake was.  It manages to balance the old and new styles of Skillet and will, in turn, please both old fans and new ones.  The story running throughout the album is good and current to world events.  After 7 albums, Skillet still manages to surprise and deliver on good, solid rock and roll. 

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