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The House You're Building [edit]
by Audrey Assad | Genre: AC/Inspo | Release Date: July 13, 2010

Singer/songwriter Audrey Assad, originally from New Jersey and most recently Florida, weaves her captivating voice into a thread of contemplative music on The House You're Building. A true songbird and songsmith in one, Audrey Assad weaves lyrics that inspire, challenge and encourage with melodies you'll want to sing over and over again.

Track Listing
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01. For Love of You
02. The House You're Building
03. Breaking Through
04. Everything is Yours
05. Restless
06. Carry Me
07. Ought To Be
08. Known
09. Come Clean
10. Run Forward
11. Show Me
12. Winter Wonderland (Christmas Edition track)
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13. O Come All Ye Faithful (Christmas Edition track)
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14. Winter Snow (Live - Not On Album)
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Audrey Assad [The House You're Building] | Posted September 28, 2010
Singer/songwriter Audrey Assad, originally from New Jersey and most recently Florida, weaves her captivating voice into a thread of contemplative yet accessible music and lyrics on her debut release The House You?re Building, released on July 13th. Individualistic. A free spirit. Untraditional. In junior high those labels are a death sentence. In adulthood, they usually describe people the rest of us wish we could be ? creative, intriguing people like Audrey Assad. Truly one-of-a-kind, this intensely honest singer-songwriter is carving out her own unique path in the music industry and opening hearts to God along the way. She?s passionate about songwriting as well. She also penned one song on her own and shares a co-writing credit with producer Marshall Altman. ?The record is about faith. It?s about the cross and fear and pain and how God is carrying me even though sometimes it doesn?t feel like it,? Audrey explains. ?Marshall pulled things out of me emotionally that I don?t think I?d ever accessed, making me realize that every time I sing these songs, I have to channel my pain and walk through it.?

?For Love of You,? the album?s first single, was inspired by the Gerard Manley Hopkins poem ?As Kingfishers Catch Fire? and is one of my favorite songs on the album. There?s no struggling or wrestling, it?s simply a celebration of the idea that there are traces of God everywhere. ?The House You?re Building? is arguably the album?s most personal song. Written with Ben Glover, the tune finds Audrey comparing herself to a broken, misshapen stone. ?It?s about being a misfit, of not feeling fit to be a Christian, but then realizing that the walls of God?s house are being built from oddly-shaped and misfit stones,? she says. ?He does that on purpose so I know I have a place. There?s a hole in the wall that I fit perfectly in.? ?Restless? was written with Matt Maher, and comes from the confession of Augustine. "If there?s any song I have that?s relevant to this generation it?s this one. We are so restless and transient and spread across so many social networks. Our relationships have increased in numbers and decreased in depth. Each generation has something that reveals the restlessness of the human heart, and I think this transience does that for our generation; it serves a purpose. My restlessness actually addresses that need. It?s a reminder that God should be my first source.? ?Carry Me? has prayerful and very emotional lyrics, ?As I carry this cross, You carry me?. ?Known? has very vulnerable lyrics ?As a lover knows his beloved?s heart / All the shapes and curves of her even in the dark.?

Audrey has a phenomenal singing voice which reminds me of the top female vocalists in the business, Brooke (Fraser) Ligertwood, Christy Nockels and Adie, which is amazing company in my opinion. ?For Love of You,? ?The House You?re Building,? ?Restless,? ?Carry Me? and ?Known? are all stand-out songs on this album, which is one of my top albums of 2010. I expect multiple GMA nominations for new artist and female vocalist for Audrey Assad, my choice for top new artist of the year. I haven?t heard an album that has struck me like this album since Albertine by Brooke Fraser. If you like that album, you need to get The House You?re Building.

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Audrey Assad - The House You’re Building | Posted July 27, 2010

By Lydia Akinola

Upon hearing Audrey Assad’s voice for the first time, I was instantly reminded of Brooke Fraser. Since I consider Fraser to be one of the greatest female artists of our time, this association acts as a testimony to Audrey Assad’s vocal talents. With further listening, the work of Audrey Assad calls to mind the compositions of accomplished artists which include Sara Groves, Bethany Dillon and Nichole Nordeman. Not bad at all for a debut album.

The House You’re Building is an articulate and artistic affair. The opening track- her wildly popular single “For Love Of You” – is an archetypal example of the meeting of poetry to lyrics and organic creativity to musical composition. The title track is more personal as Assad explores her feelings of not fitting in and the realisation that it is the misfits and the broken who make up the house God is building. Framed in a mellow tune, her voice carries the weight of her message – “I’m a broken stone, so lay me in the house you’re building”.

The album doesn’t shy away from dealing with angst and feelings of inadequacy. But although a feeling of melancholy seems almost ever-near, Assad also presents the hope that can be found in the midst of despair. In “Breaking Through” which draws inspiration from the Thompson poem “Hound of Heaven”, we are reminded that when we are trying to find our own way, heaven breaks through. Her talent for song writing cannot be disputed.

I struggle to find words to describe the charm that symbolizes The House You’re Building. With each repeated listen, one is able to glean something new from each track. This is a mature Christian music. This is vertical worship that soars where others float. This is something that sidelines your ears, instead, choosing to minister to your soul. “Everything Is Yours” is not just a song of confession, but an anthem of surrender. “Carry Me” is a prayer, a plea but also a statement of faith- “As I carry this cross, You carry me”. Even the simplest truths are captured in an entirely new light. In “Known” the striking lyrics “As a lover knows his beloved’s heart / All the shapes and curves of her even in the dark” help us realise anew the intimate way God knows each and every one of us.

Although there are (relatively!) faster tracks, the thrust of album is tranquil, suited mainly for quieter reflection. Its diversity does not lie in an eclectic mix of the upbeat and the slow, in rock tune and lullaby, but in the manifold presentations of God’s grace. Audrey Assad focuses on the personal moments of contemplation, allowing us to soul-search as we listen.

This journey ends with “Show Me”, a disconsolate yet beautiful track about death and passing. If Assad continues as she has begun, and I pray that by God’s grace that she does, then worshippers everywhere will be blessed. The House You’re Building is a truly modern day masterpiece.

This review has been reprinted on NRT with permission from The Christian Manifesto. Click here to visit today!

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The House You're Building | Posted January 11, 2011
This a a wonderful new artist and the Cd is fresh , heartfelt and a true blessing! Each song seems to be written in a very personal way that will touch the hearts of all who listen. I highly recommend it.

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Amazing | Posted July 22, 2010
I love this album. From the ballads to the rock songs this album has it all. From catchy melodies to songs that help you get closer to God. I would say that if you have not gotten a chance to pick up this album yet get it as soon as you can.

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