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Almost There [edit]
by MercyMe | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: August 14, 2001

To "stir before you pour" is the desire of MercyMe. Stirring the hearts of the audience through a high energy, rock-pop-alternative sound followed by a pouring of hearts at the feet of Jesus through worship because only the best should be offered to Christ.

Track Listing
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01. I Worship You
02. Here Am I
03. On My Way to You
04. How Great is Your Love
05. I Can Only Imagine
06. Bless Me Indeed
07. Cannot Say Enough
08. House of God
09. Call to Worship
10. All Fall Down
11. In You
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Amazing Praise & Worship Debut | Posted January 30, 2008
Raw. Artistic. Worshipful. Passionate. Other descriptive words come to mind when trying to describe MercyMe's national debut release Almost There, and all fall under the category of complementary. A modern praise and worship album written with creativity both lyrically and musically, Almost There is another defining album in this genre that continues to develop and grow with more and more artists jumping aboard. Bart Millard's lead vocals are warm and inviting and complement both the pop/rock sound and the inspirational worship music. The definite highlight on this album is the worship/ballad "I Can Only Imagine," a song that Amy Grant currently purchased rights to market and release as a single from her upcoming 2002 release. The song starts out with just piano that instantly invokes chills and builds dynamically into a powerful display of drums and guitar. But what makes the song are the lyrics, penned by Bart Millard himself. The song speaks about that day that we all dream about when we finally meet Jesus. "Surrounded by your glory/What will my heart feel/Will I dance for you Jesus/Or in awe of you be still." It's a song that can't be listened to with eyes open, and instead of being the only highlight, it's surrounded by 10 other songs penned with the same passion. Don't miss this album. You won't be disappointed

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Nathan (188)

Almost there is not even close | Posted September 03, 2007
Mercyme grabbed everyone's attention with their hit single "I can only imagine", but one song doesn't make a good album, which is shown on their Debut CD almost there.

Mercyme's music tends to be praise and worship, but they could be considered light rock. "I worship you" and the singe "here I am" are more up-beat. "I can only imagine" is a good song that is simple, but has a very appealing style to it. Other than that most of the songs on Almost there are simple and repetitive, which is shown on "bless me indeed" and "cannot say enough".

The lyrics are only okay. The song "here I am" is not bad, but "I can only imagine" is not very deep. Everything else on the CD is shallow, and in some cases their songs are (house of god and bless me indeed) theologically wrong.

Almost there tails of as the second half of the album rolls along, leaving merecyme's super CD a lot to be desired.

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A little Dissappointed... | Posted September 22, 2007
I, along with millios of other people, absolutely love the song "I Can Only Imagine". That song was a really great song lyrically. Unfortunately, that built a lot of hype around this album, and I did not think the rest of it was all that great. It was like they poured all of their energy into that one song and sort of neglected the rest of the cd. The only other songs I found enjoyable were "I Worship You", and "How Great is Your Love".

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makss (1)

TikTok Generator: Expectations vs Reality | Posted July 31, 2019

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pacemaker (324)

great album | Posted March 17, 2011
 always will be a great cd. i love it.

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skyve (56)

wow | Posted June 02, 2008
this cd was so amazing. my favorite song was "i can only imagine." it is an awesome worship cd and i would recommend this cd to everyone that i know. they are such an amazing band.

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overated | Posted May 29, 2008
First of all, how many times has this album be re-released? If the song I can only imagine was not on this album, i could only imagine the decrease in popularity of this album. So in conclusion, great song, alright album.

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MercyMe | Posted March 01, 2008
what can i say about this was awesome:)

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Almost As Good As Spoken For | Posted February 01, 2008
I am a big MercyMe fan so I really liked this CD. I'm sure everyone that listens to Christian music has heard "I Can Only Imagine". That is my favorite on this record. Other personal favorites are "Here Am I" and "In You". This is a good album to add to your collection especially if you're a MercyMe fan.

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I can only Imagine | Posted January 18, 2008
The reason I like Mercy Me is because of the song I can only Imagine. It makes me cry when I hear it. It also makes me wonder so much of what will I do do when I go to heaven. Surounded by his glory what will my heart will I dance for you Jesus or to my knees will i fall will i sing halleujah will be able to speak at all I can only Imagine.

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MercyMe | Posted August 24, 2007
Love this album! It has one of the best songs ever recorded (in my opinion) I Can Only Imagine. It's a great CD!

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