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Wars And Rumors Of Wars [edit]
by The Chariot | Genre: Hard Rock/Metal | Release Date: May 05, 2009

The Chariot have never been a band comfortable with the status quo. This year’s Wars And Rumors Of Wars will tip the scales and push the limits of what modern metal-core can accomplish in the span of just ten songs. The band’s 2007 epic sophomore full length, The Fiancée, saw the band trade it’s signature chaotic charm of 2005’s Everything Is Alive... and dish out a more focused and brutal brand of chaos. Wars And Rumors Of Wars takes this new direction even further, and turns up the heat another 250 degrees. The Chariot have found a comfortable spot atop the mountain of wreckage they leave behind after every show, and with Wars And Rumors Of Wars, it looks like they’re gonna camp out for a while. You’ve heard the rumors, now grab your combat boots.

Track Listing
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01. Teach
02. Evolve
03. Need
04. Impress
05. Never I
06. Giveth
07. Abandon
08. Daggers
09. Oversea
10. Mrs. Montgomery Alabama iii.

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Utter Chaos | Posted May 05, 2009
I've been anticipating this album for a long time and even pre-ordered a hand-stamped, signed, and numbered copy which was accompanied by a bottle of the most ridiculously spicy hot sauce I've ever tasted, also produced by the band... & let me tell you... I am very pleased. The Chariot's "Wars and Rumors of Wars" Is chaotic and intense from start to finish. The record opens up with "Teach" which is definitely my favorite track on the album. It is a powerful song overflowing with heavy riffs, powerful screams and one of the most killer breakdowns I've ever heard. As the album progresses, there's not much peace to be found. In fact, at first listen, the whole thing sounds like complete musical nonsense, but at the same time it feels real. This band poured their heart and soul into the recording and production of this record. "Daggers", "Evolve", and "Impress" are a few more that everyone should check out. To answer the question "Should I purchase this album?" My answer to you is YES! If you enjoy hardcore music, breakdowns, hot sauce, headbanging, or all of the above, The Chariot's new album is sure to "Impress". As for the biblical and spiritual content of the album, I'll leave it up to you to decipher all of these lyrics for yourself. But even content aside, each copy of the first pressing (25,000) albums has been hand stamped, (with a rubber album art stamp) signed and numbered by a member of the band. So you're not just buying an album, You're buying a collector's item and a piece of this band's history.

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username2 (378)

4.5/5 | Posted October 04, 2011
The Chariot's unique style of unrelentless insanity continues on Wars and Rumors of Wars, which I think is the best album they released on Solid State Records.  It still maintains that level of chaos the band knows so very well but they also seem like they wanted to write a bit more coherance in as well.  There are repeating sections in songs that do make it feel like they want some sort of balance to the insanity happening all around them.  Wars and Rumors of Wars brings us the Chariot we know as well as some coherance to the chaotic tones.  Their best album to date.

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The Anthem For Headbanging | Posted March 24, 2010
This album is simply heavy. Raw. Exhausting. But fun. Josh Scogin just knows how to make it the hardest metal album that'll make you want to destroy the most valuable items in your house. "Teach" and "Evolve" are my standout tracks. Just next time let's not make the tracks sound the same.

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ichiben (193)

More brutal chaos from Josh Scogan | Posted March 10, 2010
Another solid album from the masters of chaos. Though the overall quality is comparable to The Fiancee, this album doesn't have quite the variety. Songs seem to blend together. In addition, they are quite short, with the whole album clocking in at about a half hour. Highlights include Teach, Need, and Daggers.

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