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Greater Than Us All [edit]
by Daniel Doss Band | Genre: Praise & Worship | Release Date: February 26, 2008

Clarksville, Tennessee worship group Daniel Doss Band may be one of Sparrow Records' newest signings, but the group has roots down deep in church ministry and leading worship. Their major label debut, Greater Than Us All, is a well crafted worship project that is easily an impressive start for a new group, but is at the same time not likely to set the band apart from like worship acts among the industry. Award winning CCM producer Ed Cash steps in to help shape this young band's first national release.

With the album's opening track, "Great God," a reflective guitar riff and piano melody drift in, along with Daniel Doss's softly spoken voice, similar to artists like Aaron Shust. But by the time the chorus drops, any hope of something unique being brought to the table is quickly dashed as it bursts forth with incredible familiarity -- something that hardly wanes as the album unfolds. All of the songs are originals either written by Doss alone or co-written with other popular collaborators like Jason Ingram, Ronnie Freeman, or even producer Ed Cash. And lyrically, the album leans toward the straightforward and simplistic. While there isn't anything necessarily wrong with that, it just adds to the Sunday morning worship familiarity that so many worship albums coming out offer. They may be inspiring at times and are likely to touch hearts abroad, but the problem is, to those desiring something refreshing and new, it just ultimately sounds like the same old thing. When you hear an album that's made up of new material and feel like you've heard it all before, it's a bit disenchanting.

One band that comes to mind while listening to much of Greater Than Us All is INO's MercyMe, partly due to Doss's occasional southern twang in his vocal styling, but also in the overall approach to their songwriting. Doss in "Abba Father" may even remind some of FFH's Jeromy Diebler, before sounding again a bit like MercyMe's Bart Millard. Before the album wraps with its softest ballad, "I Need You," Doss's solo penning, "Love Like Rain" (which was also the title of their 2005 indie release), sounds a lot in delivery and composition to the modern hymn, "In Christ Alone."

While the familiarity factor behind Daniel Doss Band's Greater Than Us All is its biggest hindrance, the album is far from bad when it stands alone. Sadly, records like this are almost a dime a dozen these days and it's tough to get excited about a new band that you most likely wouldn't be able to identify from the rest if you heard them in a mix or on the radio. Doss's heart is in worship and Greater Than Us All wears it on its sleeve. Fans of MercyMe and the worship genre will most likely find a lot to like about Daniel Doss Band's debut, especially if the idea of it offering more of what they're looking for is at all enticing. However, from the standpoint of a music fan looking for something fresh or exciting to worship their Creator to, it most likely won't be found in Daniel Doss Band's Greater Than Us All.

Track Listing
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01. Great God
02. God In Me
03. Hold On
04. Abba Father
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05. Blessed Is The One
06. Lord Reign
07. Light Is Shining
08. Love Like Rain
09. Sing Your Name
10. Great Dreamer
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11. I Need You

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GREATER THAN US ALL | Posted September 29, 2008
New artist Daniel Doss and his band burst onto the scene with Greater Than Us All. Vocally, think a mixture between Bart Millard (MercyMe) and Chris Tomlin sung in the style of Steven Curtis Chapman. The similarities are especially evident on the third track, “Hold On,” which describes the freedom in which God generously gives His love. Doss sings “Hold on/Lay your weary head upon my shoulder.” Front and center of the album is the pure and honest worship conveyed through the music and song.

Greater Than Us All finds a comfortable combination of fast, medium and slow tunes pairing the pertinent music with insightful and worshipful lyrics. The disc has the ability to continue to get better and better with every listen. Each listen reveals a new snippet of music that perhaps the listener didn’t catch previously. Doss’ music does indeed have the ability to crossover into different parts of your day lending itself to be the soundtrack of your Christian walk. - Jonathan Isaac Harms

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Didn't think I would really come to be a fan BUT... | Posted November 19, 2008
I certainly AM a fan!!! :D I had never even heard about these guys until June 5, 2008 when I went to a Casting Crowns concert. They were the opening act. These guys have excellent stage presence, and not only that, they rocked right from the start!! Although I didn't know any of their songs, that certainly didn't keep me from rocking out right along with them.

When I saw that my mom has bought their Cd, my initial thought was "Are you kidding me?" because I didn't know much of their music and while I had enjoyed the show they put on, I wasn't sure if they would ever be a band that I would be able to listen to on a regular basis, or even every once in a while for that matter. And it took me some time, but eventually I loaded their Cd onto my iTunes. Still, I didn't listen to their music much. Then, while I was on the computer one day surfing the web and listening to my iTunes play list, "Hold On" began to play. Now I may have heard the song a time or two before, but I certainly didn't pay attention to it until this time around. This particular time, it really hit me. And has since become my favorite Daniel Doss Band song. :)

You should all really at least LISTEN to this album and when you fall in love with it like I have, which I'm sure you will, then you should definitely buy it so that you can listen to it over and over and over again. :D

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great cd | Posted April 22, 2008
I know Daniel Doss personally and it's great to see how God is using him in a mighty way. This CD is great music for those who are hurting and needing some uplifting music. The songs let you know that God is always there with you even through the valleys. Praise the Lord for this group and for Daniel Doss. You go man.

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