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The Rubyz [edit]
by The Rubyz | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: April 01, 2008

The self-titled release, produced by Chris Omartian of Hillary Duff, Pink, and Jump 5 fame, promises to put the Christian and mainstream teen music world on notice. The song "Without You" focuses on a daily walk with Christ, while the introspective song "13" speaks of the problems that face teens today and how they can take their problems to Christ when things are unbearable.

Track Listing
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01. Staring At The Sun
02. Outrageous
03. Time Of My Life
04. In My Life (I Don't Wanna)
05. 13
06. We Shine
07. Baila Chiquita
08. We Got The Beat
09. Just Like You
10. Umbrella
11. -

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A GEM HERE AND THERE | Posted September 24, 2008
The three pint-sized brunettes who comprise The Rubyz set out to measure up to Hannah Montana, but on their self-titled debut, it’s clear they can’t quite fill the teen sensation’s shoes…er, high heels. The fluffy album opens with these lyrics: “Hey Alexis, Hey Marissa/It’s Cammie up on the phone/I’m wondering if you wanted to hang.” Lyrically, the album doesn’t make a whole lot of progress from there, punctuated by lots of “na-na-na’s” and “oh yeah’s.”

However, promising lyrics can be found on their first single, “Thirteen,” where the girls plead, “What I mean/is for once I’d like to act my age, instead of older.” The two outstanding musical tracks on the perky disc are the cover of Rihanna’s “Umbrella,” where the trio strips it down to a soothing acoustic rhythm, and the smooth R&B beats of “Just Like You.” Although they boast production from Chris Omartian (Jump5, Hilary Duff) and Joy Williams, the project is hit and miss as far as quality and musicianship, but the positive message the songs carry will resonate with tweens.Advertisement

On “Baila Chiquita,” the Latin rhythms gently accent the girl’s youthful vocals, but on the cover of Fee’s “We Shine” (the only real mention of God on the album), the frantic techno format and annoying shouting fail to impress. The remaining tracks are simplistic and trite. The trio simply lacks the charisma and “it” factor as Omartian’s last power teen group, Jump5. With experience, they certainly hold promise, but this debut is nothing teens haven’t heard before. –Grace Cartwright

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Jackie (39)

They are ok | Posted September 03, 2009
I can't really tell if they are Christians like they say they are. You can't really tell by their music that they are Christians, because their lyrics don't show it.

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GuiRi (34)

Outrageous | Posted November 18, 2008
This album is very pop and up! I guess The Rubyz have a lot to learn but for be the first one they rocked the house!! Outrageous, Baila Chiquita and thirteen are the best songs!

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pretty good cd! | Posted November 07, 2008
pretty good for their first cd! keep it up! be good role models! (unlike truEmotion!!!!!!!!)

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Great album for young girls and tweens | Posted June 09, 2008
Although this album may not appeal to the masses, it is perfect for its targeted audience of young girls. The lyrics are positive and relevant for girls and the catchy songs are modern and consistent with today's pop music styles. Our local Christian radio has been playing "In my life (I don't wanna)" and I have seen first-hand on church outings how our tween girls really connect to the Rubyz music! I am excited to share this album with the young girls in our church.

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The Rubyz Really "Shine" | Posted April 07, 2008
Since the departure of Christian pop group Jump5, pureNRG and the newest addition, The Rubyz, have come to fill the void. The Rubyz are a 3-piece girl group consisting of Marissa, Alexis, and Cammie, who are 13, 14, and 17 years old, respectively.

Although there is no new musical ground broken or anything too particularly special, the girls have established a fun record, which was really its whole purpose. The thing that most separates them from their many counterparts are their vocal qualities. All three girls have strong vocals that make the music more enjoyable to listen to.

The weakest point of the album is the lyrics. At times, they can feel a little cheesy and juvenile. For example, in the opening track, "Staring At The Sun," Cammie sings, "Hey, Alexis/Hey, Marissa/It's Cammie up on the phone/I was wondering if ya/Wanted to hang..."

Tracks like "Staring At The Sun," "Outrageous," and "Time Of My Life" are peppy, upbeat, summer tunes. Spirituality occurs in the mellow pop "In My Life," the ballad "Thirteen," and the dance-pop "We Shine." The latter is a pop anthem, declaring, "We are the redeemed/We are the ones who are free/And we belong to Jesus." "Baila Chiquita" is a catchy, fun, girly pop song with a mild Latin flare. I was caught off guard with the R&B influenced sounds of "Just Like You," a song that appreciates a friend who isn't afraid to be themselves around others.

The album has two covers on it---The Go-Gos' "We Got The Beat," and Rihanna's "Umbrella." The rendition of "We Got The Beat" is pure fun, with a rock-inspired, infectious pop tune. The cover of Rihanna's smash hit, "Umbrella," is beautiful, slowing the tempo down and adding a more organic feel to it.

In conclusion, The Rubyz provide a fun pop record. The vocals are amazing, the hooks are catchy, and the lyrics are pure fun with a touch of spirituality for good measure. They are a worthy Christian-based alternative to the "tween" crowd who spends their time obsessing over High School Musical or Hannah Montana.

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