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Wake Up! Wake Up! [edit]
by Everyday Sunday | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: May 22, 2007

Comprising Trey Pearson (lead vocals), Jesse Counts (guitar), Dan Hunter (bass) and Chris Hines (drums), Everyday Sunday hails from Columbus, Ohio. Attracting a national audience with its 2001 Christian Hit Radio single, "Just a Story," Everyday Sunday has released two successful projects, Stand Up and Anthems for the Imperfect, while raking in numerous accolades, including being named among CCM Magazine's "Favorite New Artists of 2003." Also in 2003, Everyday Sunday made an impact as one of the Top 10 "Major Impact Artists" for Christian Hit Radio. Recently signed to Inpop Records, Everyday Sunday releases their third record, Wake Up! Wake Up!, on May 22, 2007. The album, produced by Ian Eskelin (Krystal Meyers, Stellar Kart, All Star United), features the new hit singles "Find Me Tonight" and "Wake Up! Wake Up!", delivering the same diversity and solid pop sound that has come to define Everyday Sunday's music.

Track Listing
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01. Let's Go Back
02. Wake Up! Wake Up!
03. Take Me Out
04. Find Me Tonight
05. Apathy For Apologies
06. I'll Get Over It (Miss Elaineous)
07. What We're Here For
08. Now You're Gone
09. Tell Me You'll Be There
10. From Me To You

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art10 (115)

Full Throttle Sunday | Posted July 21, 2007
It's been two little known, but excellent albums from Everyday Sunday, and it's time for the band to make itself known, with noise. And that's exactly what the band does. From start to end, the album doesn't stop, no slow songs. The only thing close to slow is "Find Me Tonight" and that's only slow in the verses, in the chorus forget it, it's back to full blast.

"Wake Up! Wake Up!" is a great rock song, and one of the band's best. As for the rest of the album, great rock. It's about time Everyday Sunday got some attention, and with this album, the band gets it, and with good reason. This is a great find, and for those who haven't heard the band, this is a great place to start, because you won't be bored.

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Nathan (188)

Everyday Sunday has woken up | Posted February 06, 2008
After a pretty weak album (anthems for the imperfect) the punk/pop band Everyday Sunday bounced back in a big way with "Wake Up! Wake Up!". And it was pretty much clear that a change had occurred with their partial hit single "find me tonight".

The first two songs are both singles and both very good, "Lets' go back now" is a fun punk song and has a great flow and the title track "Wake up! Wake up!" is also solid. "Take me out" is an upbeat pop song but is not as good as the first two tracks, but is still nice. "find me tonight" does not have a great punk beat, but is great and has the most mature sound of the album on it.

Another terrific punk song is "apathy for apologies" which has a great chorus, on the flipside is "I'll get over it (Miss Elaineous)" which is not the impressive. "What we are here for" wraps up the good punk songs for the album. The final two songs "From Me To You, and "Tell me you will be there" are both good soft songs. A big improvement for Everyday Sunday, besides their music" is the vocals which go along with the songs much better than their last CD.

The lyrics didn't take much of a climb in Wake Up! Wake Up!, and as expected the lyrics are a little light. "Find Me tonight" and "Wake up! Wake up!" messages are pretty similar and not that deep, and the song "I'll get over it (Miss Elaineous)" is pretty much pathetic. But that bands heart is in the right place ("apathy for apologies", From Me to You, and "Tell me you will be there" are all pretty solid).

A huge improvement, one which will probably put Everyday Sunday up with the big Christian pop/punk bands, the lyrics are still a little shallow and the music still not quite to perfection but c'mon they were only wakening up.

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IronJedi (114)

Rising and Shining | Posted August 23, 2007

Everyday Sunday is one of those bands that is easily overlooked. They're not heavily promoted by their label; they aren't in your face flashy; but boy do they make exuberant, catchy music. Wake Up, Wake Up, their latest release is no exception. This Buckeye State foursome continue to produce some of the best hook-laden, post-punk flavored rock that stands shoulder to shoulder with veteran band Relient K.

Wake Up, Wake Up, the band's third release, continues to build upon the sound they established in their previous two releases: fun, up-tempo, rock music characterized by contagious melodies and lyrics that leave an indelible mark on the memory. If you load your mp3 player with the music of Nevertheless, Run Kid Run, Stellar Kart and the like, what are you waiting for? "Wake up" and sample Everyday Sunday's latest.

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Beanie17 (52)

great | Posted May 29, 2012
This is a wonderful CD. I love the punk sound. These guys have such a wonderful musical ability. All of the songs are fun and imaginative. I especailly love "Find Me Tonight." and "Wake Up! Wake Up!.  I heard this group live and they were so good. The band members were so nice and friendly.

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eah92 (49)

Another Amazing Band | Posted June 17, 2009
Everyday Sunday brings a great sound to people's ears. What an amazing group this is! Songs such as Wake Up! Wake Up! and Find Me Tonight are sure to be playing in people's minds for quite some time. That's a good thing. These are great songs.

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Love It | Posted March 13, 2009
I just love this album. The guys really made a huge come back.

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username2 (378)

I'm Up! I'm Up! | Posted November 08, 2008
This album is a really good one. All of the songs have a fun, happy feeling and the fast tempo of this album excites me. This will be one album people might still be listening to in years to come.

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POP ROCK PARADE | Posted October 22, 2008
OK,os Everyday Sunday hasn't always been on my list of FAVORITE bands,but this record put them there! These guys have definitely found thier spot in the pop rock parade and it fits really well for them. This is a solid cd and I like it alot!

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Good | Posted August 15, 2008
This is a pretty good cd! It has some fun music and a few genuinly good lyriced songs. I may be too picky about this but I find that they are one of the bands who don't use their track time as well as they could to bring glory to God with tracks like I'll Get Over It (Miss Elaineous) and Let's Go Back. They do have some songs I really do like though such as Wake Up which was the theme song for my church camp this year! This is a good band but I wouldn't go to them if you want some music that will really challenge you and sharpen you a whole lot spiritually. I'm not saying that they don't have some songs that will challenge but just not as much as some other bands in my opinion. They are easy to listen to and the songs probably will be stuck in your head if you listen to them a lot. ;)

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Wake Up Wake up and buy it | Posted June 26, 2008
this Cd is there best cd with great christan songs that are cool like the main one Wake Up Wake Up cool recommed that you buy it very cool cant wait until there next CD

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