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Cut and Move [edit]
by Day of Fire | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: June 06, 2006

In just over a year since their debut release, Day of Fire has accomplished many things most new artists only dream of. They won a Dove award, were nominated for a Grammy, toured in front of over 500,000 in the U.S. as well as Europe, and made appearances on CNN and 700 Club. When you ask lead singer Joshua Brown what he's learned from all this, it's not about the awards or places they've traveled, but the people they've met. "I want to show people the love of God in action, loving people for who they are."

On their sophomore release, the band reaches out through song on topics such as addiction, abuse and abandonment and offers hope in the love of God. "This album is about identifying with the pain and insecurity that we all feel as people and finding hope in the love that is far greater than anything we have ever experienced," says Joshua Brown. "I realize we are all in a desperate and constant need of the love of God." It's this passion for connecting with people and encouraging them that sets Day of Fire apart.

Track Listing
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01. Love
02. Run
03. Hole In My Hand
04. Cut and Move
05. Regret
06. Far and Gone
07. Wake Me
08. When the Light
09. Frustrated
10. Reborn

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Nathan (188)

Aspects of Cut and Move are | Posted July 05, 2008
A dove award is one of the accomplishments for the band Day of Fire after their first album, Day of Fire. Even with a few solid radio singles Day of Fire still managed to sound too much like their peers, with their newest album, Cut and Move, they are out to establish their identity and show fans the constant need of God.

While “cornerstone” and “rain song” were popular and solid medium rock songs, on their self titled debut, Day of Fire’s music was nothing new. Thus they took up a new sound, which blends Lifehouse, Creed and Kutless Esq. rock music. The result is a gritty and edgy rock which sometimes sounds good, and sometimes doesn’t sound good. The first two songs “love” and “run” are hard songs, that don’t have great flows. “Love” sounds like a lighter Demon Hunter, with a disjointed tune, and rough vocals, while “run” is very repetitive and the rock is not flattering at all. The fast paced rock song “frustrated” may leave fans just that because while the hard rock is decent it isn’t anything new, and the finale “reborn” lacks a defining chorus.

However the solid rock that Day of Fire throws out on “hole in my hand” and “regret” are reminiscent of Creed, and are incredibly solid songs. The lightest song “when the light” lacks a decent verse but the heavier chorus has emotion and a good beat. The title track “cut and move” and “far and gone” are firm hard rock songs that are the meat of the album. “Far and gone” sounds of when it hits the refrain but its stays true enough, and “cut and move”, while it sounds gritty, is a fast paced rock song that is solid.

The lyrics have taken an interesting turn from their debut album, moving from more clear spiritual references to becoming a little vaguer when it comes to their faith. “Far and gone” possibly discusses asking God to stay with the singer where ever he goes. But the execution is poor if that’s the case (‘I’ll be holding on to your song till I find my way back home’). God’s name is never specified on “run” but it’s more than implied, with songs like “when the light” backing it up (‘A parable is told of seed that fell beside the road… A savior smile in my head’). While more spiritual references appear on “cut and move” and “reborn”, depression without much light show up on “love” and “wake me”.

About his bands accomplishments lead singer Joshua Brown says: "I want to show people the love of God in action, loving people for who they are.". his songs focus on pain depression and other of life’s problems, however the light does shine through. In fact with writing songs that more people can relate to while showing Gods love is a great combination that not too many artist pull off. Day of Fire’s music is in need of some refinement, because the skill is there, but there are just a few songs that sounds more edgy than cutting edge.

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Cut And Move Album Review | Posted October 01, 2009
I loved this album from Day Of Fire. It has a lot of great songs on it which fans of Day Of Fire will love listening to. If you listened to their first album then you will notice this album sounds a little more different but still a great album. If you liked their first album then you will enjoy this second album. This album is a must buy for fans of Day Of Fire. Check it out as soon as you can.

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am1996g (10)

Solid Sophmore Album | Posted August 08, 2009
After listening to their debut, I was expecting a bit better than this. Not that this album is bad, but it is not as good as their debut. Love is a faced paced, awesome song. Run is a pretty good song but after several listens it starts to get repetitive. Hole In My Hand is a spectacular song with a very good bridge and great lyrics. Cut And Move is another faced paced, adrenaline pumping song that is great to listen to. Regret is my favorite song on the album and is truly a spectacular song. Far and Gone is the first song that really is terrible. I really hate Far And Gone. Wake Me is good but not incredible. When The Light is another terrible song. Frustrated is a solid depth song like Wake Me, but othing stellar. To finish the album, Day Of Fire finish with a terrible song. Reborn is among the worst song I've ever heard. i don't know what they were thinking when they wrote this song. I hate to say that because I like Day Of Fire a lot, but I don't really think anybody could like that song. It is a terrible way to finish an album. Overall this is a solid album and I think that Day Of Fire's new album Losing All will be great when it finally comes out.

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Great Expectations | Posted October 15, 2008
I had great expectations for this record and Day of Fire met every one of them! This cd is so good! All the songs are well written and Josh's voice is AWWESOME! Cut and Move is AMAZING!!!!!!

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This cd rocks | Posted October 09, 2008
I love this cd. It totally rocks. When I put my iPod on shuffle and this one of these randomly comes on, I totally wanna get up and rock out. No matter what I'm doing. I love "Cut and Move" it's a totally rockin song. I like them cuz they totally rock without being TOO rockish for me.

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RossMan (134)

love it | Posted March 10, 2008
day of fire rocks cut and move is my favorite so far but i havent had a chance to listen to the whole album yet but if its as good as this then it must rock

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suprised | Posted February 24, 2008
i just got this album cuz it was cheap and didnt think too much about it, so i got home and listened to it and i totally suprised me how good it was. there are a few not too great songs but i thought overall it was good

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Phil413 (45)

Cut and Move | Posted January 07, 2008
Good follow up album by a great band. There's not a bad song on the CD and even a couple of really great songs, with Hole In My Hand quickly becoming my all time favorite Day of Fire song.

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Amazing | Posted August 27, 2007
I had the pleasure of seeing Day of Fire live in concert a week ago at the Blink Festival near Canton Ohio. They were one of my most listened to bands over the past couple years or so but it stepped up a notch after the show. Amazing sound and strong lyrics. Hole In My Hand and Wake Me are my favorite songs on the album but theres not one that i'd skip over and that goes to show the quality of Cut & Move!!

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Day of Fire | Posted August 23, 2007
Great CD! Hole In My Hand is one of my favorite songs! I would definately recommend it!

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