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The Love Your Neighbor Project [edit]
by The Love Your Neighbor Project | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: February 23, 2018

The Love Your Neighbor Project is on a mission to spread love, inspire and bring people together through their music.

Their music has been described as Rock Ďn Roll/Southern Soul with big anthems, soulful vocals, harmonies, big guitars and catchy hooks. The bandís founding member, songwriter and lead singer Mike Sonderegger, delivers powerful, soulful rock vocals. The debut EP was produced by Scotty Wilbanks. All songs were written by Sonderegger, Wilbanks and Brian Bunn. The Love Your Neighbor Project is not just about the music, it is a movement.

Track 1. Love Is Calling: Bluesy, gritty, southern rock/country groove. Sounds a little like a modern day Fleetwood Mac meets Chris Stapleton. The message is that we are at a crossroads in this country, this world. We all need healing, forgiveness and to choose the path of Love.

Track 2: Freedom:The song is a rootsy, southern, rock 'n roll, gospel, high octane celebration of the freedom we have in Jesus.

Track 3. Love Your Neighbor: This is what The Love Your Neighbor Project is all about. This rock 'n roll anthem is a call to love, to unite, to change.

Track 4. I'll Be Loving You: The ballad of the album tugs at the heart strings. It's about a man who is coming to grips of the mistakes that he has made in the past to a faithful and forgiving woman. He is reassuring her of his love and commitment to their marriage.

Track 5. We Believe In Love: A global message of God's love and for us to love one another.

Track Listing
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01. Love Is Calling
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02. Freedom
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03. Love Your Neighbor
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04. Iíll Be Loving You
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05. We Believe In Love
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So Much Love In Here | Posted May 17, 2018
Mike Sonderegger started this group as a response to the divisive, name-calling, mean-spirited interactions that were happening surrounding the November 2016 election. Spurred by God to bring a message of love, unity and peace to the listening world through music, Sonderegger assembled some friends and colleagues to write, record and perform a new soundtrack of kindness.

What it Sounds Like:
Foot-stompin', four-on-the-floor, twangy Southern rock goodness carries these people-focused anthems. Pedal steel guitars, pianos, strings and honky tonk electric guitars are the perfect companion to Sonderegger's raspy, country-friendly voice. 

Spiritual/Lyrical Highlights:
Look, with this band, your themes are going to be pretty consistent throughout. These are songs about loving people where they're at because they're loved by God--regardless of their belief systems. "Let go and fall into the arms of love, 'cuz love is calling," resounds opener "Love Is Calling." The one exception is "Freedom," which focuses on how we're free from sin through Jesus--which fits really well, actually, because it puts all of us on equal ground. To realize we're forgiven gives us the strength and resolve to forgive others. "I'll Be Loving You" is a declaration of loving one's spouse, taking the theme out from the world and into the home. Title track "Love Your Neighbor" is a standout, with the chorus serving as the mission statement of this group: "We've got to love, love one another / We've got to love our sisters and brothers / We've got to love, we've got to love our neighbor! / Standing united we're in this together / We're undivided from now and forever."

Best Song on the Record:
"Love Your Neighbor"

For Fans Of:
Zach Williams, NEEDTOBREATHE, Chris Stapleton, Gavin DeGraw

Final Word:
This is a hyper-focused band with a multifaceted approach to communicating the message of love and unity. The Love Your Neighbor Project answers the question, "Who is my neighbor?" by answering emphatically that they're around the world and right in your home. With soulful, memorable, heart-wrenching ballads and uplifting anthems, Sonderegger and Co. have found a much-needed social mission with their music, fueled by the love of Jesus. It's a well-executed, completely sincere debut that stands to affect thousands. 

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