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Easy Never Needed You EP [edit]
by Sarah Reeves | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: April 27, 2018

Throughout 2018, a forward-thinking marketing approach will see 13 fresh tracks rolled out, song by song, culminating in the debut of Reevesí first full-length project for Word Entertainment. Like the album release, the sonic backdrop for Reevesí new material is unconventional, marked by avant-garde production and a kaleidoscope of propulsive beats. Produced by Robert Marvin (Kelly Clarkson, Mat Kearney, Paper Route), Reevesí new music also boasts collaborations with Ian Keaggy and Josh Hawkins (Super Duper), who helped craft an album that merges her worship roots with her pop sensibilities and deft lyricism.

Track Listing
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01. Right Where You Want Me
02. Details
03. Faithful
04. Feel The Waters
05. Something About You
06. Nowhere
07. Speechless

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A Breath of Fresh Pop/Worship | Posted May 23, 2018
Worship music and pop music, it seems as something that would of been put together over and over but finding it is harder then you think. There's great Christian pop music and worship music but finding them genuinely together is tricky. However, Sarah Reeves hit the mark! Sarah Reeves first became known with her debut project "Sweet Sweet Sound" and since then has released and covered amazing worship songs. In 2016, she signed with Word Records and joined the Winter Jam Pre-Jam of 2017, as fans anticipated what was next. Sarah Reeves is now back with a outstanding project that blends worship and pop perfectly with her amazing vocals that tie it together. "Easy Never Needed You" is definitely one of the best projects of 2018 so far with a strong message of God's goodness and His hand over us through whatever may happen.

The EP starts strong with victorious pop anthem "Right Where You Want Me". A standout song and my personal favorite off the EP, this song declares the victory, hope, and life we have in Jesus no matter what we may be facing. Next up is newly added radio single, "Details". "Details" perfectly mixes modern pop with lyrics praising God for who He's made us and what He's doing, He's in the details. Heading into a moment of worship, "Faithful" is a beautiful song of praise and worship that came from a place of brokenness that God healed between Sarah Reeves and her husband. Whatever we may be going through, God is faithful, He never fails. In trial or triumph, He is faithful.

A different song from Sarah Reeves worship/pop style, "Feel The Waters" is a love song between her and her husband. Normally, I don't like love songs due to being a child of God, I want everything I do and say to point to Him and glorify Him. Love songs normally put the focus on a girl or guy as there hope and strength when God is the only hope and strength. However, "Feel The Waters" is a love song that's based on brokenness being overcome with restored love that remains. A part of the chorus is even inspired on a verse in the Bible. "Feel The Waters", though being a love songs, comes out as one of the best love songs between a girl and guy I've heard. Being a single guy, I normally skip this song but it is a good song for couples that doesn't take away the focus of the EP, God is always faithful.

Bringing the energy back up is pop/EDM song "Something About You", one if my personal favorites off the EP. "Something About You" is a song of joy and wonder of all that God does in our lives, in His way for His plan GREATER then what we could every imagine. Previously released and first song from Sarah Reeves after joining Word Records comes "Nowhere". A song of worship with a bit of pop, "Nowhere" is a great song of praise that God's always there and always makes a way. This song has been speaking to me a lot in the place I'm in, God has called us all for more and there's nowhere we could go to escape, has His love and our heart collide. Ending the EP comes a very raw and honest song of worship, "Speechless". This song closes the EP in awe and lost for words at who God is, how much He loves us, and all that He has done. When you stop and think about it, no song can fully capture the love, beauty, and light that God is. "Revelation Song", "How Great Is Our God", "What A Beautiful Name", no song can ever capture all who God us. It truly leaves us speechless...

Sarah Reeves EP "Easy Never Needed You" is a amazing EP. With songs to dance to and worship to, her EP is filled with a breath of fresh air for the Christian music world. In every struggle that might come, we need to use our praises to God and stand strong upon His promises. He never fails and always is there to save us from whatever we may face. If your a fan of pop/worship with a positive message, then I highly recommend this EP. A unique sound, a needed message, and a amazing voice hold this EP together has one of the strongest releases of 2018 so far. Keep a watch on Sarah Reeves's full length album coming soon as well. From this EP and her previous projects, Sarah Reeves has became one of my favorite artists and I hope you guys check out her music and support what she's doing!

Keep marching on, awakened in His light and revival!

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Pop Tunes Worth the Wait | Posted May 03, 2018
What You Need To Know: 
Sarah Reeves first captured the attention of listeners with her debut EP back in 2009, bringing with her a refreshing sound that made her stand out from the status quo. After taking several years off the road to focus on her songwriting, Reeves is returning to her spot as one of CCM's most promising pop artists. Now back at the peak of her artistry with her Word Records debut EP Easy Never Needed You, the songstress revisits her pop roots with a new twist that reintroduces her to fans as a voice to pay attention to.

What it Sounds Like: 
Sarah thrives in the pop soundscape, but she's also found a sweet spot as a worship leader. With a powerhouse vocal that shines in both energetic moments and reverent times of praise, Sarah mixes the two elements on this EP with songs that blend exceptionally well. Finding the perfect balance of pop production meets EDM ("Right Where You Want Me," "Something About You") meets worship ("Faithful," "Nowhere"), Easy Never Needed You brings something fresh to the Christian music scene.

Spiritual Highlights: 
Whether high energy or quiet worship, Sarah uses her ever-maturing songwriting skills to point listeners to Christ with every line. Songs like "Details," "Faithful" and "Nowhere" glorify God for His sovereignty, while "Something About You" and "Speechless" praise His goodness. 

Best Song on the Record: 
"Right Where You Want Me" embodies the best elements of this EP, from its vertical-focused lyrics to its bright pop tones and dance-worthy melody. 

For Fans Of: 
Beckah Shae, Holly Starr, Francesca Battistelli

Final Word: 
Sarah Reeves is back and better than ever before, and that's a reason for fans to rejoice. With Easy Never Needed You, Sarah meshes all the goodness of her pop roots with her passion for worship, making for a powerful re-introduction.

Listen on Spotify or iTunes.

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