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Until My Voice Is Gone (Live) [edit]
by Travis Ryan | Genre: Praise & Worship | Release Date: May 13, 2016

Co-produced by fellow Integrity Music writer Michael Farren, as well as Grant Pittman and Ryan's brother, arranger and composer Brandon Michael Collins, Until My Voice Is Gone (Live) was recorded live over two nights at LifePoint Church located just outside of Nashville in Smyrna, TN where Ryan serves as worship pastor. The first night of the recording, which became the critically acclaimed five-song EP released last fall, You Hold It All, combined with the second night of the recording, which makes up the brand new Heartbeat EP, forms the new full-length album.

All the songs on Until My Voice Is Gone (Live) are inspired by, written for and sung by Ryan's local church. One of the songs on the new album has already traveled far beyond his local congregation. The track "We Believe," which was written to set the tenants of the Church to music, was featured in the God's Not Dead theatrical movie and became a GMA Dove Award-nominated No. 1 hit and KLOVE Fan Award winning song popularized by Newsboys.

"It's the Nicene Creed, the Apostles' Creed--it's just foundationally what we believe as a church," shares Ryan, a writer of the song. "God took that song on a journey, and He has used Newsboys to carry it around the world."

Those very tenants of the Church also underlie the prophetic cry of the anthemic title track, "Until My Voice Is Gone." "I believe we have hardened ourselves to the Holy Spirit and we've earned calloused eyes...somewhere we forgot we have God with us," explains Ryan of the heart behind the song in an article wrote for WeAreWorship.com. "We do not celebrate and sing because we do not see. It's not a singing issue. It's a seeing issue. It's a satiated issue...We have become so accustomed to good that we have lost our ability to be provoked by its awesome beauty."

Similar to the purpose behind the title track, "Your Love Set My Soul On Fire" is meant to kick up a holy enthusiasm in worship. Travis wrote this song during a season when he felt the Church needed to be awakened to a renewed passion for God and passionate worship in response to Him. First leading the song for his church's youth summer camp, Ryan said, "Our students came alive... they loved it and began singing and dancing immediately." Leading the song again at his church, the youth responded first, but the rest of the church immediately joined in.

"It became a dance party with the kids leading the rest of us," remembers Ryan. "We're a Baptist church and you know Baptists aren't exactly known for dancing, but your denomination doesn't dictate your worship. Your culture doesn't dictate your worship... the Bible dictates your worship. And if David could dance before the Lord, so could we."

New song "You Never Give Up On Me," featured on 'Night Two' of the album, was written following the pain of sin as a member of Ryan's church was restored after confessing an inappropriate relationship. "God used the experience to mark our church as a place of forgiveness and redemption," shares Ryan. "Life is messy... grace is messy. But as God shows us faithfulness and redemption, we must show His faithfulness and forgiveness to others."

"The Goodness of the Lord," also on 'Night Two,' was inspired by Ryan's grandfather who had come to faith late in life. As his grandfather was close to death, Ryan quietly sang hymns over him that led into a heartfelt response of worship that became the chorus of the song. Additional lyrics for the song came later as Ryan dealt with his mother's diagnosis and ongoing battle with cancer.

Other songs featured on the album include the poignant ballad "You Are Able" that decries a circumstantial mindset for worship, "Forever Holy," which takes cues from Revelation and further implores praises due God despite one's circumstances, and "You Hold It All," a song that became a source of profound strength for Ryan and his family as Ryan's wife, Hayley, miscarried. Travis and Hayley are now blessed with three children, and are pregnant with their fourth child.

Track Listing
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01. We Believe
02. Until My Voice Is Gone
03. Forever Holy
04. You Are Able
05. You Hold It All
06. Holy Spirit Come
07. You Never Give Up On Me
08. The Goodness of the Lord
09. The Cross Was Meant For Me
10. Your Love Set My Soul On Fire
11. Heartbeat
12. You Come Running (Bonus Track)

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