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Exposures [edit]
by See The Rise | Genre: Hard Rock/Metal | Release Date: June 30, 2015

Track Listing
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01. 5.8
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02. Exposures
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03. Treasure
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04. Second Chance
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05. Self Portrait
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06. Proverbs 7
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07. Spotlight
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08. In Omnia Paratus
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09. Hope In the Storm
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10. With You
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Rising Above the Storm | Posted June 29, 2015
See The Rise is a band that has lived a lifetime before the debut of their first full album. With devastating heartache swirling around the band's early chapters, it's not surprising that the end result finally forged would be something strong. Their The Theft EP gave listeners a taste of what was to come, but the potential is finally fully realized with Exposures.

The five piece band is fronted by founder and vocalist Josh Myers, backed by guitarists Brian Elliot and Jason Law, bassist Andrew Davis and drummer Kyle Zahorski. The group aims to bring hope to those in dark places, but they don't take shortcuts along the way. They opt instead for honesty as raw and real as the guitar tones in their post-hardcore sound.

Thematically, much of Exposures deals with the concept of identity, finding clarity amid the confusion of life and the reality of redemptive second chances. "Self Portrait" portrays the constant fight to see ourselves the way God does, despite the way our mistakes can haunt us. The title track explores self-deception, warning "The most dangerous thing about a liar is when they think what they're saying is true / The most terrifying thing about a mirror is when you see that the liar is you." 

"Proverbs 7," one of the darker moments on the project, explores betrayal and infidelity, ultimately expressing the need for wisdom through faith. "Hope in the Storm," one of the strongest tracks on the album, fights to find a solid place to stand in salvation through life's rougher moments.

Musically, See The Rise could easily rub shoulders with Warped Tour veterans, boasting a heavy kickdrum heartbeat and explosive sonic chemistry between Josh Myers and Brian Elliot's clean and rough vocals. "Self Portrait" features a distorted breakdown in the bridge that is sure to get listeners moving in a live show setting. Relentlessly honest and self-aware "In Omnia Paratus" features hefty guitar riffs rumbling beneath the soaring melody of the chorus. 

In an album where many of the songs take a musically similar stance, the band made the wise decision to close with a ballad, which lends some needed diversity. The reflective "With You" is stripped back enough to let the lyrics take center stage as it professes a deep need for the empowering grace of Christ. 

Closing Thoughts:
Perhaps what makes Exposures work is that See The Rise knows exactly what space they want to fill musically, and they have put the work in to claim and utilize that space well. Their message of hope and redemption is channeled into raw lyrics and brutal honesty well-suited to communicate with a crowd desperate to hear those truths. Similarly, their musical sensibilities and mastery of their genre are impressive, especially for a freshman act. 

There has been a steadily growing void of new hardcore bands with the work ethic and character to endure and thrive in a difficult industry. The timing is perfect for See The Rise to help fill that void, and they clearly have the ability to do so. There is definitely room for the group to lend more musical texture and dynamic to their style as they mature. However, they know which direction they're headed in, and they're forging ahead no holds barred-- and if they continue with that same determination and dedication to excellence, See The Rise will be unstoppable.

Song to Download Now:
"Hope In the Storm" (Get it on iTunes here.)

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