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The Underscore II [edit]
by Skrip | Genre: Rap/Urban | Release Date: January 15, 2013

Skrip's upcoming free project The Und_rscore II will be released on January 15, 2013 from Infiltrate Music. Skrip produced this entirely on his own and features guests Andy Mineo, Social Club, Alex Medina, Ashley Stanford and more!

Track Listing
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01. Vigorous Creation (Intro)
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02. Stop It
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03. Mayhemís Life
04. Say (feat. Andy Mineo)
05. Three Girls
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06. It Is Written
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07. Illogical (feat. Social Club & Alex Medina)
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08. Olly Oxen (feat. Poppy Khan & Donnie Brook)
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09. Nowhere (feat. ZG & Lo-Low)
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10. ThassaLie
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11. The Transition (feat. Ashley Stanford)
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Skrip Doesn't Stop | Posted January 15, 2013
In a well-woven tapestry of beats, lyrics and samples, Skrip lays down the standard for what listeners will measure every new Christian hip-hop album against in 2013. In Und_rscore II each song flows seamlessly into the next with each song offering a surprise as though each is a box of Cracker Jack.
The album kicks off hard with "Stop It." The song speaks to people acting like something they are not. We get an introduction to clever use of samples with the grumpy old lady and the sirens and to what is to come with clever lyrics and pop culture references with lines such as, "All ya need to fall back / Benny Hinn" and "Bringing thoughts to life / with the light like Hal Jordan."
"Mayhem's Life" is two minutes of solid spitting, no hooks, no fancy samples, just hard core flow. This is followed up by "Say" featuring Andy Mineo. Skrip comes in telling us, "I got more bars than a playground." And the first verse ends with references to both The Dark Knight and Terminator. Andy Mineo features on the second verse with classic Mineo lyrical genius. The beauty of the Word of God is woven into the tapestry at this point.
"It is Written" takes direct aim at secular artist The Game. It starts with a quote from The Game and Skrip goes on to defend the Word of God and speaks to what is written in the Bible and how their somewhat Christian actions at shows and what they speak to the media does not make them true Christians nor secure their place in Heaven.
"Illogical" starts with a quote of Spock and just gets more awesome from there. This song has some the cleverest use of samples I have ever heard. The song features the talents of Social Club and Alex Medina. The song speaks to how illogical the human race is in our pursuit of temporary things. The track seems to become disjointed at three and a half minutes in but it comes back hard and finishes strong.
Skrip takes a children's game and turns it into gospel truth with "Olly Oxen." The premise behind the song is that we are no longer held captive to our past but we are "Olly, olly, oxen free." Up next is "Nowhere." It is another solid addition to the album with a good groove and solid hook.
Being a father of three girls the next track on the album may be the most poignant in my personal life. Every earthly father wants his daughter to have a positive self-image and not to fall into the trappings and lies that the world has to offer. "Three Girls" speaks of three issues facing young women today, negative self-image leading to self-harm such as cutting, pre-marital sex, and negative self-image covered up by consumerism and relying on boys to boost self-esteem. The key is understand what the Heavenly Father has to say about you and understand your identity in Him.
"ThassaLie" is more real talk from Skrip speaking of how we can all be set free from our past. It features a clever sample of "These Eyes" by The Guess Who. The last verse of ThassaLie is one of the greatest displays of lyrical magic my ears have ever heard, 16 bars of solid throwdown with a tempo change thrown in for good measure. The album ends with "The Transition" which is about the transition from sinner to saint. Ashley Stanford sings the chorus and drives home the message.
Closing Thoughts:
This album is a great start to Christian hip-hop in 2013. Solid beats, excellent production, clever lyrics and theologically sound. This will be a favorite of many fans of the genre. This is a definite must add to your collection.

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