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"Share The Well"  by Caedmon's Call

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Posted June 18, 2008
By ohjulie,

...that I've listened to this album too many times for me not to rate it.

I'm a longtime fan of Caedmon's Call and can't seem to dislike anything they put out. This album is one of my faves, though. Every track is filled with the different cultures the band experienced in South America and India, and combined with their natural folk-y sound, all of the different styles work so well together.

The songs are catchy without being cliche, and I love the storytelling that happens. "All I Need (Did Not Catch Her Name)" is probably my favorite story on the track, because I cannot seem to pick a favorite song! However, the first full track on the album, "Share the Well," does contain one of my favorite lyrics ever:

"You know I've heard good people say / 'There's nothing I can do half a world away' / Well maybe you've got money / maybe you've got time / maybe you've got the Living Well / that ain't ever running dry"

That sets the tone for the album. It's great to get you thinking about social justice and the music will be stuck in your head for days (in a good way!)

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