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"One-Way Conversations"  by Hollyn

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A One-Way Winner
Posted February 15, 2017
By ChristianSonicTeen,

Hollyn made waves in the Christian music world with her EP featuring the hit single "Alone (feat. TRU)" . Hollyn had something to give to Christian Music but a EP is only a taste of what she had to offer. She finally released her debut album "One-Way Conversations" from Gotee Records, working with producers Bryan Fowler (Ryan Stevenson), Wit and 42 North (Andy Mineo), Cole Walowac of Capital Kings, Eric Ramey (Britt Nicole) and more. Her debut album was co-writen by Hollyn, tobyMac, Cole Walowac and more to make an outstanding album that proves once again, Christian Music isn't boring.

The album opens with "Can't Live Without", a EDM sounding track thats a talk (a one-way conversation) between Hollyn and God where she stats "I can't live without Your love". Next up is a favorite of mine "Love With Your Life", a catchy, upbeat, pop song thats a standout on the album and proves that Hollyn is going places. "Obvious", keeping the EDM sound, is a turn around from "Can't Live Without" with God talking to us saying that He can help us through all our pain if we let our walls fall down. "All My Love" is a love song between a girl and a boy about pouring out all there love for each other for a true love. Slowing down the EDM and pop sound "In Awe" is a worship song to God about how He loves us even though He doesn't need us and when you stop to think about it... you can't help but be in awe about Him.

Starting up again to the energy, "Party In The Hills (feat. Steven Malcolm & Andy Mineo)" is a song guessed it, party. Hollyn teams up with Christian rappers Andy Mineo and newcomer Steven Malcolm to get the fast paced track rolling. This track was done by Steven Malcolm to be on his debut album coming out later this year but also ending up on Hollyn's. Christian Music is full of surprises. This song is good but if your not a fan of rap music this song might throw you off a little. Slowing down the energy again is a beautiful song called "Lovely", in this song Hollyn sings about how the worlds standers for beauty is nothing compared to how He sees us, lovely. This song is one of the high points of the album but surpried me hearing the word "sexy" which could not be the word some people want to hear (even though it wasn't used in a bad way).

The energy picks up again with this pop styled song "Go (feat. tobyMac & Diverse City)". This song is slighty more edgy then the rest but still comes out as a great song. The song is aimed towards escaping the dangers of the world that is sometimes hard to see in people or life its self. TobyMac & Diverse City bring the backup vocals but doen't have much time to shine by there own. This song can be a little confusing if you don't know the lyrics but this song is still a keeper and a great track. Giving a different sound then the rest of the album, "Waiting For" is a song about knowing that your special somebody isn't everything and theres alot for to be waiting for in life. This track really didn't stand out that much to me to much but theres a song for everyone so try it out.

Has a guy I knew I wasn't going like this track and was right. "Girl" is a song that... confused me. Its a great team up with Tree Giants but the meaning behide this song is questionable and I think thats somewhat the purpose. The lyrics are pretty rough which really puts a feel of "What is Hollyn trying to say here?". Putting us back in EDM, Capital Kings and Hollyn shine one last time with "Love With Your Life (Capital Kings Remix)" which wraps us the album in a way that you can grove.

Not gonna lie, this album wasn't half bad. Hollyn steped it up with her EP with a little more EDM, rap, hip hop, pop, and of course Jesus. Many tracks I loved and some I didn't but for a first full lenth album, she's gonna places. This album makes a feel of that she's showing who she is, a young girl, going through life while keeping her fire for Him alive. I feel like I can grow with album and her journey in Christian Music. The album can't relate to all people due to the sounds of tracks, lyrics, and that its aimed to girls but this album shows that Hollyn is true to her music which many people aren't. I believe this is only a taste of whats to come with Hollyn but she did great. If your a guy or a gal I think you better give Hollyn a chance and see how you guys enjoy it.

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