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"Collapsible Lung"  by Relient K

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Beware the change
Posted July 02, 2013
By BrentB,

 Before anything-it blows my mind this review has no mention to readers that Relient K really shifted lyrically. Songs mention one night stands, going to bars, and no could be taken to say a new couple comes home from church-starts fooling around-and decides to have sex. 

This is a far cry from any previous album. 

So-anyone not on board with these kinds of lyrics-know this is what you are getting. 

The album. 

I am actually fine with the music. The band just did a bunch of pop covers to prepare us. Most of the songs are fun and catchy. Not much depth. But not as shallow as Brittney or anything. 

Ironically-PTL-the song mentioning a one night stand is my favorite song. It is very fun and I could see it being a Top 40 hit. 

Basically-if you want a punk album-you will not find it. If you want the heart and wit and faith of their other albums-you will not find it. If you can handle the change in attitude and lyrics and that does not offend you or will not affect your walk with God-and can handle a pop fun pop album mostly-then give it a try-or go song by song and skip what you don't like-as it is in no way a complete album with a theme connecting songs together in some grand idea. 

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