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"The Rescue"  by Adam Cappa

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Adam Cappa [The Rescue]
Posted April 18, 2012
By KevinDavis_NRT, Staff Reviewer

Twenty-five year old new artist Adam Cappa first met fellow Indiana native Jeremy Camp through a mutual friend. The chart-topping rock/worship artist generously welcomed Adam to his home studio to record some demos and offer insights about music and ministry. Co-written and produced with Camp and Andy Dodd (Switchfoot, Plain White T’s), The Rescue bears comparison to Cappa’s mentor with its biblically insightful themes and emotionally stirring arrangements. It also brings to mind Passion worship leaders Matt Redman, Kristian Stanfill and Chris Tomlin through subtle European production values and a crystalline singing voice that engages both pop and praise listeners alike.

The first single and title track “The Rescue” is a fine example of all those elements. Born from the story of Peter stepping off the boat in Matthew 14, its initially heavy tone is lightened by a heavenward chorus: “I’m so far down, but this time around I’m keeping my eyes on You / You are the rescue.” “This was one of the first ideas I brought to the table,” remembers Adam about writing the song. “I thought of moments in my life when I was crying out to Jesus, drowning and desperate to be rescued by a Savior. People focus on Peter’s lack of faith in that passage, but I also think about the great faith it inspired; that’s when he understood only Jesus could save him.” “All I Really Want” is a stand-out song, both in melody and message as Adam croons “All I really want is You,” the song reminds me of the hit songs “Day After Day” and “Always” by Kristian Stanfill.

Cappa’s own strong belief is evident on the uplifting “Perfect” where he stays focused on the words of John 16 and how God sees us as His children in the midst of this broken world: “No matter what you say, no matter how it seems, you’re perfect to Me.” “God showed His perfect love through Christ, and in His eyes we are perfection waiting to happen,” he says. “We are more than our earthly hardships, because Christ overcame the world.” Adam echoes that message on “Sail Away,” encouraging a life-weary friend to rest in the Lord. The OneRepublic-like electronic pop musical style reminds me of hit songs “I Will Follow” by Chris Tomlin and “Light Up The Sky” by The Afters.  He puts active faith in God’s promises on “From the Inside,” a strikingly positive, acoustic-driven pop song about desiring spiritual growth that confesses: I need you to change me. At the heart of The Rescue is “Washed Over Me,” a stirring expression of worship based on Ephesians 2 that Camp offered to share with an enthusiastic Cappa. “My jaw dropped when I heard the chorus—I was so excited to work on it,” admits Adam. “The message is just so bold and clear right out of the gate. People won’t have to sit back and wonder what this is about”–-“I’ve been washed; I’ve been cleansed; I have been made free. I’ve been bought by the blood my King has bled for me. The sweetest victory won at Calvary, where Your love washed over me.” In light of that saving gift, other standout songs like “Only a Glimpse” and “What’s at Stake” keep in mind eternity and lovingly urge others to do the same. Closing worship song “How Worthy” has quickly become a personal worship anthem for me as I love to sing to Jesus “How wonderful, powerful is my God, How loving, forgiving is the Son, How worthy is He.” Amen to that!

“Washed Over Me”  and “How Worthy” are both great worship songs that I can imagine singing with fellow believers.  This is a great collection of joyful, encouraging worship songs. Other highlights for me are “All I Really Want,” “Perfect,” “From the Inside” and the debut hit single "The Rescue." I found myself relating to the songs right away and I enjoy singing along in worship. If you like The Afters, Chris Tomlin and Kristian Stanfill, you'll enjoy Adam Cappa.

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