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"The Screwtape Letters"  by C. S. Lewis

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A Demon's Deception
Posted July 20, 2011
By redhead4_life,

 As a high school student, you end up reading many books that you don't enjoy.  The classics that you have to write several page papers on, often do not capture my interest.  When this book assignment was given we read a chapter each week. At the beginning I was just mindlessly reading it but as the year dragged on I found myself really getting into this book. My point of view about demons, of course, had been that they are bad. They are evil ones who aid Satan in his goal of keeping people from coming to Christ.  I've seen movies where demons were depicted and none compared to this book.  In the book these demons were crafty, they threw things at the unsuspecting man that were temptations in disguise. They targeted his weaknesses and played up on them.  Often they turned what seemed harmless into a trap.  From this book I learned that the evil one will do anything and I mean anything to keep us from knowing the love of God.  Sometimes in order to equip ourselves to fend off these demons we must know how they think and how they may plan to attack us.  This book is a great tool for a Christian.  C.S. Lewis did an amazing job and his timeless works will live on for ages 

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