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"Anthem Song"  by Aaron Gillespie

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Aaron Gillespie: Anthem Song Review
Posted June 13, 2011
By jaysmusikblog,

 Aaron Gillespie has definitely had his share of success, from formerly being the drummer of the metal band Underoath to starting his own band The Almost and watching "Hands" and "Say This Sooner" climb the rock charts, and now starting a solo worship project. Aaron Gillespie shares his debut solo project, Anthem Song, full of worship songs to encourage the listener to sing their song to the Creator, Almighty God. 
Anthem Song is off to a wonderful start with the rocker "All Things," singing about how all things in are in the hands of God and that nothing can separate us from His love. Following is "Hosanna," equally as upbeat, and is definitely immediate sensation. "Hosanna" very well could have been my favorite track off Anthem Song, as Aaron sings this timeless worship track written by worship leader Paul Baloche: "Hosanna/ You are the God who saves us/ worthy of all our praise/ Hosanna, hosanna/ come have Your way among us/ we welcome You here Lord Jesus." 
"Washed Away" was amazing, backed up by gorgeous piano, and building very nicely by the arrival of the chorus. The powerful message about drawing closer to God was very welcome, leading into the slower worship track, "Earnestly I Seek Thee," which had amazing lyrics: "None by You and You alone/ take my life and make it your own/ in my offering build Your home/ Earnestly I seek Thee."
The radio single "We Were Made For You" follows, sounding very much like "Complete" by Kutless, speaking of how we are made to have a relationship with Jesus. "I Will Worship You," is a powerful, acoustic-guitar based worship track, speaking of praising God in the good and the bad, no matter what we are going through. This track took a very strong turn by the arrival of the bridge: "Hallelujah/ our God reigns!" I totally enjoyed this track from start to finish, as it shows off not only Aaron's amazing worship talent, but also accentuated his vocals. 
The title track sounds similar to the hit song "Hands" by The Almost, although it is undoubtably better, as Aaron sings about singing out our anthems to our worthy God: "hear it rise/ our hearts that cry/ Your anthem song/ it goes on and on and on." "You are Jesus" was equally as touching, with it's message that Jesus is all we need: "I am complete cause You said I could breathe/ I am made clean and to You I will sing/ You are Jesus, You are Jesus/ You are everything I need/ You are holy, I am dirty/ In you I am made clean/ You are Jesus." "You Are Everything" continues the message of the preceding track, yet in a more upbeat manner. 
"Your Song Goes On Forever" features familar vocals from co-writter Scott Krippayne, speaking of God's song that goes on forever ("Your song goes on forever/ I will sing my part with my whole heart"), and is followed by "I Am Your Cup," which closes Anthem Song on a slower acoustic-guitar note. This prayer speaks of being God's cup, and asks Him to come fill us with His love. This beautiful track put a good ending to Aaron Gillespie's solo project Anthem Song.
Aaron Gillespie's Anthem Song surprised me very much. I have never been a huge fan of The Almost or Underoath, but this project contained amazing, upbeat worship that was very enjoyable. I don't think that any Christian music fan would not find something enjoyable about it, whether it be the slower, acoustic-guitar based tracks such as "I Am Your Cup," or the more upbeat, hand-clap provoking tracks such as "All Things." Anthem Song definitely has something amazing for everyone, as it reminds the listener to keep singing the song that God has given them to sing. 
"When time began God had a song; an "anthem if you will. It is a song of truth, life, and ultimate love, which was displayed to us through Christ. This song is still playing today. Yes, today even in our bustling, busy lives His song continues. Our lives exist to grab a piece of this anthem, the piece God has carved out just for us and sing as loud and as hard as we can. He alone is worthy to be praised. All glory and honor and power and praise go to him. As you listen and worship to this music, know that worshiping God is what we were made to do. We were made to grab out piece of the "anthem" and share it with the earth." - Aaron

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