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"The Light Sides"  by Hawk Nelson

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Posted February 15, 2011
By Jakodog92,

1.California-This one kind of disappointed me, I was expecting an acoustic guitar to play along with. I didn’t really like the style they did it, kind of choirish and Beach Boyish(not that I don’t like the Beach Boys, I do).  Anyhow, don’t really like it. 1 star.

2. Friend Like That-This is more of what I was looking for! I love it! I GOTTA learn it on guitar, sound like tons of fun to play along to. Love the message of the song, really great, and love the style, so much fun. Love everything about it. 5 freakin stars.

3.Zero-Love this one. For some reason this version sounds a bit more powerful than the original version, but I love both versions. Gotta learn to play along with this one too. Only thing that annoyed me was the organish thing that occasionally sprang up loud, I prefer organs as only far background instruments(if that makes any sense). 5 stars.

4.Stagefright-It’s ok, it was really quite interesting to listen to. I find it rather amusing for some reason. I can’t put my finger on what it reminds me of. Still can’t decide whether I really like it or not. 3 stars.

5.First Time-Love this one as well! It’s got plenty of punk energy. Total funness this song is another to add to my guitar playing list. Loved the ending =P. Always loved this song. 5 stars.

6.You Have What I Needed-Liked this one quite well too, another to add guitar list. They did an amazing job on it. It seems a bit slower but still tons of fun. Always liked this song, this version is pretty great. 4.5 stars.

7.Everything You Ever Wanted-Love it! I REALLY gotta learn both piano and guitar for this one.  I thought the piano bit was pretty good. I’ve got the regular version of this one down for guitar, pretty fun. Always liked this song too. 4.5 stars.

8.Head On Collision-LOVE the guitar work in this, love everything about it. It’s definitely got some punk punch to it. It seems a bit bouncier than the regular version.  Awesome song. Another to the growing guitar playbook. 5 stars.

9.Long Ago-I like this song, but never was one of my favorites. Catchy though. Sounds like some fun to do on guitar though. 3.5 stars.

10.Take Me-I always loved this song. I think I like this one better then the other acoustic version on Letters To The President Deluxe Edition. I think…I can’t decide, I like it anyway it is. 4.5 Stars.

11.36 Days-I like this song, but it gets old after a while. I like the original version better, the harmonica is a little annoying. I’ve never been to fond of harmonicas. 2 stars.

All in all this was an AWESOME cd, it was better than I excpected. They did a really awesome job on it. I was really excited when I saw the get one cd get the other deal. I always love getting acoustic versions, sometimes I just like to play along on my acoustic and just have fun.

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