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Overdosing on Lecrae
Posted January 10, 2011
By shortperson22,

Lecrae has been on the Christian Rap scene for quite some time, and has put out some of the best music in his genre. How does "Rehab: The Overdose" compare?

First we have, "Overdose". Lecrae raps about how people don't want to "overdose" on the Gospel, and how his life has changed since he overdosed. This is a great start to the album, with a great beat and catchy rhymes.

The next track is "More", and has a great beat that I absolutely LOVE! This song is a plea for more of Christ, yet an offering of thanks for the change in his life. This song is awesome, although the hook is a bit repetitive. But I think that is what a lot of hip hop is about. :)

Battle Song is the third track, and has a neat intro. It features Suzy Rock, and she is the perfect addition to this song, both her singing and rapping. The beat is great, and of course Lecrae's rhymes are perfect. I love how this song is all about fighting for Christ, and being his army. One of my favorite lyrics in the song is: "Give me the faith to live and die for the Gospel" as well as a line in the chorus that says, "Whether dead or alive, this is do or die, and Christ is the gain". This song is my favorite. (so far!)

Anger Management (featuring This'l) is the next track on the album, continuing in the subject of "Rehab". This song vents about the frustration and hardships we face in life. I was kind of puzzled at this song in the beginning, until the second verse when Lecrae raps about being a kid in the ghetto whose life is ripped apart by death and loneliness. The song turns into a apology for not showing God's love, and shares the story about how Jesus loved us even when He was beaten, rejected and crucified by US. this is an absolutely beautiful song.

The fifth track is called "Blow Your High" featuring Canon. This song has a sort of dreamy, eerie feel, and has a great message about how drugs will never compare to the "high" Jesus gives us. I really appreciate that Lecrae has a real theme in this album, and I feel that if a sinner were to pick up this album on the street, and were to listen to it, he/she could really relate to this and would be impacted by this album. I love the thought provoking lyric. "You could either be a slave to an object, I'd rather be a slave to a God thats honest". At least I think that's the lyric. Lol I'm a white girl who doesn't listen hip hop much. I also like what Lecrae included at the end of the song.

Halfway through the album, we come to "Strung Out". This song has a great story about how sin will give you pleasure for a while, but will eventually bring destruction. "Strung Out" paints a perfect picture of how sin is so destructive, and I really like how Lecrae includes bits of Scripture in his lyrics. "Strung Out" is another favorite.

Next we just have an instrumental, called "Chase That Intro". It's a very beautiful string arrangement that is a perfect introduction
to "Chase That".

"Chase That (Ambition)" is Lecrae's biography of how he loved to rap as a kid and how he got into rap, and how he sought after fame and money, but it didn't make him happy. Then he found Christ, and found happiness. No longer does he chase the things of the world, but the things of God. One lyric that really stood out to me was, "I tell you what's better, or better yet worse, chasing your own glory by doing the Lord's work." So many times Christian ministers, singers, teachers and so forth get caught up in fame and glory, and end up doing their own thing instead of glorifying Christ. This is yet another favorite. Ima Ima chase that! :) This song has a great beat and message, and there is also a cool little outro to finish the song.

Moving on to "The Good Life" featuring J. Paul. One of the slower songs on the album, this song has message that will make you think. Is the world's version of the "good life" really better than a life lived in submission to Christ? Lecrae and J. Paul effectively weave their lyrics and music to show that no, it isn't. What profits a man if he gains the whole world, but loses his soul? The music and collaboration compliments both artists perfectly for an overall great song.

"Like That" has a cool beat that I love! A girl who is in an abusive relationship/in love with sin yearns for real love, and Lecrae encourages her to look for Jesus is the main theme of the song. Why do we let sin push us around? Why do we let the devil "play us"? This song speaks to women and men of all ages, if you're looking for love, look to God. This is once again, another favorite.

Unfortunately, this album has to end sometime. The closer track is called, "Going In" featuring Swoope. (I don't know if that was an intended pun, but it made me smile.)I love the Scripture references in this song! The whole song is about Heaven, and what things will be like when Christ returns to make all things new. This is the perfect song to close the album with. great msuic and lyrics make this song yet another favorite.

Overall, this is an AMAZING album, even if you don't normally listen to hip hop, at least give Rehab: The Overdose a try! It's chock full of great beats and positive, catchy lyrics that will uplift you, and I guarantee you will find yourself singing the songs hours later.

I'm off to continue overdosing.....

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