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Everything is Different Now for Stellar Kart
Posted February 18, 2010
By crazyforchrist,

Stellar Kart’s third studio release “Expect the Impossible” was definitely a warning for what was going to happen with “Everything is Different Now.” With their new album Stellar Kart returns to their original roots: worship. Although it is a worship album, don’t immediately diss it. They combine their own pumping sound to give an energetic, yet worshipful, atmospheric record. To make a change in style, along with a new band member jumping on board and the band changing record labels, definitely makes the name of the new record stand out more.

The album kicks off with the high octane “All My Heart,” which immediately tells you who’s performing the song. The project continues along the same musical lines with their cover of Fee’s “We Shine.” The musical aspect of the song is good, but the chorus doesn’t really seem to be produced out quite as well. While on the topic of cover songs, it does seem that the band decided to shake things up (er….make “everything different now”) by making four of the songs on the album, cover songs. The songs include the ‘60s song “Spirit in the Sky” by Norman Greenbaum; the previously mentioned Fee song “We Shine”; Audio Adrenaline’s “Until My Heart Caves In”; and Matt Redman’s “You Never Let Go.” While all the covers were done to a job of excellence, the standout to me of all the covers is “You Never Let Go.” I don’t think I’ve ever heard anybody do a better cover song than this! It truly releases a passionate sound that was heard in the original, but it’s done to an even broader scale here.

The sound of the third track “Something Holy” immediately brought to mind Britt Nicole. It has a poppy sound that just makes you want to move with the bumping beat. But the message is a standout. It’s amazing to see that a song like this can move you two different ways! The entire message is simply stated in the chorus “We were born to be a part of something holy/All of us are restless til we find/We were born to be a part of something holy… ” Simply said, but true.

The title track is a song that we can relate to, because it addresses the subject of change. Changes happen every day whether they be good or bad, and although our circumstances change, God never does. “Everything is Different Now” relates to our hearts when they’re given to God. We were living “all alone/In confusion/” with “all the guilt/And all the blame” but “that was yesterday.”

“Everything is different now/You’re the love I’ve finally found/Everything is different now/Because of You”

Stellar Kart’s front man Adam Agee says he wrote “It’s Not Over” in response to the economic crisis. “The lyrics are meant to encourage people who are going through tough times” and that “this life is not the end of the story.” My favorite line of the song says, “The best is yet to come for us.” The best is yet to come, and I can’t wait for it!

“Rescue” is an amazing song that really booms up the message of freedom.

“My God/My hope/My rescue/The cross has set me free/No power can stand against You/I’ll shout it out/Shout it out”

The album ends with “Like the Sun,” which I think would be one of my favorites, which combines so many different styles backing up to the 40s then going through each decade of music up to the present day. The entire message of the song is a song of hope telling us to “hold on” because God will “be there to pick you up anytime you call.”
Stellar Kart did a phenomenal job with their new project. The message of God’s amazing power and hope is something the world really needs to hear right now. The message of God’s unchanging ways in a world where “everything is different now” is something we all need to take to heart everyday of our lives. With the album, I think that there was a huge step not only musically, but also a
feeling of a big step spiritually.

The future for Stellar Kart is bright because….well, “everything is different now.”

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