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Crew lays some good moves
Posted February 09, 2010
By BarlowDame,

The Crew debuts with a mix of three kinds of songs: the terrible ones, the mellow yellow (good), and the excellent ones. Here is a review of each:

1. "Love Is A Beautiful Thing" (excellent): The album starts off with a happy song. Although this is not my favourite type of music, I absolutely love this song. The music video is equally good, too.

2. "No Plan B" (okay): The message is great, but the beat isn't. It also sounds like they are dissing secular rappers, calling them by name, in this song? I don't know. Maybe I'm just hearing things.

3. "A Lot In Common" (excellent): Talks about poverty and fatherlessness, all the while keeping the familiar happy beat and positive message found in the first track. Sounds like Black Eyed Peas' "Where Is The Love", but on a higher scale and minus the pessimist lyrics.

4. "Can't Go On" (good): Can be found on Wow Hits 2007. A better track should have been used, however, as it may or may not convince listeners to try out Group 1 Crew. As the name suggests, talks about people's need for God.

5. "Let It Roll" (good): Think of "Relax, Take It Easy"'s lyrics, then add a small beat. It does the job. For a relaxing song, you can't have too much beat.

6. "Forgive Me" (excellent): This song has dark lyrics and music to illustrate a desperate situation in life. For fans of Fireflight's "Desperate", this is a must-listen, despite the fact that the Crew's song sounds even darker and drops most of the beat.

7. "(Everybody's Gotta) Song To Sing" (good): Another great happy song, but doesn't hit home like the two previous ones.

8. "Clap Ya Hands" (good): Not too great. An okay party song. See "Let It Roll".

9. "Come Back Home" (great): Extra props for the prodigal-son-in-a-song lyrics. The beat perfectly chimes with the music.

10. "I Have A Dream" (excellent): A very powerful song. Shares the dark theme from "Forgive Me". The themes of poverty and fatherlessness come back, but the song is hopeful as it recalls how the Crew's tough days led them to where they are today.

11. "What Yo Name Is" (okay): Another party song. See "Clap Ya Hands".

12. "So High" (great): The much-needed softest track of the album. Group 1 Crew cools down as they sign praises to God and lift Him up high.

13. "Put Like That" (terrible): A bizarre ending to an otherwise good album.

Should you get the Crew's debut album? In my opinion, it is worth no more than five canadian dollars (5$ CAD) in either digital or physical format.

It should be known that the album's paper leaflet includes no lyrics; instead, listeners must head to to find them, which is inconvenient for those without Internet access or who wish to listen to the album without turning on their computer. Rebecca St. James' "If I Had One Chance To Tell You Something", on the other hand, is one of the best album leaflets I have seen to date.

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