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Say "Hey There Stranger" to Joy Lippard!
Posted October 13, 2009
By crazyforchrist,

Although Joy isn’t new to music, her face is new to the music world. After releasing two indie projects, and winning best pop song at GMA in the Rockies, Joy released her self-titled record in February 2009. Along with her unusual vocals and music, Joy is already making a name for herself after touring with Dove award winning artist Rush of Fools and newcomer Sarah Reeves. Joy’s self-titled project deals with many emotions including relationships, self-image struggles, and love, just to name off a few. The album will definitely need a few listens, if you’re like me, to actually like it.


The album kicks off with “Hey There Stranger” an unusual song, along musical lines, that matches up with Joy’s voice. While there is no real “message” in the song, she wrote it mainly about her first dating relationship, but she also says that in this song, “I was trying to convey that in relationships, whether it is a dating relationship, or just a friendship, we need to go beyond that basic surface level.”

The album continues with “Miracle” a song that began with her “super big obsession” of the TV show “Prison Break.” The entire song is about needing a miracle from God to free us from what’s been holding us down. This is one of the more notable songs off the album. The down side of the song is that it begins with the overly used “nah-nah-nah,” and the chorus is also practically made up of the line “you need a miracle.” The song has a very weak ending with her aimless singing like what happens on “She’s a Diamond.” While these aren’t bad things, it just made the song much less appealing than it would have been if something else might have been done.

Joy spoke in an interview about the song “I Will Write You Letters” saying that it was about her kind of missing writing letters in a world of e-mailing and texting, but the song really seems to be talking about her writing letters to someone she misses very much. Either way it’s a good song, just need a bit more clarification on the song. =)

Some of the self-image struggles she and her sister have gone through are also portrayed in the project with songs like “She’s a Diamond” and “Stronger.” It’s kind of sketchy to tell that either song is actually talking about self-image struggles unless you actually knew the background of the songs. It seems that “She’s a Diamond” would be more along the lines of a guy waiting to marry a girl. It’s a beautiful song; the only mess-up is what messes up the second track “Miracle”: the instrumental part where she’s just singing aimlessly. Also, the transition from the instrumental to the chorus again doesn’t flow well. Musically speaking, “Stronger” is the heaviest song off the album; however, the song does not match well with her voice. If this song was listened to by a person who wasn’t familiar with Joy’s music they would think that this track would be talking about a person who tried to have a relationship with her but it failed because of what she saw what the person was really like. Although the song ends with her saying “God help me break away,” it then could be interpreted a sin held her life.

“Hole in My Pocket” is, in my opinion, the most notable track off the record. Although the song kicks off with a weak start, the song gets stronger musically. The lyrics are what really stand out though. The entire song concept is not new, but the way it’s conveyed really hits home. The entire song is letting go of what we’ve held onto, every bit of it, it’s not our own; it’s God’s. So even though we’re “left here empty handed” all we “ever needed was in You.”

The least notable tracks are “It’s Your Life,” “Too Much to Ask For,” and “The Other Side.” Musically speaking these tracks are good, but unfortunately her voice downplays the songs very much because her voice stands out above the music. The voice should of course is what stands out, and the music should be a support. However, the music you have to look beyond her voice and really focus on the beauty of the music. The lyrics of one of the songs has a message, but it just loses it in not portraying who she found trust in.

The song ends with a song that serves well as an album ending track. The song name is “Walk Me Home.” The beat is catchy and so are the lyrics. The song describes walking with Jesus in His mercy and grace.

While not the strongest project I’ve heard, the lyrics stand out from many experienced artists clichés. The music also is a stand out because it’s not your everyday style that you hear. Miss Lippard’s definitely got a good start and a lot going for her, but it all might need just a little bit more polishing.

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