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California Here We Come!
Posted May 11, 2009
By crazyforchrist,

All you can say for this EP is the band’s name, Attaboy!!! After self-recording, and producing, a full-length project, and one or two other EPs, the four song “California” EP is the best effort so far given out by this band. The EP focuses mainly on going places God tells us to go, and trusting that His ways are much higher than ours. The infectious pop/rock sound of this EP, according to CD Baby, “…incorporates the energy of Relient K and the early Jimmy Eat World with the innovation of Mae and The Killers, while employing a bold lyrical honesty that hearkens to Switchfoot but with a progressive energy all their own.” Front man Amos Caley says, “Today, with all the junk filling the minds of people, young and old, we feel a strong conviction to take our various influences and produce fun, quality music with authentic messages of hope and healing."” That statement pretty much sums up their “California” EP.

Kicking out with the namesake of the EP, “California” infects your mind immediately with the piano driving home the beginning of the song, and the poppy sounding drums. As the tune hits the chorus, your heart just feels the beat fluxing out of the speakers and flowing into your ears. The message of the song itself is not new, but the way Attaboy puts it, puts it in new light. The message that shoots out is, “God I’ll go anywhere you lead me, even if it’s a million miles away to somewhere I don’t know.”

“California far from me/Across the desert to the sea/A million miles away to somewhere I don’t know/Lift my feet from where I stand/Down the street to foreign land/Anywhere You lead me I will go”

Piano seems to be the word (or instrument) for the beginning of three of the four tracks off the EP, “Ready to Run”, and “Wait On You” are no exception. “Ready to Run” draws on the board of a Francesca Battistelli piano sound at the beginning of the song, then builds into a harder pop, but lyrically repetitive chorus, having only two other lines that say something other than, “ready to run.” The verses aren’t lyrically, or musically dry, but the music on the bridge just doesn’t pull the right strings. “Wait On You” carries a lot of the same sound as “Ready to Run,” but for some reason carries a different feel. The song speaks about a situation each of us go through all the time- feeling dry, and crying out to God wanting an answer for our situation. But one thing that we tend not to do is do what the chorus cries out, “I will wait/Wait on You/All my days if You want me to/Time is cheap/It’s not mine to keep/So I will wait on You.”

“Dangerous” keeps together the sound of the previous songs, and incorporates the same theme of doing what God is telling us to do.

Attaboy has covered ground in maturity much more quickly than other bands like them. Lyrically, and musically, they have grown so much over the past year or so. All I can say is keep it up, and keep exploring those places no one else goes, and take your music to higher heights!

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